#Undecided's Review: Miracle Oily / Acne Cure Facial and Clinic Tour (SPONSORED)

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Yellow Hellow, everybody!! How is everyone doing? In order to cheer your Monday up, I'll be posting some very unflattering pictures of myself (taking one for the team hahaha), feel free to laugh :D

Anyway... anyone who knows me IRL know that I fight an endless battle with acne. Seriously they just won't go away! There's constantly one or two big ones on the cheek, always. And they take turn. One gone, one immediately appears FML. They were also the reason why I couldn't sample Miracle's latest treatment, but luckily #Pink did. Read her review here.

BUT it's true what they say, you don't always get what you want, you get what you need instead, because as replacement, Miracle offered me to sample their treatment which suited my needs better: Miracle Oily / Acne Cure Facial!


Remember those unflattering photos I promised?


Ew my cheek!!
PS: if they haven't scarred you for life, scroll away, there's more below LOL.

Back to the story!!
We arrived at our treatment rooms, and were immediately asked to change into these skimpy tops. LOL.
The doc examined my face and declared that I couldn't undergo the Pearl Shine Facial. Gee, thanks acne! -____-
Btw, ignore the kerikan marks on my arm!!!
Miracle Oily / Acne Cure Facial it is then! First stuff (obvi after my face is being cleaned and prepped) was the ENZYME MASK. This mask has a peeling effect which helps remove dead skin cells.
The mask drying off... while I got a nice massage from the therapist hehehehe...
After the mask. Ready for next step...
They only extracted the black and white heads, however the therapist explained that if there's a pimple that is "good to go", they would extract that too.
Closer look to the extraction tool the therapist used.

I personally feel that the extraction process was a wee bit more painful compared to other facials I've had. But when I mentioned this, the therapist explained that it was because of the special tool used, but she guaranteed that it helped thoroughly rid our face off the unwanted black and white heads.
My reddish face after extraction. I was trying to convey, PAIN, HELP ME on this photo... Did it show? LOL.
Right side.
Left side.
Next step is the HF (short for High Frequency) which helps kill bacteria. Although it does sound scary (bzzzz bzzzz tsch tschhh and then bzzz bzzz some more...), it only causes mild stinging sensation, which is NOTHING compared to the extraction process LOL.
They dab the tool all over your face, especially on the parts which were heavily poked and probed by the extracting tool.
Next step is the Black Peel. Which is called so for the basic ingredient: black rice. As per any other peel, it stings. My therapist offered a fan, and I happily accepted but right after she finished applying the clear solution (no, it's not black, I checked, and was mildly disappointed hahaha), she said, "let's see how it is without the fan" and shut it off. She said if it was tolerable, I should just push through the stinging sensation because then the Black Peel would work more effectively. I may looked serene (well, maybe not so much, see the creases around my mouth? That's me fighting the pain!!), but inside I was swearing like a sailor LOL.
The stinging sensation went on for about 15 minutes and then they removed the Black Peel. But no, we weren't done yet! Next step is the Blue Light which helps minimize the redness due to the previous steps. Anyway, I didn't know she put that goggle on top of my eyes LOL.
My face after the Blue Light. The redness was still there, but it was significantly better.
And finally we're at my favorite step: Acne Control Peel Off Mask.
Unlike #Pink's which covered her entire face (except for her nose, obvi, we want her to still be able to breathe hehehe), mine left the eyes and mouth areas mask-free. But the mask felt soooo good against my "battered" skin. LOL. Usually I would dose off, but since I was "on blogging duty", and Jennie was like an eagle mom hovering over her babies (ha! I amuse myself sometimes), I was wide awake and snapping photos instead LOL.
The texture of the mask. Drying off...

Done!! You can see that the redness is around 90% gone now. Awesome, huh?

And as per usual, with facials, you'll see the result within a few days... In my case, the next morning when I washed my face, my fingers glided on a smooth surface. I literally couldn't feel any bump (which normally is caused by black/white heads). However there was still some redness and some areas were still peeling off. I was so looking forward to show you guys how it turned out, but then this accident happened!! So bummed about it, sorry Jennie... but seriously, apart from the pain during extraction process, I LOVE Miracle Oily / Acne Cure Facial. For 450k per session, I think personally, it's worth the result (black/white heads-free and significantly less oil just after 1 treatment). Anyone with skin condition like mine, should go over to Miracle and try this treatment. You'll LOVE the result!!

Anyway, back to the treatment day... After #Pink finally finished her facial, we were taken on a clinic tour... We did this last time during our visit to Miracle's HQ at MH Thamrin 40, Surabaya. Now, let's have a looksie at Miracle clinic Kertajaya Indah branch (full address: Jl. Raya Kertajaya Indah No. 81 Blok O – 123, Surabaya).

Gorgeous staircase
Which leads to this gorgeous spot, perfect for photo-taking purposes (very thoughtful, Miracle LOL), too bad we found this place AFTER our treatment hahaha...
2nd floor
Doctor's room.
Closer look. This is where consultations normally take place.
#Pink's photo taking skill has improved tremendously huh? Love this shot. Very artsy-fartsy!
Quite similar to the ones in Thamrin, I think they're keeping the same theme...
2nd floor's waiting room.
Super curious about the single chair on the left. Looks comfie...
Thank you Miracle for having us!! As always, we appreciate it!!

Signing off with our barefaced wefie!

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