South Korea Winter Trip Day 4 Part 1 : Mt. Sorak

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Hello helloooo :D!

Back with my Korean trip post again, i'm aiming to be able to finish the trip's posts at least before the half year mark passed >.< *such a low standard now, eh? LOL*. Fourth day's kinda busy, so again i have to split it into two posts!
Mt Seorak National Park is the first destination of the day
Like i already told you in the last post, we totally overslept that morning! I decided i prefer not to shower (it's in the dead of winter! And i already showered and washed my hair the night before, so i am not gross!) rather than not putting on some makeup *LOL*, thankfully we didn't take a lot of things out of our suitcase so we could pack up fast and jump to the dining room for some breakfast.
Yeah, well. I'm not missing breakfast two days in a row, that's for sure
I guess we're not that late because we managed to had breakfast in peace, and even attended to morning business before we depart-on my case *grin evilly* ihihihihi.

Anyway, we're off to Mt. Sorak afterwards.

KC and Bebe. I should make Antavaya Tour pay me for advertising them in my blog *LOL*
Silly guys haha

The place's gorgeous, so of course it's going to be one of those posts with endless nature pics haha
Too adorable not to post!
I do love winter, apparently
Wearing my new baby pink beanie i got from Uniqlo before the trip. Until this day i have no idea what's the fuss over the tag on it-CL and hunny seemed so adamant that i should've took it off before wearing it, but honestly i don't give a shit. LOL. Lots of other bloggers rock it this way to, who cares???
They have a scale for hikers to check if their backpack's too heavy, we're not going to hike but it's fun to just check hahaha
So... i don't even know the right words to say it. It just looks so cultural and rich in history. I love that!
Da crew
Say hello to Hana, our Tour Leader (who's 20, she's just a baby *LOL*)
Hugging train ^^
Crazy wefie with the TLs, guides and photog
We're queuing up for the cable car
Here it comes
It's so crowded i didn't have space and time to be scared. Kidding, cable car doesn't really scare me anymore haha. I guess i'm getting better with height
I think it should be a river?
Told ya it's a blog post full of breath-taking views :P
So sorry about the glare ya
Once we arrived, the first thing we checked out was the cafetaria *LOL*
Then we're out to explore. Okay, not really, we just went to like... The closest area to take pictures and went back in. There's just not enough time, we're not wearing the right shoes to hike, i'm notoriously clumsy and slipping on icy path is not a good idea, plus i had a 7-year-old son with me
What's with the pose, hun?
Sonny started hikinh up this rocky hill like a mountain goat
Seriously, i'm not even going to attempt to
We kept on taking pictures with Tom and Bebe, i guess we should take some with Sonny too. I think the other guy is Ken? I can't remember >.< he's from the other bus (a photog like Tom, i think)
LOL, no need to look so happy, Sonny
Okay, i'm a wuss. And very clumsy, i repeat. So i decided i'll just stay there at the bottom to be safe
Which resulted in this kind of pic zzz but i guess i can live with that
Gorgeous (the backdrop, not me), if there were less people around i might ask hunny to take some outfit pic hahaha
Well, i'm sure people from four seasoned countries find it hard to understand why everything's so fascinating for us, tropical creatures. This is definitely not a sight we get to see very often...
Awww my monkichi
Yeah, like i said, we decided to go back afterwards
These two are a lovelier sight for me than the mountain haha
One to add to his future wedding video? LOL
Selfie with CL
Of course, we'd never skip having snacks whenever possible *LOL*
I have no idea why, but starting from this pic Marshmallow's went a bit nutz and all the pictures she took went blurry -____-. I didn't always realize it right away whenever she does that-i'd only see it when i imported the pics to my computer, but once she gets really blurry then i'd make hunny adjust her so she'll get better again. It took me quite a while for me this time round
So please bear with me (bear, not bare. It's so annoying reading people writing "Bare with me", what do you want us to strip with you?) through it >.<
Somehow the slightly blurry images makes them look a bit vintage looking, as if i'm taking it with a traditional roll camera *LOL*
Weirdly she snaps back to normal at times, it's harder to track the reasons of her blurriness! Is it the cold (at least she still worked well majority of the time, KC's camera pretty much died and refused to work 95% of the trip!)? Or what? Anyway, we're heading to Sinheungsa Temple
Awww, why so cute ^^
MT and i, i look more like his older sister than aunt, no? LOL (of course i do, if you say no then you're delusional. I've been told that i look like Baby Boy's sister for goodness sake *LOL*)
Almost all of the pictures Au took of us here turned out blurry or fugly zzzz, thankfully Tom also snapped one here hahaha
Group pic! Is it just me but does my beanie makes me look like a gnome *___*?
Donation box, of course Baby boy just wanted to "feed the frog". It's a frog, isn't it?
One of the temple without people cluttering it
Lots of our tour group's members (including KC. Yes, i have a multi-religion family. My parents have different religions themselves. KC's Buddhist like my dad, i am Christian like my mum)
On the way back, we stumbled into this tea house/souvenir shop
I think Marshmallow doesn't do well in drastic temperature changes *sigh*, the blurriness' back on a crazy level here! All of the pictures of the stuffs in the store's turned out super blurry they're totally un-uploadable!
They were serving free tea here, thankfully Au bought something or else it'd be very embarrassing just getting the free tea (but honestly we came in because of the "Free tea" sign #kiasuforever)
We're heading to Everland next, it was so sad-the amount of time we were given to spend there *LOL*, we managed to play like.. I dunno, three rides? LOL. But we did get some nice pics, it'd bee too long to post here so i'm making Everland visit as part two of this post.

We were offered an all you can eat Korean BBQ lunch or we could just eat at Everland (it's one of the rare time we had to eat by ourselves during the tour package), since we already knew we wouldn't have a lot of time in Everland, spending time for a buffet meal seems absurd *plus i simply don't do all you can eat, it's a waste of money since i'm so picky hahaha*-and we ended up bargaining to have lunch at this rest area on the way there instead :
Baby Boy isn't fond of Korean food, but he really does love their snacks and street food! He preferred to have a huge sausage instead of a real meal here
I had to force-fed him this seafood fried rice -___-. Communication was hard *sigh*, no English sign some more, the ahjumma manning this stall had to step outside the stall and wait until the screen's flashing the right image of what we wanted to order *LOL*, thankfully we mostly encountered very nice, patient ahjummas and not the scary ones like those i heard a lot!
Hunny's dumpling
We then went to the mini market for some milk (coz Baby Boy's refusing to eat much and he has the history of getting sick if he doesn't eat *sigh* *can you see that i'm very obsessive and paranoid?*), but ended up getting some ice cream too haha. This Cool Shot is kinda cool, it looks like ice cubes
Or ice rocks lah
Then there's this corn ice cream. It tastes like corn but cold and sweet. My taste bud went all confused!!!
Went straight to Everland next so please look forward to part 2!


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  1. keliatannya dingin bnaget ya.. tapi salju nya dikit ya...

    1. Iyah, yg banyak d Nami sih kemaren hehehe tp dinginnya lumayan bangett

  2. Wow it's great to experience winter in Korea. Did the beanie from Uniqlo did its job well to keep you warmer and cozy? I will be going to a cold country soon and I'm thinking of getting warmers and a beanie too. The hugging train looks so cute! I guess that Korean food isn't really for picky eaters and kids. Most are pretty hot and spicy.

    1. It sure did! My main problems with cold's definitely around the ear, hands and feet area, the beanie protected and covered my ears well! Actually most of the food we encountered is leaning more to the bland taste and my son wasn't happy about it haha