Simple Tutorial : No Makeup Makeup

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Haiiiii ^^!!!

So... A while ago (and i mean a WHILE ago, like... months ago hahaha) my friend Cynthian the Vlogger (check out her Youtube channel here) tagged me to do a no makeup makeup, and finally.... Here it is!
Before VS After!
I love when i am tagged to do a something like this, adds more ideas to the blog post piles! I did plan to do this errrr... Since the first time she tagged me, but you know that i don't put on makeup unless i'm going out-and when i go out... Let's just say that i am too attached to my signature puppy-liner not to put them on when i go out and it's hardly natural! Another problem is because my face tend to look overdone with even just a small amount of makeup *sigh* so looking very natural like i almost don't wear any makeup but still awake and fresh it no easy feat!

But as you can see, after months of procrastination i finally did it! Should i tell you where i finally felt like i can go to without my puppy liners? Well... It was when we went to Lawang for Qing Ming... Yep, to a cemetery *LOLOLOL*.

Anyway! No makeup makeup is great for those of you who want to look presentable but probably aren't allowed to wear too much makeup... Maybe to school? You should totally skip the blush on though.... Since not everybody knows how to put on any makeup at all (i'm talking to all of you who are newbies when it comes to makeup... In this day and age you're probably 10 or something...) and this style is the best to introduce some makeup to yourself so i am going to do a little, easy peasy tutorial!

Let's go through the steps!

1. Prep your face!
Here's my sleep-deprived, just woke up, puffy and pale bare face! I look even worse because of my oily hair *LOL*, must wash hair after going to the cemetery (Chinese superstitious thing) so i didn't bother to wash my hair because i don't want to wash it twice in one day!
I'm not sure if you can see it in this pic, but my skin tone was very uneven because there was a lot of redness going on (i think this was caused by me attacking my blackheads like a maniac the night before hahaha)-which you can see in the second pic below! Anyway, make sure your face's clean and prepped before you put on any makeup (meaning : put on your moisturizer and sunblock! I know i wrote that i used not to wear anything in the morning, but i've improved my routine recently! I diligently wear some sort of moisturizer that contains SPF after i wash my face now)!

2. Put on concealers!
Only if you have imperfections to hide, of course! I personally always wear under eye concealer because of my dark circles (here i am using Clinique All About Eyes concealer)! If you have any spots/old acne scars that need covering, apply your concealer on those areas too.

3. Powder up!
Adjust this step according to your skin type. If you have very dry skin, maybe you prefer to switch the powder to a BB Cream instead (i'm an oil tank so i would never imagine putting on any non-powder face product without setting it with powder!). If you have flawless, normal skin, then you can put on loose powder. As for me, i have crazily oily skin (loose powder with no base underneath? It'll stay on... for 30 minutes!!!) and was suffering from redness so i decided to use my beloved Silkygirl Pure Fresh Oil-Control Two Way Foundation that has a medium coverage and able to eliminate the redness.

4. Do your brow!
This part is also skippable haha. I would skip it if my hair's not so light colored! I know not everybody has naturally shapely, thick brows though so this part's crucial for you if you're one of them who doesn't! You can use brow pencil or brow powder to fill in your eyebrows if needed, or if you're like me and can get away without re-shaping your eyebrows with products, then just make sure your eyebrow color's in sync with your hair color. I am using Maybelline Fashion Brow 24HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Brown.

5. Line thinly!

This is the hardest part for me because i love my eyeliner thick and dramatic hahahaha. Line your eyes as thinly (and close to your lash line) as possible, just to give the illusion of darker lash line which would open up your eyes. I am using Mai Doll Brown Liquid Eyeliner.

6. Add some color!
Most people would skip this part when doing their no makeup makeup look, but i just need a dash of color on my cheeks to look alive! I can skip blush on if i'm wearing dramatic eyeliner or bright colored lips, but since those two areas were kept natural, i HAVE to have some color somewhere! Trust me, it looks bolder in the photo somehow than in real life (strange, i know, but still true! I wore a LOT less than i usually would, no idea why my cheeks look so red in this pic).

I am wearing one of the softest colored (well, not very pigmented's probably a better and more honest way to describe this hahaha) blush on i currently have on my stash (not counting that stupid Face Shop blush on which is super pale that it doesn't show at all on my skin), Canmake Loose Cheek Blush On in 01. If you're as pale as i am and always get the "Are you sick" kind of comment with your bare face, then go on and put on some soft colored blush on too!

7. Gloss those lips!
Actually, just wear some lipbalm also can *LOL*. I used Guardian's house brand Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Cherry which has super light (practically colorless) pink color which makes my naturally pale pink lips a tad rosier and healthier. I love it because it's a lip gloss and lip care rolled into one so i don't need to put on two products for a juicy looking lips!

And we're done!
Ta-dahhhh! Easy peasy, yeah?
I know my face looks very matte in the final result pic and you might argue that an overly powdered face's hardly natural looking, but remember-my skin's crazy oily that it'd look dewy and shiny in half an hour or so!
Like this!
How do you do no makeup makeup? And where do you usually wear this kind of makeup to? Do you like to wear it everyday or, like me, are too attached to some bold style/color to do this regularly?


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