Foodgasm 08 : Samwon House Korean Restaurant

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Hey guys :D...

It's another foodie post, and i think it's the first time for me to review a Korean restaurant!
Samwon House Korean Restaurant 
 Surabaya Town Square
Unit P 31-32 / Plaza Level

Tel .(+62-31) 563 2965 Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 6 Surabaya 60242

We never heard of this restaurant before, especially because we very very rarely go to Sutos-we used to frequent it when we were younger, but as we got older... A place where you can only watch movie or hang out without anything else to do (you know, shopping...) just lost its appeal to me hahaha. We actually dined here on hunny's birthday, no need to explain how backdated this post is >.<.

We went to Sutos to watch a movie before going on another event-but we ended up not going and watched another movie instead (read the full story here), so we decided to have dinner at Sutos as well. As we strolled by and gawked at all of the new (for us) restaurants (coz the last time we went there the restaurants seems to be quite different, pretty fast turn over in terms of restaurant occupancy hahaha), the birthday boy decided he was feeling like having some Korean food, so we did!

Apparently Samwon House is a chain restaurant and also available in Jakarta (learn more about them in their website).
The place's very spacious and it was on a weekday so it was pretty deserted
LOL at that face!
Honestly, we don't really have a lot of experiences with local Korean restaurant to compare. When we go out for meals, i prefer having Western food (or Indonesian food haha)-and when we eat out with my parents it'd usually be Chinese food. KC and CL are big on Korean food so we only go for Korean food with them and usually we'd stick to the same restaurant (Myoung Ga).
So i'm gonna compare them to Myoung Ga
Price wise, Samwon House seems to slightly be more affordable than Myoung Ga
So sorry for blurry pics, still using Pinko back then >.<
Hunny loves his bibimbap!
I quite love Korean soup dishes, my fave's still Yukgaejang!

I was still very diligent back then, snapped practically every pages of the menu! Like i said, actually the price's not that different from Myoung Ga, but Samwon House offers more promotion. If i remember correctly, we got a 50% off for using a certain credit card and the final bill came out really cheaply because of that!
Not to mention this kind of set menu, which are very affordable indeed-but seriously. Chicken katsu, karaage and teriyaki??? That's Japanese and not Korean, man!
Banchan. It's very limited compared to most Korean restaurants
Fresh veggies to go with your Korean BBQ
I ordered champong (i think...I was in the mood for some spicy seafood soup!) and it was quite nice
We shared the bibimbap and even though i was quite surprised because i never had bibimbap with broccoli, sweet corn and green bean before, it was actually very nice!
Also ordered some beef... I just can't remember the type, it's most probably was galbi sal. It was okay, but nothing special and i prefer Myoung Ga's (by a mile, actually)
You can see how tiny the champong was compared to the bibimbap. In my previous experiences, soup dishes usually come with the same size as the bibimbap. At that price, i think the soup's a bit too over priced
Nom nom
It was a pretty nice meal, i especially loved the bibimbap (it's just as nice as Myoung Ga's), and the champong was very nice as well, only the portion was quite tiny. The Korean BBQ was the only miss for me that day, and that's too bad because my favorite Korean food is actually the BBQ!

We paid less than IDR 300.000 for the meal (thanks to the credit card promotion) and that's totally worth it! However, i would not come back and pay full price for this meal because for the quality, i personally think the price's a bit too high. Just keep a look out for promotions (i think they constantly have promotions, just with different credit cards) if you want to give this place a try.

Ambience wise, it was okay-although we definitely did not feel like we were in Korea or something *LOL*, again nothing special though.

I would recommend Samwon House if you're looking for a decent, affordable (on promotion, i repeat) Korean restaurant. I recommend their bibimbap especially!

Would i come back? Yep, when we crave for some bibimbap-provided they still have a promotion that we can use!

Do you like Korean food? If you're living in Indonesia, do give us a recommendation for a good Korean restaurant!
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  1. Kankoku no tabemono wo mada tabemasen. Oishii ka? Aji ga nai ka? :(

    Watashi no website ni kite kudasai :)

    1. ??? Sorry dear, i don't speak Japanese and the only thing i understand is "oishii" LOL

  2. Chunggiwa sama seorae enak ce, lbih murak sedikit juga :D Samaa, korean food yang aku sukaBBQ nya. Berkali-kali nyoba kimchi ga pernah suka -_-"

    1. Itu dimana Ly? Koq aq ga opernah dgr sih *apa aq yg gak update maklum dah tua hahaha*. Aq juga gak doyan kimchi ewh hahaha