Cherish 4th Bday Celebration

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Hi guys...

Surprise, surpise-it's yet another very backdated birthday celebration >.< *LOL*. Went down last Valentine's Day and it was Cherish's 4th birthday celebration!
Errr... The picture of me and the bday girls' mum, showing you how narcissistic mummies can be *LOL*
It was a very relaxed, very close family and friends kind of celebration, but LL being LL, she still went all out with the decoration and all!
Yep, it's another Peppa Pig party, i guess whatever it is-it's very famous eh?
The main decoration/sweet corner
So colorful and cute!
Look at the adorable birthday cake!
Seriously, everything's so cute and well decorated i just have to snap pics of everything!
For someone who couldn't (and wouldn't bother to) set up a table for dear life, everything was so fascinating haha
There's even a ferris wheel for the cupcakes (that i had to stop Baby Boy from trying to spin multiple times zzz)
Wrapping bottled drinks with decorated paper really is a simple, great idea!
The little kids tore the little paper buses to pieces later on *LOL*
We originally tried taking pictures in front of the table, but for some reasons we looked huge so LL said the best spot is behind the table, and yes... We stood on a stool *LOL*
EDIT : Totally forgot to add this pic of the bday girl and her parents!
Of course there's also a main course to be had, we wouldn't want everybody to go on a sugar coma, right? We arrived late because LL's place's in another side of the city (and the traffic was CRAZY that day. It was even worse when we leave!), and we've never been there before (they've moved from the house that we've visited them at before) so we got very lost around their (very weirdly numbered, i must add) neighborhood for almost half an hour and we even knocked at the wrong house zzzz. Thank God nobody answered the door or it'd be very embarrassing-but there were people at the house across the street watching us and i must say i was super ashamed when we walked back to the car once we realized it was the wrong house *LOLOLOL*.
Anyway, since we're so late (well, there is no schedule other than hanging around, taking pictures and eating, so it didn't really matter), the once prettily decorated main course's no longer so cute hahahaha. But i snagged one pic from LL :
Who knows that tumpeng can be so cute?
This was how it looked when we arrived *LOL*
Nom-nom time!
Cherish's usually very shy around new people, but as she grows (and because we met countless times already i guess) she became bolder and more sociable. Here she is inching towards Koko hahaha
And offering her toy car to him. So sweet :D. Baby Boy usually dislike playing with younger kids, but i noticed that he doesn't mind younger girls, especially if they're pretty (uh oh...) *LOL*. They spent the whole afternoon playing together in the end!
LL whipped out this uber cute bear shaped cake
And of course, we just had to hahahaha
Cherish's daddy being cheeky
Look at the ta-mie shaped pudding! If i remember correctly, LL's little sister (who's still slightly older than me *LOL*) was the one who made it!
Hunny had made a bond with LL's hubby for a while now (he gets along with everybody it's insane *LOL*. LL's hubby's super quiet and shy, it took him a VERY long time to start talking to me *LOL* but no such problems now) but it was the first time we met LL's elder sister's husband (they live in US), thankfully he's very friendly so they were laughing and chatting nonstop in no time at all. Hot topic of the day? Terang bulan/sweet martabak! LOL
While the guys were busy chatting (and the women busy tending after their kids hahaha) LL and i were busy.... Selfie-ing!
From this angle, i got a better view of the cupcakes
So more pics it is
Look who's having a fun play date :D
Btw, don't call her LL is she's not all out hahaha. She also provided a tiered cake display full of... Indonesian traditional snacks and cakes!
Here's a pic of the most photogenic one hahaha. Don't ask me the name coz i'm pretty horrible at that -___-
LL and the pretty cupcake
Then with the cute cookie
One of me hahaha
When we see a cute prop...
Finally lured Cherish (who seems enamored with Baby Boy so she's do whatever he asked her to do hahaha) for this pic
Then Baby Boy spotted the cupcakes and asked for one... Made a real mess too *LOL*
Okay, this is slightly off topic, but still related. I totally forgot to feature the gift i got LL for her birthday the month before, i actually went a bit crafty and DIY-ed the box (gasp!). It was a bit half hearted becaused i just patch them up and glue them as it is *LOL*, but it still needs a recognition for someone as lazy as i am when it comes to DIY anything! Also i need the documentation to make sure i won't be giving her the exact same thing as i did before hahaha.
Since her bday theme was Moschino Barbie, i specifically looked for a Barbie wrapper. It's the closest thing i could find so... *LOL*. The big box was actually my Ipad casing's box and the little one was a wedding souvenir's box hahaha
Here's my main present for her, a pastel colored statement necklace coz she's very into statement necklace lately (i am too!). I was pretty confused on what to give her because, what do you give the girl who has everything, right? My friends told me that the face the same problem with ME *LOL*. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, i will always appreciate whatever people give me. Truly! I've said it once and will say it again "It's not really the present that matters, but the thought that counts."
Found this vintage looking statement ring and decided to get two, one for me and one for LL
Okay, back to topic haha. Here's the actual gift for Cherish :
Still keeping in with the theme haha, hunny picked it for her
Cherish actually spotted the Barbie doll in the carrier and went for it, made me happy that she actually singled it out ^^.
Hunny helping her getting it off the box
And here she is trying to put on the tiny hairband on the tiny doll head *LOL*
Somehow the manufacturer tagged a plastic tag on her head WTH so hunny had to pulled it off and it resulted in crazy-haired Barbie haha
Then he spent the rest of the time discussing games with LL's hubby -___-
Soon afterwards we said goodbye because we wanted to catch a movie (which we ended up not watching. You can read the full story here)!

Thanks for reading!


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