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Hey hey :D!

What's up what's up? I am back to fulfill my promise to review Kracie products that i've got from Kawaii Beauty Japan ^^! We all know that i tend to go on and on when i write a review (well, when i write whatever, actually >.<!) because i really want to cover everything there is to inform you about a product, so i decided it'd be wise to review every product (except the masks that will be reviewed together) separately. Start from the cleansing oil!
Kracie Naive Make Up Cleansing Oil
Am a huge fan of cleansing oil so i was quite eager to give this a try and see if it works as well as my current favorite cleansing oil!
Kracie Naive Make Up Cleansing Oil comes in a high quality, sturdy transparent blue plastic bottle with pump mechanism-which is the best dispensing mechanism for cleansing oil because it'd be easy to control the amount of product you dispense, and also because the oil won't spill out and make a mess. Imagine if your cleansing oil comes with a toner-like bottle with little hole to dispense the product inside and you'd have to tip the bottle to pour the product into you hands! It'd be a total disaster in a bottle for clumsies like me, not to mention how greasy the bottle would be whenever we use them and get the product all over the bottle. The horror!
Containing sunflower see and olive oil to maintain your skin's hydration
Ingredients. This products's selling around IDR 100.000 in local drugstores (please correct me if i'm wrong, i think i saw the price once and this is also the price that came up when i try to research online), very affordable-and very surprising because it is made in Japan. Japan made products are so high in quality which means their price range's usually quite high, but obviously it doesn't apply here!
The pump is secured with a little stopper
It can be removed very easily and put back on if you worry about accidentally pushing the pump
Or maybe you want to bring it to travel with you. But i wouldn't recommend traveling with it since it's quite bulky (the bottle contains 250ml cleansing oil, which would last me a good  few months!), i'd suggest you to decant a portion of it (depending on how long your trip is) in a smaller bottle that you can buy easily in local chain accessories stores.
The texture of this cleansing oil is very runny and watery, i've tried both the watery type and thicker-oilier type in the past and in my experience the very watery type didn't work as well as the thicker type in removing waterproof makeup, but worry not! This was not the case with Naive Make Up Cleansing Oil!

Scent wise, i did not detect any disturbing scent whatsoever with my sensitive and fussy nose, all's good!

Let's see how it performs, shall we?

First : On light makeup.
I was wearing concealer, compact powder, non-waterproof liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and blush on here
The instruction told you to use four pumps, but i found four pumps to be way too excessive! After some trial and error, for me to remove lighter makeups 2.5 pumps are more than adequate while fuller makeup (with waterproof mascara) needs no more than 3!

I smear the oil lightly all over my face (i usually use different eye&lip makeup remover because i do not like oil touching my eye area but for review sake i use this all over my face including my eyelids and under my eyes) and massage very gently. Remember i mentioned how watery this cleansing oil was? Somehow when it came in contact with my skin, it feels thicker and not so watery anymore! Almost like the oil is thickening to take off my makeup somehow haha.
It melted my makeup right off (btw no need to worry if your hand or face's wet because this cleansing oil, unlike the older generation of cleansing oils, can be used on both wet and dry face and it won't affect the performance!)
Look, all makeup gone already and i haven't even wash it off yet!
Please excuse the state of my skin, i was having quite a breakout around my nose areas for a few weeks, it's all better now after i went for a facial but it was still very red and bumpy when i took the photos for this review! And also excuse the crazy eyebrow, i want to get them shaped again next month in Jakarta so i let it grow!

Btw, one of the reasons why i don't like using cleansing oil on my eye area is because they tend to leave a film of oily layer on my eyes! It blurs my *already very blurry* vision and even though they don't sting, but i find it uncomfortable and disturbing. However, Kracie Naive Cleansing Oil actually did NOT leave any oily layer when i used it on my eyes! I still do not like the idea of rubbing my eyes with oil to get eye makeup off so i would still continue using eye&lip makeup remover beforehand, but now i know if i ever ran out of the eye&lip makeup remover, this cleansing oil would do a great job on its own anyway.
When i wet my face the clear oil turned milky white (one more thing apologize, my bathroom's poor lighting and my crazy looking face *LOL*, it's not easy to snap pictures while washing your face okay!)
Ta-dahhh, instantly clean face!
I don't know about you, but i always double (normally triple!) cleanse whenever i'm wearing makeup so although my skin felt very clean already (but in a good, healthy way-not the squeaky-clean-to-a-point-that-your-skin-feels-stretched way!) with only using the cleansing oil (and in fact it SHOULD be okay to use this cleansing oil on its own but i'm a creature of habit!), i followed the step with Kracie Naive Green Tea Facial Cleansing Foam (which i will be reviewing next) and my skin felt amazing!

Let's see how it performs on a thicker makeup :

Here i was wearing a full makeup including BB cream, compact powder, concealer, waterproof mascara, eyeliners, eyeshadow, blush on and deep red staining lipstick that's proven to last 14 hours (i wore it for 14 hours and it didn't budge by the end of the day!) 
The steps are exactly the same as the one above, i only used the cleansing oil and rub it (gently, of course :p) all over my face
The melted mascara smeared all over my face and the red lipstick still clings to the inner part of my lips
But as soon as i wash it off with water, they were completely gone! (i look like a panda in this pic -___)
So it melts both light and thick makeup very easily and fast! I also tried removing this very annoying eyeliner that stains my eyelid badly (for something so strong it should be waterproof, right? WRONG! It smudges like crazy and the tiniest contact with water mess it like crazy, but it still stain my lids boldly! What a useless eyeliner -____-), turned out it didn't work on the crazy staining eyeliner so i had to use my usual eye&lip makeup remover. Actually that eye&makeup remover also doesn't work on its own, so the combination of eye&lip makeup remover with this cleansing oil will be able to remove the most stubborn makeup and that's awesome!
The complete line of Kracie Naive 
I absolutely LOVE this cleansing oil and believe that it belongs in the Best Oil Cleansers category (that i've used to far, it's absolutely on my top 2!) and i would recommend this product strongly for any ladies out there (and gentlemen who wear any type of makeup) who are looking for an affordable cleansing oil that works awesomely (for lazy girls who cannot be bothered to do more than one step when it comes to cleansing their faces especially!) and very gentle on your skin. Can't think of anyone whom i do not recommend this to, perhaps cleansing oil haters? Even them should give this cleansing oil a chance because whatever put them off cleansing oils in the first place might find this Kracie Naive's doesn't posess the same annoying traits that makes them dislike cleansing oils!
Would i purchase this product with my own money? Of course! Kracie Naive Cleansing Oil would be the first product that i search for when i run out of cleansers! 

Kracie products can easily be found in Guardian ^^.

Thank you Kracie and Kawaii Beauty Japan for this awesome product! See you soon for the another Kracie product's review!

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  1. look good product. i wanna try it!