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Hey Ho!!

Y'all might wonder, who's Henry!? Well... Henry is my little bro, yea I know I don't talk about him often (well you haven't been writing ALL THAT OFTEN EITHER, #Undecided - I so can imagine #Pink yelling this while reading LOL), but I did once (read here) and this post now is about his wedding celebration - which is severely backdated since it took place on 28 Sep 2014 LOL.

Hi! #Pink here! Two joint posts back to back, not bad for someone just out of her hibernation though!

Henry gave me one table to invite all my girls (and obvi their spouses), and as per usual, we would like to dress color-coded-ly, and the chosen color was black.  

Mostly because #Undecided's dress got black color in it (being a total rebel that she is *LOL*, the whole family from the groom's side was supposed to wear... peach? #Undecided's dress got a HINT of peach instead of being mainly peach haha, but at least it's there, right?) and she insisted that i dress matchy matchy with her, and then of course i pass the news to the others and the rest is history (coz black is a very easy color to pick for a party dress, that's why. I'm sure the story would be very different if the color choice was... let's say... purple or something >.<).
Us, on the photo corner. This was taken by Pink's cam which turned out to be so much better compared to the ones taken by the photog. He was quite dense and decided to NOT listen to us when we deliberately asked him to NOT shoot us from below. 
Photo corners' photogs are mostly dense though. I have no idea why but they always insist on snapping pics from the worse angle ever. WTH

And as per our usual Wedding Celebration related posts, we have no pic with the actual bride and groom LOL, but to show them to you, below are the pics of their pre-wedding shots (#Pink snapped them around the entrance LOL).
LOVE the bride's dress here. She made all of them herself (including her wedding dress OMG) because she's a designer. I almost went to a fashion design school because i've always wanted to be a designer, but i'm so bad at sewing... #totallyrandomandunrelated
Couldn't help but notice that there were no photo of them actually looking into the cam... New trend? LOL.

The wedding celebration was held in Ballroom 2, Imperial Ballroom, Pakuwon Indah. And the venue was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights. The EO person in me approved *wink*.
Pretty sure #Pink was inside, taking this pic of the entrance, right #Pink?
One of the corner of the entrance. It was so much more beautiful IRL, which wasn't translated in this pic.
The lighting made it impossible to snap pretty pictures, everything turned out to be extremely purple-including us when we tried to snap a pic in that very spot haha
Our table. And yes, I always opt to sit with my girls rather with the fam. It's simply more fun that way. Did exactly the same thing during my engagement luncheon LOL.
Me too. Because my girls are like 100x more fun than fam hahaha. Sometimes my whole family would be invited to a party and so are my girls (like L's son's birthday) and i'd always sit with my girls over the fam too :p

Like i mentioned in another party's post, parties these days always provide little cakes on the table before the party begins. I always find this weird because i always relate cakes to dessert, but that didn't stop me from eating them anyway haha #glutton.
Selca with A. She left Baby Luca at home with his daddy so that he could rest and she could enjoy herself hahaha. Girls, learn from her and find a hubby that could (and WOULD) help you take care of your baby so YOU can still have a life and hang with your girls sometimes!
With the hubs, whom looked dapper that night with his suit and tie (minus the suit in this pic because it was too hot for him hahahaa.
#FOTD: Felicia Sasongko (did my makeup since 11am since that was the only slot available - Miss Sasongko was fully booked that day).

About the makeup. I already ask her to take detailed pictures of the MUA's place, the before and after, etc because she said she wanted to review the service. But... Of course you can always count on #Undecided to forget all about it although we spoke about it numerous times. That reminds me, i should go and nag her to snap pics of some products she promised me to review, if i don't do it she'll keep on postponing until the products run out and then she'd go "Oops. Finished them already. Can't take pictures." See how stressful my life can be?

Anyway. *Slaps self a few times to focus back on the post*. Here's the menu of the foods that night :

This one was soo yummy!! I had 3 of those that night #DontJudgeMe LOL.

As you might already know, #Undecided and i really love to sing. We go karaoke all the time and we used to have our own "girlband" with our other BFFs when we're in junior highschool #embarrassingfact haha. But unlike me, who has performing-anxiety, #Undecided's really comfortable with performing. And since she does have a nice voice, she's often asked to sing in wedding receptions, etc. This time is no exception (i nagged hunny to go to the front *the stage was very far from our table* to snap this pic)
Took the stage and sang a number with Andryanto (he's my friend from uni whom I set up with my cousin. If you'd like to read about how good Madam #Undecided is, read here).

Btw, Andryanto has an amazing voice! I'm not exaggerating. He managed to completely out-sang the PAID wedding singer, a finalist of The Voice Indonesia (who's not very good, btw...). To a point where we got annoyed when the wedding singer kept on singing and wanting to demand for Andry to take the stage back hahaha. What is it with big guys and their golden pipes? W's husband's also a wonderful singer. #Undecided said that her hubby's an exception though hahaha.

Hey Hubby can actually sing if he wants too! LOL. #GoodWife

Sometime during the reception, as usual, we wandered around the premises to get some photos taken at the photo corner while it's deserted.
Sweet Corner by Sweet Lil Things. LOVED their eclair and cupcake from that night. You can check em out on their IG: @slt_sweetlilthings. The owner is my friend and you might get a discount if you mention you know em from this blog hehehe...
Up close. We snapped this pic a bit later into the night and we were lucky they still got some cupcakes up there, else we'd be taking pics of empty plates LOL.
They're not only pretty,  they're yummy too... Had two myself and decided to stop because I was in a fitted dress LOL.
 I can vouch for the yummy-ness. #Undecided prodded me to take one, and since i was very full, i decided to bring it home and ehm, camwhore with it later #don'tjudgeme . BUT, before i even manage to do so, my mum dropped the cake *sob hysterically* -___-. I thought she took the flowel icing out and eat it (coz my mum has a very weird taste bud, she actually love fondant icings *___*) but no, she dropped it instead *___*. And tried to deny doing so but one of our maids was an eye witness *ROFL*. Ate it anyway, super yummy hahahaha.

LOVE my dress!! Custom made by Athalee. Batik (for the skirt) by prestigeshopaholic.
Thank God i practically bring my camera everywhere i go now, the photo corner's results were... Beyond fugly
#Pink and #Undecided (swapped shoes with my sister since I had to run around and my gorge Charles & Keith nude pumps were slowly killing my toes LOL. From now on I vow to only purchase open-toe-shoes!!
I wish we had someone else took this pic so your hunny could join in, #Pink! (Ooh, and yes, hubby was in jeans that night... My ultimate combo for men: jeans, shirt, and tie)

I always try to include the invitation (except when i totally forgot to and throw them away beforehand, which would be the case for my next wedding post >.<) and the souvenir, you know... for memory sake ^^.
The invitation and souvenir.
Mom incorrectly wrote #Pink's hunny's name wahahhahaahah...
Sounds like my mum. She can't even spell her own kid's name properly hahaha
The super pretty and demure souvenir. Love em, shall have tea with em real soon!

And that's a wrap! I wanna congratulate Henry and Lisa once again, hope you guys have a wonderful and loving marriage that will last a lifetime and more! I have a feeling we'd be doing another family-related wedding post from our circle next year too...

Hey wait up, I wanna say something too!! Congrats my little bro, finally mantu cewe buat Mami, eh? Hehehe... I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and lots of kids (just because Mami will only get one from me and Aswin, that's for sure hahahaha). For Lisa, especially, welcome to the family!!! Please give me family discount if I ever need a dress, okay? LOL. 

Until then!
#Pink and #Undecided

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