Makassar Diary Day 4 : Odang's Wedding

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Hey guys!

I never thought i'd be one of those people who say things like "God, yoga really calms my nerves", but it truly does! We had a "couple yoga" (except we didn't do it with our spouses but with each other and the instructor instead hahaha), which was a lot of fun although the acro yoga part was quite nerve wrecking for someone who always have the paranoia of falling down like me! I was in an awfully rotten mood the whole day, but once we got back from the yoga class i feel super light and cheerful! Yay for yoga, it's actually keeping me sane!

Anyways, continuing on with my Makassar Diary, it's finally the big day, Odang's wedding!
The whole extended family that were present!
The day started awfully early for us (well, not as early as my mum who acted as the groom's mom because she had to start getting her makeup done around... what was it, 4?), i almost wanted to cry when i was informed that i had to be ready around... 7? I can't even remember it anymore *LOL*. But when we reached the same place as where the engagement was held the day before, nobody was ready! Lots of the ladies from my extended family were roaming around with their face half done *LOL*, and the video-taping of the ceremonial groom's "getting ready" part wasn't even started yet. Zzzz, it's strange to be so early for once *LOL*.

Hunny didn't snap any pictures there i guess coz i couldn't find any (unlike me he probably didn't find people half dressed *i don't mean it like that, FYI!* roaming around aimlessly picture worthy :p), but he snapped some when we....
Crashed the wedding car hahaha, no lah we acted as Odang's... I don't even know what we were actually LOLOLOL
And some at Lisa's (again i am praying that i got the name right, it'd be embarrassing if someone who knows us/them reads this and tell me i got the bride's name horribly wrong -___-) :
Pretty sure they were toasting?
Super cheeky groom hahaha
Then of course, like all Chinese weddings, (wonder if other culture's wedding is pretty similar?) there were loads of rituals and since it was filmed, sometimes they had to re-take LOLOLOL. We waited outside... and camwhored hahaha.
With KC and RD who kept on hovering around when i tried to take outfit pic
Men in black... They didn't even plan on it -___-
The aunties LOLOLOL, CL would so kill me when she reads this *ROFTL*
Finally succeeded in snapping an outfit pic
I wore a blue kaftan tunic (i'd say it's a mini dress but i saw sellers referring to these shorter kaftans as tunic so...) that i found in my stash (yeah... i didn't even remember that i had this >.< and it's unsurprising given that i have hundreds of unused new clothes in my massive stash!) because i always like kaftans but quite confused on where to wear it, it's very comfortable, airy and still a little dressy. My mum protested when she saw me wearing sandals (the brand new one i bought the day before) but i told her that the dress wouldn't go with my high-heeled shoes #lies and she bought it #LOLOLOL. Truth was, i just didn't want to torture myself. I'm okay with high heels for max of 3-4 hours, more than than... I just prefer not to!
#MOTD and #NOTD that i snapped in the car earlier LOLOLOL, went for soft and demure makeup for the morning and darkened it up for the reception later at night!
Slipped myself in :D
We found this ridiculously high-placed door :
Then it was time to bring the bride back to the "groom's place" a.k.a the rented wedding house hehe, and continued with more ceremonies, of course. The tea ceremony was next (or as someone (was it CL?* likes to put it : the most expensive tea ever *because the bride and groom are exchanging the teas with hong baos filled with money/gold jewelries hehe*).
While we wait for our turns hehe, with Syl (RD's wife) and my cousin Mar
We got our turn, of course. We had to stand because Odang's the same age as me *just a few months older*
Darn RD for taking blurry pics!!! All of them turned out blurry grrrrr
The Church ceremony was next :
Unlike traditional Christian/Catholic wedding, Chinese Christians/Catholic don't always have the father walk the bride down the aisle. Since the bride and groom already met at the earlier Chinese ceremonial formal meetup, they usually would walk in together instead-but not all weddings are like this, i think it's totally up to the the bride and groom and what they prefer to do. I walked down the aisle with hunny as well in our wedding 8 years ago :).
As you can probably guess from the photos, the wedding was held in a Catholic church. I am Christian and it's always fascinates me how two religions with one root can have such different mannerism and prayers/rituals.

We also got all super choked up (okay okay, i cried like a baby) during the part where the bride and groom kneeled in front of their parents and asked for their blessings (i seriously have no idea what this is called, we don't have this step in Christian weddings), it was especially sad because Odang seemed so sad-you know with his parents weren't around and all :(... But it's okay Odang, you're starting your own little family now!

I didn't remember how this happened but CL ended up doing this to KC :
LOLOLOLOL. He looked totally ready to preach, yes??? The glasses was borrowed from DD, and the white cloth between his collar? I think it was a tissue LOLOLOL
We sure are some narcissistic bunch :D
The wedding registry was done at the same place immediately after the wedding ceremony all wrapped up:
Anddd... it's official!!!
I saw the bamboo structures at the side of the Church, and i couldn't help it
India dancing ahahahahaa... This pic sums up the relationship between KC and i perfectly, we're just two overgrown goofballs!
The lighting was awesome so.. *grin*
Camwhoring session continued on!
More boys hahaha
I swear i am usually the fourth tallest T.T... Coz i'm taller than Syl and MA IRL!
My dad and his siblings again
Bride and groom with the groom's siblings
New age bridesmaid
Then... we went back to the rented wedding house again (sounds like we're running round in circles, eh? LOLOLOL)! Hunny immediately spotted an... was it es puter?
Whatever it was, it was YUMMY! And how awesome is this pic of me with my billowing hair and super bright blue dress? Hahahaha
I seem to love whatever ice dessert Makassar has in store!
Brides, when you have super narcissistic relatives around you...
Make sure you never leave you bouquet unattended! LOL!
But seriously, i never camwhored with my own wedding bouquet, it's sad. 8 years ago selfie was not a thing yet-social media means Friendster and i didn't have a blog so... I don't have a lot of non-official wedding pictures :(. I didn't even own a digital camera back then *LOL*.

After lunch at the "wedding house", we went back to our hotels. I was so sleepy already thanks to the super early start and very thankful for being able to do my own makeup/don't care about hairdos because i got to take my precious nap!

Then it was reception time! Sadly i was having my period so i was EXTREMELY bloated. I have a flat stomach but during menstruation it'd blow up three times the normal size, and i also always gets doubly bloated on trips (i dunno if hotel rooms of flights doesn't agree with me. My fingers also swells up!)-which actually is a water retention because i would pee (and poop) them all out within two days of being back home *LOLOLOL*. TMI? Anyway, i had to wear a tight short underneath my body-hugging dress *darn the dresscode to be blue! I have quite a stock for party dresses, but very little in blue!* and it created unsightly lines on my dress :(.
Ugh, i looked so bloated. Anyway, i will show you more of the outfit on a different post dedicated to my outfit and makeup *you can't see it clearly if the picture's not close up, but i was super happy with how my makeup turned out that day!*
I usually prefer standing up pictures, but at least we look less bloated in this close up pic!
Our table minus hunny and KC
I looked like i was snickering at something here *LOL*
This is better but hunny looked so round and why was KC flashing that peace sign?
Then after a very long delay, finally the reception started.
My parents. My mum always scold us for not taking her pictures so now hunny's always ready to take her pics whenever we're doing something slightly important *LOLOLOL*, ideal son in law or what?
The groom's family's dress code was blue but my mum wore gold because... Wasn't she supposed to match the bride's mother's dress?
But how come Lisa's mum was wearing red???
Lisa, again i must mention how stunning she looks with makeups on!
Apparently in Makassar, all of the wedding rituals' carried on before the first dish was served! This is puzzling for us because in Surabaya/Jakarta/Banjarmasin it'll be carried on during reception's meal. This way it's better for the bride and groom because they actually got to eat with the rest of the wedding party (hunny and i probably got two spoonful of food on our wedding that we had to order room service afterwards *LOL*) but not so good for the guests because dinner was even more delayed! The first dish wasn't served until probably almost 8.30!
I think it's another Chinese ritual of feeding you parents wedding cakes
These two didn't want to lose out
I didn't even know that Syl's such a talented musician, she represented her hubby (RD is such a chicken LOLOLOL) and played the keyboard for a group of guests who wanted to sing. She never even heard the song before and yet she was able to follow the melody and play the song nicely!
I definitely can sing (no, seriously, i can carry a tune *LOL*) but i am definitely not blessed when it comes to musical instruments so whenever i see someone who's good with them, i really admire them!
After the reception dinner was over, it was not yet time for the close relatives to go back, we had to wait for our turn (the closer the connection to the bride and groom means the longer the waiting time would be because we are expected to wait until everybody else *who are more important than us LOLOLOL* to be done first). And while we wait... we... you guessed, it cam-whored!

This first picture's super hilarious! Hunny set up a timer on our camera and while we were posin', Lisa's mum passed directly in front of the camera!!!
Look at the surprised expressions of everybody's faces LOLOLOLOL... This is definitely one epic photo!
Okay, here's a normal one hehe
Ladies in blue :D
I only have one sister but i consider my sis-in-laws to be my real sisters too, so maybe we can look so cute as well 30 years from now?
Finally letting my mum and CP who wore non-blue dresses to be in the picture hahaha
The guys' turn!
On the way out after we FINALLY got our turn to snap a pic with the bride and groom on the stage (do you know that even going to wedding stage is very torturous for me? I HATE stages!!!!)-which i have no pics of because it was taken by the official photographer-i found a pretty flower gate and took my outfit pics there :D. CL saw us and dragged KC :
For this
So we snapped one too LOLOLOL. CL (or was it KC?), why you cropped out feet out of the pic, huh?
Then they found another spot
These tiny couple also joined in. While we took such nice pics of them
This is what we got -____- so sad
Anyway, i LOVE this candid pic hunny snapped :
My mum looked so happy and i looked so demure LOLOLOL
Like i said in my previous Makassar Diary post, we wanted to hang out at the lounge of our hotel as the after party, but it was super full and people were smoking like nuts (i cannot stand cigarette's smokes, i'd literally start to choke and cannot draw my breath when even one person's smoking too closely to me) so we ended up hanging out in KC and CL's room! LOL. The girls occupied the bed while the guys were all sprawled on the carpeted floor *LOL*. This was when i witnessed DD, the resident doctor, curled up in a ball under the table and slept! Med students really can sleep anywhere and anytime, eh? Amazing!
This is KC setting up her selfie stick hihihi. Dunno why must go through so much troubles coz we had so many people around to snap a pic of us!
Like this! Somehow i feel like CL looked like a madame pimp with her girls in this pic *LOLOLOLOL*
It was such a long, tiring but unforgettable day! It's already been half a year *LOL* but i want to congratulate Odang and Lisa again! Wishing you guys a happy, blessed and everlasting marriage! When are you guys gonna have childen *super annoying auntie mode : FULLY ON!* LOLOLOL? 

That's a wrap for Day 4, i have one last post of Makassar before i can start with my Korea trip, phew!!!

Thank you for reading,


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