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Hello hellooooo :D!

You know what, i've been meaning to challenge myself again to post every single day for a month (for no reason at all, i've done it before and i thought it'd be fun to do it again), with lots and lots of events and other blog related activities surrounding me from all sides, i certainly have no problem with topics (when did i ever...)-but what i did not expect's how all of those activities totally wore me out that i have no energy left to sit in front of my computer to write at the end of the day!

Anyway, i have the energy now and i'm going to tell you all about this fun Pretty Easy event with Clinique Indonesia!
Lauren Tan (or known as O in this blog hehehe), Shasha, moi, Sabsab, two tall models between Yessica (who's also a blogger) and Ms. Lidwina
Lauren Tan is one of the contributor for this event in Surabaya, as she's my very close friend of course i'm extremely happy and proud of her!
I'm not going to go for details on the mechanism, but in short-Mario (who's the Clinique's PR & Event person whom we met last October as well) invited Sabrina to attend this event and allowed her to bring two more bloggers-me and Shasha ^^ (thank you Sab, *wink wink*. Note for newer beauty bloggers, this is why it's very important to be humble and maintain a good relationship with other bloggers, we can invite each other most of the time and we certainly won't even consider you if you're rude, annoying or snobbish! Not giving credit when it's due's firmly categorized as rude!).

As the invitation stated, the event was at 1 PM, but since O's one of their contributors (and she tagged along with me and hunny), we had to come earlier. I guess this is the first time i've ever arrived in an event almost an hour before it began *LOL*, but the good thing is-i had lots of time to snap pictures around their counter in Metro Department Store in Ciputra World mall :
Clinique's counter, looking clean, professional and exclusive-as always
This area would be very full and cluttered with people once the event started!
Pretty Easy is their latest campaign, and the tagline's totally self-explanatiory *LOL*. Their latest makeup range's the twist up type that are super easy and fast to use, you don't even need to apply them with tools! Mario also told us lots of people are not aware that Clinique has a pretty extensive makeup range because the brand's so well known for their skin care, as a beauty blogger (and a beauty enthusiast, well before i started blogging) of course i know (and use) about their makeup range, here are some of them :
Foundations and powders
Blush on, eyeshadow and lippies. Sorry if the display's looking a bit bare-some of them were already gathered to be used on the live makeup demo!
Here's a semi candid (you know, where she pretended to not know her picture's being taken *LOL*) pic of O picking the products and shades to use on her model later. She was asked to do a Korean style makeup and she told me that since it's Spring/Summer season, the latest trend in K-style makeup is bold orange eyeshadow. Unfortunately, most of Clinique's decorative colors are pretty neutral so she had to settle for the usual K-style makeup (light eyeshadow and bold eyeliner)
As their tagline's Pretty Easy, the products used in the live demo were mostly from their "Chubby" range. I heard about their chubby lips many times before (arguably the pioneer in twist up, crayon style lippies) of course, but i certainly didn't know that there are chubby cheeks and chubby eyeshadow as well (apparently there are also chubby contour and highlight!)!
As we were pretty early and like all events, it started latter than the time stated *LOL*, we actually managed to have some perk-me-up coffee first before coming back to the venue.
MUAs of the day, Ms. Lidwina from Clinique and our very own Lauren Tan
Well, of course :p
After waiting for a little more while, finally the MC opened the event
As usual when an event's held in the counter, we kinda have to walk around, back and forth to the front area *LOL*. Next time i would give up on vanity and wear a sensible shoes instead of high heels, my feet felt like they were going to fall off by the end of the day (which didn't end when the event did haha).
Attendants of the event waiting patiently for the MC to come back to the counter *LOL*.
Picture taken from Clinique Indonesia's Twitter. You can see us bloggers busy snapping pictures at the background hahaha. Btw, Sabsab, Shasha and i chose to stand next to the display counter on the right because the sitting area's too crowded and it'd be hard to take pictures if we sit behind (coz the front row's already taken and you know how crucial it is to get front row seat as bloggers!)
View from the back
The MC introducing Clinique's Beauty Consultant, Ms. Lidwina
Then he introduced Lauren Tan. It's a good thing that she's also a tour leader so being asked to talk in public didn't scare her off too much (although she did threaten me not to ask weird questions *LOL*)
Here are the models for the live demo with their bare faces. Sorry for the dark tone, lighting wasn't so hot in this area!
Before the live makeup demo started, Ms. Lidwina and another consultant (i think her name was Ms. Icha) prepped the models' skin. As you should already know, the best base for makeup is healthy skin so the first step is understanding the models' skin types and applying the right skincare range for their skin
Began with the usual routine of cleanse and tone
Then they also applied Clinique's Smart Serum (which i have and haven't even tried yet, so many skin cares and i only have one face!) as well as demonstrating the right way to apply it
Moisturizing is next
O explaining the importance to recognize the facial structure and skin tone so you can apply the right shade and makeup style
Both started with foundation, of course
Applying concealer
O's model of the day had a sensitive, acne prone skin (i think) and she had a lot of red acne scars, which looks much better after foundation and concealer
Different MUAs has different sequence, Ms. Lidwina started the decorative makeup by applying chubby cheeks on her model
The MC asking Sabsab about her experience with Clinique
O explaining the color trend (like i mentioned earlier, bright orange eyeshadow!) on Korean trend at the moment
One of the products O used was the twist up eyeliner. Clinique really has twist up products for everything! You simply twist them up and apply (and blend, please *LOL*)! Beauty really can be very easy!
And here Ms. Lidwina using the Chubby Stick Shadow Tint on the model, the MC's blocking the way zzzz *LOL*
Applying concealer under and over the eyebrow for very sharp and defined brows
We were in awe because she didn't even use an eyelash curler and the model's eyelashes instantly looked super long and fluttery with only mascara! Sooo enviable because we have such short and stubby lashes, ours would never be visible if we don't curl them first!
O dusting off any fall off from the model's face
Here's the super famous Chubby Lips!
Adding some gloss for extra sexy pout ^^
O explaining the most famous K-style lip technique-gradient/ombre lips!
Before-After by Ms. Lidwina
Before-After, simple Korean look by Lauren Tan. FYI if you're wondering (coz an uncle actually went and ask O about it, i'm wondering who that uncle is??? And why is he so concerned with makeup?) why the acne scars weren't fully concealed, well that's because this is a simple, everyday look they're creating-using very lightweight foundation. You can hardly create a simple, everyday look if you apply super thick, mask-like foundation, right???
MUAs and their models
After the live makeup demo was done it was Face Pad Competition time! I heard about this before (where you're given a piece of paper with a face illustration on in and you're suppose to put on makeup on the face, using real makeup!) but never participated before. I... suck at arts, so.... LOL.
Picture taken from Clinique's Twitter
I looked very serious, no?
I got bored like, halfway through *LOLOLOL* *why am i so bad*, and my paper face looked quite messy (especially the lips *LOL*, don't try applying lipstick straight from the tube on paper faces!!!)  >.<, i was damn embarrassed when we had to put up the paper for Ms. Lidwina and O to judge >.<.
Picture from Clinique's Twitter
Mine's on the left (LOL at the messy pic, i can't color inside the line-ever!) and Shasha's on the right
And Shasha's picked as the winner!
Happy Shasha :D
I wasn't paying attention, but there's a little quiz next, the MC was asking us if any of us had any Clinique makeup inside our bags. I guess i mentioned that i brought their eyeliners in my cosmetic bag to Sabsab or Shasha earlier and somehow they remembered coz they immediately poked me *LOLOLOL*, thanks girls! My blur self wouldn't even realize it myself :p. I ended up being the winner, yay!

This actually turned out to be quite the bloggers' day, with all the prizes being won by bloggers (i can assure you, this is not something that happens very often. In fact, bloggers are rarely chosen to win anything in this kind of events *except if they're giving out presents just for asking/answering questions, we're very active when it comes to this hahaha*! I have to mention this because there was some misunderstanding and we heard some of the other guests bitching about us being picked because we're O's friends. FYI, Ms. Lidwina chose Shasha's face pad and I brought the most Clinique products in my bag, how is that having any connection at all with us being O's friends? It didn't help when they see Mario giving us hampers later on *sigh*. People, get acquinted with the term "blogger first" and do you know that we're actually working?)

Anyway, haters going to be haters so i'm not going to dwell on that. The activity's not done yet, there's also a 30 minutes self-makeup competition. I would never participate in this kind of competition because... well... I'm not wiping off all my makeups and reapply them! Sabsab didn't wear any makeup that day (coz she's going for badminton next haha) so i encouraged her to join-she can take the makeup off right away anyway...
Sabsab and Yessica applying makeup very seriously
Here Ms. Lidwina and O inspecting them and another participant
And here's the winner! The event was a wrap after this ^^
But photo taking is a must, right!
Here's one of Mario with the models
Picture taken from Clinique Indonesia's Twitter
The very generous hamper (the chequred purple and white box consisting of four travel sized products. I've used the eye cream before and i liked it, now that i have another one, i can review it in the future!) and the gift for winning the quiz
Shasha and Yessica both received Chubby Eyes but i actually received the one that we all coveted, Chubby Lips (i think it's a sample/travel size, but who cares woohooo *LOL*. It's not like i'd be able to finish any lippie anyway) and i'm very very happy :D!

Thank you Clinique and Mario for having us (and Sabsab for inviting me and Shasha), it was a fun event!


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  1. Wah aku belum pernah masuk Metro-nya CiWo hehehe Ada bagian makeup-nya juga yak? #kudet Aku ke situ pernahnya ke Matahari atau SOGOnya gitu yang di bawah itu hehehe

    Lebih gede dari yang di TP ya ce ini counter Clinique :D

    You're so lucky to get chubby lipstick! >.< Mamaku dikasih temennya yang sample size juga and she can't stop raving about it -_-*

    1. Errrr... tapi Nin... Di CW cuma ada Metro doank loh, gak ada Matahari or Sogo wkwkwkwk... yg makeup2 d lantai dasar itu ya Metro >.<. Yesss i feel so lucky hehehe

  2. Looks like a great event! I enjoyed reading it :)

    Kisses, Kali