Event Report : Bio Oil Exhibition & Talk Show "Discover Your Happy Skin"

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I hope you're up for some event reports this few weeks because i have plenty of them to share with you! There are a lot of events bombarding us, Surabaya Beauty Bloggers, in the last couple of months, and now we sometimes even got two events in one day! A far cry from the widespread, once every few months that we got last year, which is a total improvement!

Last Saturday we had two events to attend and the first one being Bio Oil's!
Ima (a new friend, hi!), Lina, moi, Kathy, Nessya, Sabsab, Oline, Lala and Sekar (another new friend ^^)
So the story started when Lina told us about the other events latter that day and went to all the trouble to help out the brand to contact around 20 bloggers (and MUAs), and then there's also another invitation from Bio Oil for the exact same time! Bio Oil kindly re-arranged their schedule so that the bloggers can come (i feel so appreciated T.T #drama, thank you Bio Oil!) and Lina asked me if i'd be interested on attending the event as well. Since i love events (especially the gathering with the other bloggers part hehe, as well as learning new things and getting to know new products, of course) and the venue was the same (Tunjungan Plaza) as the second event anyway so we can go from one event to another, so of course i said yes!

She kindly passed my name to Bio Oil's rep, Melisa and i got the invite, yay!
Have you ever heard of Bio Oil before? I sure have. I saw their products in Guardian for a while now and #Undecided actually swore by it! She had a severe allergy attack and Bio Oil is the only thing that helped calmed her skin down! #Undecided is writing a review of Bio Oil (and joining the blogging competition they're having) right now and should be able to post it within a few days. So before i know anything about Bio Oil, i already know that the product's a great one! That only added to the excitement of attending this event :).

A little bit about Bio Oil before we go on to the event, Bio Oil is a specialty skin care product that helps the appearance of scars and stretch marks. It is formulated by a Germany chemist, Dieter Beier in 1987 and it was produced by Union Swiss in South Africa. As the product evolved and progressed, the formulated ingredients now can also be used to help with uneven skin tone, aging and dehydrated skin. It has received 191 international awards and is on the top rank in 17 countries as the specialty skin care product for scar and stretch mark since it was first released in international market in 2002. Bio Oil is now available in whopping 84 countries around the world! 

With that basic knowledge, now we are ready to attend the event! I ran into Lina (or should i say, she spotted me hurrying to the venue and screamed my name very loudly #LOL) and we walked together to Mini Circle Foodcourt (it's not literally inside the foodcourt, it was in a space just outside the foodcourt mainly used for exhibitions), where the event was held.
First thing first : registering, of course! Hi Lina's back hahah. We were given a clear file with informations on Bio Oil (so professional, love it!) as well as a little card to be exchanged with a goodie bag later
The talk show venue. Wogh, Nessya's so camera ready, eh!
Then... Gotta do my blogger duty! Stepped out and went around the exhibition & talk show area to snap pics
Camera shy Bio Oil SPG who quickly diverted her gaze when she saw me snapping pics ^^
Everything looked so clean and sorta medical looking because it was dominated with white and accents of orange, Bio Oil's signature color. Well, it is a serious and mature product so the image is very well suited!
The stage
Special seats for us
The event didn't start before... 11.30? I arrived at 10.30 so we had a lot of time to snap pictures, roam around, chit-chatting and even grab a drink nearby (and got teased by the seller with Lina and Lala -__-) because i was super thirsty and the venue was very tempting, surrounded by food and drink stalls *LOL*. Worry not, we're being very responsible and bounce back to the venue long before the event started!

We even got time to get our skin checked!
Melisa kindly sent us some pictures she captured during the event, thank you Melisa! This is one of the pics she sent to us ^^
Lina getting her skin checked
Hi Lina :p!
Then Nessya
I also got my skin checked and the first thing the skin analysist said to me? That i have very overactive oil glands. LOL. No news there! I think the machine gives out trivia that relates to the person whose skin's being checked's skin condition and it immediately popped out facts about OILY SKIN. Of course, of course *nodding agreeably*. She also said that there's no other problems with my skin except that for my age, it's time to take more care of my skin T.T, in other words : she's telling i'm old. Hahaha.

Anyway... We all got a chance to get out skin checked (except Oline, Kathy and Sekar who haven't arrived by then) and after waiting for a little while, the event finally began!
The tall, slim and very very funny MC
When i first saw her, i didn't peg her for someone so loud, funny and nice! Remember to never judge book by its cover, #Pink! She started by welcoming us and giving a few information about Bio Oil. Before the Talkshow itself really began, she's giving out quizz already! I... already noticed her kept on looking at me while talking (i was inconveniently sitting on the far right, closest to her area, on the second row that's reserved for bloggers), if you know me at all then you'd know that i am the type of person who NEVER ever raise my hand to ask or answer questions (except if i'm being forced to @__@) and i always cower whenever the MC's searching for someone to grill, oh well... This time there is no escaping....
Coz she immediately singled me out! (photo credit : Melisa)
I was really panicked and embarrassed (as usual), even more so when she gave me a question that i couldn't answer *LOL* about the mechanism of Bio Oil's Blogging Competition! She allowed me to seek help
And the help came in the form of Lina hihihi
Got the pressie thx to Lina! (photo credit : Melisa)
And it's finally time to call out the panel of speakers for today's talk show.
First up :
Tiara Dwijayanti Lestari (who looks a lot like Olivia Zalianty, only prettier!), Corporate Spokesperson of PT Radiant Sentral Nutrindo (who brings Bio Oil into Indonesia)
She explained a little on why they decided to bring Bio Oil to Indonesia, mainly to answer to Indonesian women's needs and desires to improve the appearance of troublesome skin. They aim to satisfy and make consument happy when their skins are happy. With a healthy and happy skin, women would  be wonderful figures and confident while doing their daily activities. That's why their campaign is "Hello Happy Skin"!
Next up, Dr. Maria Haroen, SpKK giving presentation about Happy Life through Happy Skin
Skin is body's most outer organ with 1.5m2 or 15% from total body weight. It has a complex, eslatic and sensitive nature. Skin varies depending on climate, age, gender, race and skin parts on body anatomy
Skin consisted of 3 layers, epidermis, dermis and hipodermis
You need to identify and understand your skin type, whether it is normal, oily, dry, combination or sensitive (mine is definitely, without a doubt, oily!)
Stretch mark is a linier scar web on epidermal and dermal caused by long and extreme skin stretching
Causes of stretch marks :
1. Extreme and long stretching (ex : pregnancy, weight gain, body building)
2. Hormonal
3. Genetic
Areas that are prone to stretch marks :
1. Puberty : femur lateral, lumbosacral, gluteus, mammae, brachialis
2. Pregnant women : abdomen, mammae, hip
3. Body Builder : shoulder and chest
4. Cushing's Syndrome : wide areas including face (!!!)
5. Marfan's Syndrome : shoulder, chest, gluteus, femur
6. Topical corticosteroid users : on areas where the steroid's applied
Some very graphic and scary pictures of severe cases of stretch marks. I am traumatized T.T
Clinical symptoms :
1. Early stage
- Linier lesion
- The size is a few milimetres to centimetres
- Pink in color and kind of raised
- Uneven shape
- A little bit itchy
- Inflamation signs are found
- Sometimes urtika
- Is called Striae Rubra
OMG OMG OMG. Another very very scary images -___-. As a mother, i obviosly been pregnant before and despite the 15 kgs weight gain, i was very very lucky to not get any extra strecth marks other than the very old ones that i got during puberty (in me inner arms and hips, even so i don't have a lot of them, thankfully. I gotta thank my parents for the great genes for my skin haha), but i did see severe cases like the pregnant belly in the picture above in my relatives's body T.T.
2. Further stage
- Pale lesion
- Flat and smooth
- No longer itches
- Permanent
- Called Striae Alba
Yep, defintiely the type that i have on my own hips T.T
Scar or lesion on connective tissue that replaces missing epidermis and dermis
Scar types : Eutrohy, atrophy or hypertrophy
Scar causes : wound scar, acne scar, etc
(There were pictures of deep scars as well but my camera was acting up real bad so i couldn't snap pictures and missed a few slides zzz)
Our bodies and skins need antioxidants found in :
1. Vit A
- Isn't synthesized in human's body
- Trigger cell growth
- Hamper tumour
- Ease inflammation
- Increase immunity
2. Vit C
- Hamper tyrosinase, after lasering, stretch mark, stimulate collagen forming
3. Vit E
- For wound healing process
- Skin eslasticity
If our skin is healthy, then our life would also be happy. So, let's find your happiness through your skin's happiness
I agree with that! Skin is the most outer part of us that people see first, our skin's health and appearance could definitely affect our confidence and outlook in life, which leads to happiness/unhappiness. I can't imagine being genuinely happy with myself if i have scary skin problems like the pictures above and would definitely do my best to improve them!
Bloggers gotta be bloggers
And below are better quality pics of the bloggers during the talkshow captured by Melisa!
Serious faces
But i didn't look so serious
Ohai, Sekar and Oline!
Lala, why so serious?
Seeing these pictures made me realize that we play with our hairs so much hahaha
After Dr. Maria wrapped up her presentation, the MC invited one of the bloggers to try out the skin analysis machine, and since most of us tried it out already, Oline was sent off as the representation hehe.
I dunno if the skin analyzer was nervous or something, but it took her a LONG time to set the machine (when she did it very briefly with us earlier) up!
To a point that Dr. Mariana had started to do the analysis manually, but as soon as she started... The machine was ready haha
Dr. Mariana giving analysis on Oline's skin condition
Yes, the machine took a super close up picture of our skin and display it on the screen -___- it's horrifying to see your skin so magnified! Anyway, Oline's 18 years old so her skin is still in excellent condition but showing signs of elasticity depletion so she needs to take better care of her skin now!
Then it was time for Miss Nurhayatini to start her introduction on Bio Oil
Bio Oil is a dry oil, and it won't leave any greasy feeling on your skin upon application so there's no need to be worried to feel uncomfortable, greasy or oily after using it!
Bio Oil's main content : Purcellin Oil.
- It contains a blend of natural oils that had been through esterfication process
- Reduce formulation's thickness
- Increase skin's ability to absorb
- Soften and smoothen skin
- Making sure that active ingredients in vitamins and plant extract can be absorbed well
Bio Oil's main ingredients are natural plant oils.
Calendula to regenerate cells, for sensitive, damaged or sun burnt skin. Also to relieve irritations, infections and light rashes
Lavender as moisturizer (to tighten and soften skin), mild astringet (ro cleanse pores) and natural antiseptic (to kill bacteria)
Rosemary to refresh and cool skin, soothing and mild antiseptic.
Chamomile as anti inflammation and calm skin after exposure to the environment outside
Vitamin A to rejuvenate skin, decrease skin damage from UV light, increase skin elasticity and decrese soft lines and wrinkles.
Vitamin E as antioxidant, increase epidermis' hydration, treat skin after UV light exposure and help wound's healing process
How to use Bio Oil to treat stretch marks : massage 2x a day on areas that are the most prone to stretch mark. During pregnancy, it is recommended it massage in Bio Oil 2x a day from the start of second trismester. To lighten exisiting stretch marks, massage using finger tip in circular motion until it's fully absorbed.
It's main function is to increase skin elasticity so skin would not be too stretch which can result in stretch marks
For scar treatements : Apply on scar 2x a day, gently massage using finger tip with circular, clock-wise motion until it's fully absorbed. It should NOT be used on wounded skins!
Bio Oil is clinically tested.
On scars : 92% of responded shows improvement on their scars after 8 weeks. A continuous improvement was found during research with significant result that can be seen statistically on the second week (proDerm, 2010)
On stretch marks : After 8 weeks, 100% responded shows improvement on exisiting stretch marks' appearance (proDerm, 2010)
Infomation on Bio Oil :
- Remember : Improvement reactions are different on each iperson
- Suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenci, noncomedogenic and non-acne genic
- Can be used by expecting ladies in the start of second trismester
- Safe to use during breastfeeding, avoid breast and nipple areas
- Safe to use on kids above 2 years old with skin problems (but should NOT be used as moisturizer on kids)
- Problematic skins like eczema sufferes should consult with their doctor/dermatologist before using Bio Oil. Functions : Help reduce itchiness, dryness and light rashes.
Bio Oil is certified nu Europe Parliament and cosmetic production Council.
Safety profile Toxicology, chemical structure, inclusion level dan daily exposure level from each ingredients used are considered dafe to use, inclusing for expectant mother
Bio Oil is also a member of Beauty Without Cruely and certified Halal since it doesn't contain any animal extracts in the ingredients.
Bio Oil is used and worked for various nations and races!
Then an SPG went round to let us try out Bio Oil directly on our skins.
That's Nessya's hand
The SPG told me to rub the oil in circular motion for scar and stretch marks treatment, and lifting motion to use as skin moisturizer. But when i was doing the lifting motion, i got called out by Miss Nurhayatini because she said i should apply it in circular motion only -____- it was a bit confusing but better follow the expert, right!

My first impression on the product is it smells great and it got absorbed fully in speedy time, leaving no traces of grease whatsoever on my skin!
The D-bag from some radio station. Remind me to kick him the next time i see him. Never would be best.
Then Indonesian public figure, Safina Hasan (wife of presenter, Ferdi Hasan) is the last speaker of the talkshow
She's quite gorgeous, even mid-sentence like this hahaha
Safina Hasan is a loyal user of Bio Oil. She's first introduced to Bio Oil by her relative to treat stretch marks. As a mother of three who gains significant weight on each pregnancy, Safina felt Bio Oil had really helped her fighting stretch marks. She really loves the result and has continued using it after pregnancy as a moisturizer including on her face.
Hello hello ^^
With Kathy, who came as fast as she could (which still fell on the latter part of the event haha) after work and the d-bag next to her (GRRR)
As usual, Lina's sporting beautiful nail arts (DIY, of course!) that i had to snap pics of. Matches her outfit perfectly!
The audience was then given the chance to ask questions.
Including Lina 
And Nessya
A lucky two with the best questions got some presents from Bio Oil.
And then the table was turned, and we were given two questions, so happy that my fellow bloggers managed to answer and snagged some presents as well #bloggersunite
Sabsab, who repeatedly been called Mrs by the MC-much to her annoyance
If i were Sabsab i'd tell her "Don't call me Mrs, call me Dr!" Hehe
My camera acted up again on Nessya's turn T.T thankfully Melisa sent us this pic!
And the event came to a finish! It was very interesting and educational! 
Bio Oil Goodie bag and some bread+drink
What's inside the goodie bag : a makeup pouch and a full sized Bio Oil
Thank you Lina for recommending me to Melisa, thank you Melisa for the invitation and thank you Bio Oil for having us! I'm very happy that i will be able to try out Bio Oil for myself!

If you're interested in Bio Oil, you can get them easily in Guardian for IDR 120.000 (60ml). 

For more information on Bio Oil, you can go to :

Sorry for the excessively long post, but it is filled with useful informations so i hope you enjoyed it!


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