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Hello, dears :)!

How's everybody doing? I want to share some info and a bit of a review for a natural Indonesian skin care brand, Gizi Super Cream today :D!
Thank you Gizi Indonesia and Kawaii Beauty Japan for the package :)
If you're an Indonesian, i'm sure you've heard of Gizi Super Cream already! Gizi's been around since 1972, which means more than 40 years! It was a popular product a while back (my elder relative swears by this affordable brand and i've been quite curious about it, now thanks to Gizi Indonesia and KBJ, i get to try them for myself!).

If i am not mistaken, they used to have only one product before, the cream itself (it isn't called Gizi Super Cream for nothing, right!) but now they've expanded and added more products in their line. Despite their growth, Gizi Super Cream's core is definitely still the same and they are keeping true to themselves-which can be explained with 4 H :
1. Herbal (Gizi Super Cream use 7 natural ingredients)
2. Hi-tech (with nano technology which function is to soften so their product's easy to absorb into our skin)
3. Heritage (like i mentioned earlier, they've been around since 1972!)
4. Halal (Gizi Super Cream's products are certified Halal so they're completely safe to use by all of us including Moslems ^^)

Now that we've learned a bit about Gizi Super Cream in general, let's get to know their products better :
Daily Natural Lightening Foam is a facial cleanser made from herbal ingredients that helps to cleanse dirt and traces of cosmetics. It helps lifting dead skin cells, brighten dull skin, and also reduce overactive sebum productions as well as helping to keep skin being hydrated longer.
Gizi's Daily Natural Lightening Foam comes with a small (containing 50ml of products) squeeze tube with a flip top, like most of other facial foams in the marking out there. It is dominated by white and green colors (which we've associated with Gizi Super Cream by now).
It has a very soft, very creamy but light texture. If you inspect it closely, you'd be able to see countless tiny air bubbles in the product. It is so light that you need to be careful when squeezing the tube because if you use too much pressure then you'd get way too much products than what you'd need.

This facial foam, like their two other products that i got to try, has this very distinctive scent. It is very sweet but natural, i cannot exactly pintpoint what scent it is, but definitely reminding me of an exotic tropical fruit-the over ripe one. It smells very natural but i have to be honest, i am not a fan of the scent. It's just a bit overwhelming for me.
When rubbed with water, it turns to a thick, white paste. It feels very soft and rich despite its light texture and a real pleasure to use. My skin feels soft, bouncy and brighter after using it nonstop since i received it. It totally helps to get rid of any dirt, makeup traces and sebum from my face without stripping my skin of its natural moisture. My hunny also been using it alongside me and it's very kind and gentle to his very dry, sensitive skin.

I was quite confused when i saw two boxes that look a lot alike, just with different color accent :
Apparently they now have two different Daily Nutrition Cream, but upon closer inspection i believe that the only thing differentiating these two is the fact that one contains SPF 18, while the other doesn't say. However, they have slightly different texture and after feeling.
Let's talk about Gizi Super Cream Daily Nutrition Cream first
This cream claims to be a complete treatment in one package with 7 active herbal ingredients for your everyday use. It helps giving nutrition to you skin, keeping skin's hydration to be on optimum level, brighten skin and prevent premature aging.
Both of the creams comes with a small cardboard boxes
With information and ingredient list on the side. Since both boxes have similar design and details, i only snapped detailed pictures of one of them which you'll see later
Daily Nutrition Cream comes with a small squeeze tube (kinda similar to the facial foam, only smaller and slimmer) with twist off cap and contains 18g of products inside
It has a normal sized opening and don't forget to be gentle when squeezing it!
The Daily Nutrition Cream has a thick lotion consistency, it is quite easy to spread and gets absorbed quite easily. Due to its rich texture, it leaves a slightly greasy feeling on my skin. Very hydrating and moisturizing-and it is the lighter cream between the two and has the same sweet scent as the facial foam.
The last but not the least
Daily Nutrition Cream with SPF 18 has the optimum protection from UV light with SPF 18 for you who are actively outdoor in the afternoon. So if you're confused on which one of the two to choose, then think about how much time you spend outdoor in the afternoon? If very rarely, then you should get the original Daily Nutrition Cream (it does contains UV protection too, just not as concentrated as this yellow one), if it's quite often then opt for this one.
Very similar box, right?
More information on the side. The suggested storage temperature is at 25 celcius and do not expose it from direct sunlight. I am also delighted to see that it is not tested on animals!
The suggested price is IDR 40.000 (the print on the box of my Daily Nutrition is upside down and a bit confusing, but it stated that the suggested price is IDR 34.960, so the one with SPF 18 is slightly more expensive)
The only difference between the SPF 18 and the original is the yellow color accent (representing the sun, i guess :p?). It is also containing 18g of products inside

As it is containing SPF, the color of the cream is more opaque. It's also slightly thicker and heavier, which i've expected because that's the nature of most of products containing SPF. It's stickier and greasier-oh and it has the same scent as the previous two products. Since i have very oily skin, i do feel that this cream is a bit too heavy for my skin, i look like a greasy mess and my makeup would melt very fast if i wear this underneath (but i tried using it very lightly on top of a mattifying powder lotion, which makes it a bit better) so i believe that the original Daily Nutrition Cream's more suitable for me. 

Both creams work wonderfully on my hunny's very dry and sensitive skin, his skin is a lot firmer, softer, hydrated and super healthy now (after almost a full 2 weeks of usage)! They work well on me too, but since they're a bit heavy and rich, i did develop quite a bit of white and black heads as a result, so personally i would stick to the facial foam (which is great) and continue using the creams for my hunny.

One more thing that i noticed is how they really work to soften and brighten skin fast. I just had my monthly facial when i started using the trio so my face was a mess, lots of redness and crusts from the extraction. Normally it'd take up to a week for my skin to clear up of the crusts and look bright again, but when i used Gizi Super Cream, my skin actually was already clear and bright after two whole days! How awesome is that? I would strongly recommend Gizi Super Cream for people with dry, hydrated skin and also those who wish to brighten their skin!

Are you interested to get a healthy and glowy skin with this awesomely affordable, genuine local product? They are available in various stores in Indonesia, i think it should be easy to find them!


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  1. Using a facial cleanser with natural ingredients feels most reassuring especially for those who have sensitive skin. I like that it lifts dead skin cells and in return have our natural system produce bright skin from new cells. The texture of the soap is also one thing I look for. Creamy and soft is an absolutely superb combination! Hey, I'm loving your hair color!

    1. Yeah, it's totally quite awesome-but sadly this range don't really suite my skin, it's more suitable for dry skin for sure! Thank you, that's just over exposure though, but i guess i can rock ash color then? Haha