Event Report : Private Beauty Event with Misslyn

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Helllooo :D!

I am back with... Yes, another event report hehehe (and i'm actually just got back from ANOTHER event *LOL*. So this is how it feels to be an active beauty blogger in a getting-more-aware-of-bloggers era :p). Told ya i have plenty to share this month teehee! So, after the previous event earlier on the same day, we continued to the next event : a private beauty event with Misslyn!
Picture from Kathy's camera
As you can see from the complete personnel above, there were a LOT more attendees than the other event-that's because Misslyn invited twice the amount! Again i must thank Lina who was contacted by Misslyn and asked to help gather 20 beauty bloggers and MUAs and went to all the trouble (including being bugged from both ways and repeatedly must contact some of us who seems to be less than grateful *ck*. Human nature *___*) to make sure that all of us can attend this special event. We love you, Lin! XOXO!
Now before we get on with the event, as usual-i feel the need to give a little background of the brand *LOL*. I don't know about you (but plenty of even us, Surabaya Beauty Bloggers, don't seem to know about them yet), but i've heard about Misslyn before, when they first launched at Jakarta (last year, if i remember correctly) some bloggers posted about their launch and i remember thinking "When are they coming to Surabaya?". And the long wait is finally over because Misslyn is finally available in Surabaya (for a month already, actually!), in Matahari Department Store, to be precise. 

Misslyn is a European cosmetic brand, it is a Germany brand but my online research told me that they began in Italy 30 years ago. They had been bought by Artdeco since late 2010 and got a complete "makeover" as they relaunched and expanded the overall collection. Misslyn is a top brand in Germany (and now expanding to other countries including Asia) and they are known as a trendsetter for nail and lash products there.

Enough background for now, a lot more about Misslyn will be revealed below :D!

The event itself was held in Matahari Beauty Lounge (a little room that we didn't know existed in Matahari Department Store before! Haha) in Tunjungan Plaza 3, Surabaya. Now, as you know (if you read the previous event report), i had been struggling with my camera that day (i've been spending too much time with my beloved Marshmallow that i had to readjust myself *with much difficulties!* to use NX-300 after its more than a month absense (it was "hospitalized" zzz) and kept on accidentally change the setting without even realizing it, so... I was really shocked when i was prepping the pictures for this post that all of the early pics of this event were VERY VERY blurry! 

Almost all of them are crazy blur that it's 1000% un-uploadable (i'm sneaking in a few, it's already very blurry. but the rest are even more so!) so i had to beg ask for decor and product display pictures from some of my fellow bloggers T.T.

Registering first, of course (yes, it's one of the super blurry pics, sorry T.T) and we were given goodie bags immediately ^^
Here's how the reception area looks minus the blurriness (photo credit : Shasha)
The view that immediately welcomed us once we stepped into the private event's area (photo credit : Shasha)
They've set up seats in U-line for the attendants
Misslyn team set the place up to reflect their theme which was "Candy Land" complete with a very cutely decorated sweet corner filled with real sweets and cakes!
The original picture in my camera didn't survive but here's a pic that i snapped with my Ipad that you might have seen already if you followed my Instagram
Close up pic of the super sweet corner taken from Misslyn's Facebook Page
The rest of the decor and product display's pics belongs to Nessya who's kind enough (like Shasha, thank you both soooo muchhh XOXO) to send me her pics, TONNES of them!
PINKKKKKK (photo credit : Nessya)
Ahhh pastelly goodnesssss #diedandwenttopastelheaven
(photo credit : Nessya)
(photo credit : Nessya)
(photo credit : Nessya)
Other than real sweets, there were fake sweets as well hahaha
(photo credit : Nessya)
They also set up a display of their products and our greedy little hearts went THUMP THUMP THUMB with excitement! I mean... Throwing beauty bloggers into a room full of colorful makeup is like throwing sugar-crazed kids to a real candy land (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory style?) or a more fitting description : throwing hungry sharks into a pool of bloodied meat? Hahaha...
Those glosses... I... Crave....
(photo credit : Nessya)
I'm currently addicted to lippies so it took me a LOT of strong will (stronger than steel) not to grab them and run hahaha (photo credit : Nessya)
I can sense the nail addicts, Lina and Kiki, started hyperventilating in front of this sight
(photo credit : Nessya)
Misslyn's foundation gained a lot of new fans that day!
(photo credit : Nessya)
(photo credit : Nessya)
There's also this awesome beauty case/desk. You can clearly see the owner of this pic here hahaha
After calming down the hysterical bloggers (okay, i'm exaggerating, just a little bit!), Anna (Misslyn's trainer) began her presentation to introduce us to Misslyn further.
Thank God the pictures from this point on were clear! I think i realized that it was not set right when i asked someone (who? Can't remember >.<!) to snap pics of me and Kathy but it turned out super blurry huhuhuhu, took me so long to check and realize!
Other than the base knowledge of Misslyn's origin that i already explained at the start of the post, here are more information about Misslyn.
Misslyn's concept is a seductive cosmetic, all the hot-blooded females went rowdy when this pic appear (and whenever the hot male model popped in the video later) hahaha
Misslyn is ready to take over the worlddd
Misslyn products are very affordable (starting from IDR 45.000 only! That's less than USD 4 on current exchange rate!) but they definitely do not compromise in the quality! So with Misslyn you'd get high quality products with reasonable price-which is my favorite line ever, take all my money now!
Anna kept on asking us to guess Misslyn's products prices and we went "WOWWW" every time because they really are quite affordable! She's telling us that their eyeliners are only IDR 45.000 each in this pic
They really have a pretty wide range of products with impressive numbers of shades especially their nail polishes. But first thing first : lip products! They have 26 lipstick shades, 7 for Shiny Lip Color and 9 for Smooth Lip Liner
16 Rich Color Gloss, which are lipglosses with high pigmentations
For complexion they have Luminous Make-Up (foundation), Concealer and Compact Powder. They also have some blush-ons but Anna passed the blush on's slide so quickly i didn't manage to snap a pic :(
For eyes : wide range of mascaras, including colored ones!
High Shine Duo and Trio Eyeshadow-which have unique formulation as they were liquidized first then solidized, this process makes sure that their eyeshadows are not very powdery and doesn't crack easily! They also have some falsies, both the strip and individual type ^^
Then there are also Intense Color Liner, Eyebrow Pencil, Precise Eyebrow Liner,  Dip Eyeliner, Liquid Eyeliner (which i'm very interested on trying once i run out of my current eyeliner even though i honestly just see the product here as i blog because i was too entranced with their colorful products during the event) and Dramatic Eyeliner as well as some accessories like eyelash curler and tweezer
Anna showing us the colorful eyeliner collection
And highlighting their special product : mascara shield! Misslyn is probably one of the first cosmetic brand (not makeup tool brand, okay!) that has this product in their range and it's also very affordable : IDR 75.000. No more mascara smears on your perfectly made up eyes! I think i need one in my life...
Bloggers (and MUAS) watching very seriously. Those who were seated at the back (including moi) chose to stand up during the presentation to get a better look of the screen. I even slip myself at the gap between the row of chairs with a sweet corner (not the main one) so i can snap pics of the slides hahaha
Then the most impressive part of their collection (for me).
62 shades of nail colors!!! Not all of them are available in Indonesia yet, but don't worry-they will be!
Their nail polish's designed to be in tune/harmonious. From white to pink
Orange & Red
Violet & Fuchsia
Mud & Grey Shades
Green to yellow
And blue blue blue! So many colors, there's something for everyone!
They also have Nail Care Polish and Remover (another product added to my wishlist!)
Then Anna did a quick make up demo on Mbak Maria (one of Misslyn's staffs) so that we can see how Misslyn products work on skin :
Foundation first (Btw, Anna only did half of Mbak Maria's face to show us how the before/after look in one go). Misslyn's foundie has a gel texture with glowy result, i'm more of a matte girl myself but the other bloggers seems to be new fans (including my MUA friend O who went and purchase one immediately after the event hahaha)
Followed by concealer
Oops. Kinda unflattering pic of Mbak Maria, sorry mbak >.<!
The side with foundie+concealer immediately looked brighter and smoother
Blush on
Fixing the eyebrow
And that's how you use the mascara shield, there's no need to use you debit card anymore, girls!
I always had difficulties applying mascara on my lower lashes, this makes me feel like i need the shield even more now!
Finishing touch : lippies!
Left side : Bare, Right side : made up. Quite a difference, eh?
Then Anna set the bloggers loose once again to play with the display products and they went NUTS! LOL.
Personally i cannot deal with crowds and i'm one of those very rare (and weird) beauty bloggers that don't swatch much so i pretty much gave up when i saw the condition above hahaha. I busied myself with endless selfies instead...
But first, here's a rare pic of O wearing glasses to be able to see clearer (sign of old age *LOL*) because she's too lazy to wear contacts
Then snapped a selfie with her (with our Misslyn goodie bags!)
With fellow long-haired : Cynthian the Vlogger :p
Look at Kathy's expression hahaha! Plus Shasha who, according to herself, looked like a ghost hahahahaha
With da fairy, Yennyca
#Pink and the gigantic lolly
Then when i was errrr... roaming around trying to look busy *LOL* *no lah i was snapping pics as usual* apparently Anna was gathering the "Best Dressed" nominees.
O helped me snapped the pics while i was humiliated being on the spotlight hahaha (you know i don't so do well at being the centre of attention, which is weird given the way i dress all the time, i know...)
FYI... I didn't actually REALLY follow the dress code, it was "Colorful" and i actually had this outfit prepared before i even knew what the dress code was! I got a request from Nessya to do a fairy kei tutorial (which i will post soon, i promise :p) and this was my interpretation of fairy kei : pastel from head to toe! 

I was quite worried if pastel colors are considered colorful (coz somehow in my mind colorful means bright, loud colors) and asked people around and all of them say "Yes, of course!" so i went ahead and wore the outfit i already prepared (you should also know by now that i don't put on makeup or dress up just to take pictures, i'm just too lazy >.< so i only do it when i actually have somewhere to go!).
The Best Dressed Girls
And yeah... I didn't expect to be the "Best Dressed" #LOL. It did make more sense when i realized that their theme was Candy Land and people kept on touching my pink and violet highlight clips while calling them cotton candies.... (Kiki, stop calling me Cece Candy Candy #stare !!!)
Hence this very silly expression hahahaha
Snap snap snap by the papparazzis hahaha
By the change of expression you'd know i was starting to get annoyed ahahahaha
Then we moved to Misslyin's counter to take polaroid pictures and spend the vouchers we got from Misslyn hehe.
We were supposed to take single pics like Lala was doing there, but there were so many of us and the polaroid took a while to develop in the end some of us preferred to take pics together instead of one by one hehe
Misslyn's staff working extra hard with the crazy and loud crowd swarming their counter hehe
Thank you Nessya for helping us snap this pic! Somehow i felt like i was holding a bouquet in my pictures, a baby blue bouquet a.k.a the cotton candy hahahaha
O, Kathy, moi and Cynthian
Almost full team, minus Kathy who snapped this pic hehehe
It was such a fun event! Candy theme, colorful make up, like-minded friends... What more can you ask for? An awesome goodie bag, i think!
Goodie bag + pressie from Misslyn
We got an eyeliner, nail polish and lippie! Arrrghhh, i love makeup!!!
Some of the girls were busy swapping their goodie's colors, but i guarded mine wholeheartedly because i got a perfect nail polish and lippie color! As for the eyeliner, i'm fine with any color hahaha.
At this time of the year i am now obsessed with darker lip colors so this plummy purply lippie's PERFECT and the bright coral nail polish is one of the colors that i don't have TONS of already and you know i prefer loud (or dark) colors for my nails so... HAPPY HAPPY!
Thank you so much for Misslyn for having us and Lina for including me to be a part of this event! It was one real glorious day! I can't wait to try out those products and yes, i promise i will review them okay!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, i sure had lots of fun writing it!


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