Review : Kracie Hadabisei Facial Masks

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RYeellooow :D!

It's finally the last leg of the three-parter review for Kracie products that i got from Kawaii Beauty Japan, and that is the facial masks from their Hadabisei line!
I got all of the facial mask variants available (as you can see from the banner above, they also have an eye mask!) and you all know how much i love sheet masks, of course i couldn't wait to try them out!

I just had a facial a few days before i receive Kracie's package, the facial resulted in my skin being a lot more oilier than usual (strangely in a good way hahaha) so i didn't dare to use the most moisturizing mask type straight away in fear of making my skin even more oily and risk it breaking out. After stressing for a while, i decided to use the Brightening Mask first :
Containing Vit + Collagen to brighten and moisturize skin
The actual package
The brightening mask has a thick, non drippy type of serum that i would describe as slimy (it feels funny to touch hahaha) :p. Although there aren't a lot of serum left in the package, the sheet mask is very well saturated with the serum. I do find thicker serums to have less left over in the package compared to the more liquidy ones that drips like mad. I actually prefer the non-drippy version because it's less annoying! This mask (and all of the other ones from Hadabisei, i believe) has a soft, soothing and non-offensive scent.

I believe everybody here knows how to wear sheet facial masks already? Clean your skin thoroughly and then just slap it on! Haha. Leave for at least 15-20 minutes, take it off, DO NOT rinse off.
My face looks swollen here hahaha, i promise it's just the mask!
For the brightening variant, the sheet mask is a (very) soft but thick and durable sheet that doesn't tear easily. It's quite wide and flaps especially on the side of my face and chin, but i very rarely find any sheet masks that aren't too big for my face so it's not a problem (besides, i believe it's better to have a sheet mask that's too big for your face instead of too small that it cannot cover your face, no?). I've used a lot of sheet masks from various brands and there are some brands that uses very thin, easily torn sheets and those who uses thicker, more high quality sheets-Hadabisei's mask is among the most "expensive material" type that not only thick and strong, it's also super soft that i kinda had to force myself to stop stroking it hahahaha. Oh ya, the sheet's made of 100% cotton.

When i put it on, i immediately felt refreshed by its softly cooling sensation. I also experienced a bit of tingling sensations on some parts of my face, which is not uncommon, i've experienced the same thing with other masks and i didn't find any problem with that.
I like to leave sheet masks for a longer period of time than the minimum recommended type, and then i'd squeeze the sheet to see if there are some serum left even after being used for quite a long time-and as you can see from the pic above-the brightening type has some juicy serum left and i happily applied them on my arms and legs #kiasu.
After using this mask, my face felt very soft, hydrated and supple. My skin became more glowy and looked healthy (ignore the red bumps on my temple, they were mosquito bites >.< dunno why they love to bite my temples nowadays :(...). It actually felt quite sticky *my hands felt extremely sticky after applying the left over serum on my arms and leg* but it didn't bother me.

This brightening mask contains Vitamin C and collagen that functions to increase hydration level, help brighten skin and reduce pigmentation by suppressing melanin productions. 

Collagen intensively works to moisturize skin, Vit C that is rich in antioxidant refresh skin, increase brightness and maintain skin hydration as well as protecting skin against bad effects of free radicals, increase collagen production and decrease pigmentation.

All of Hadabisei's masks are formulated with lemon extract to soften keratin so that moisture can be absorbed by skin optimally.

Even with just one time usage, i can already feel that this mask really helps brighten and give you luminous skin, however a few days later i developed some bumps on my chin that seems to be cystic acne (but i have very weird skin so a few days later the biggest one turned into normal zit and the other two just disappear...). Now, i don't know if it's prompted by this mask or it's purely PMS (because i was having a very bad case of PMS after my period being late...), it just happens that those bumps appear a few days after using this mask. I would try this variant again in the future, especially to see if it causes the cystic acne or it was just coincidence. Still, it's a very nice facial mask that would be ideal for people seeking brighter, moisturized and supple skin.

Next it the Extra Moist variant :
With Royal Jelly & Hyaluronic Acid to reduce aging effect & moisturize
The serum's consistency and saturation are the same as the brightening mask, and it also has soft, non-offensive scent. The word "Extra Moist" was enough to scare me off, my skin is extremely oily and it does not react well with anything that's crazily moisturizing and rich (it would develop white heads in crazy amount as a result), so i used it on someone who could use a huge amount of moisturizing serum. My hunny.

He has very dry (and quite sensitive) skin-that used to be in much better condition after my continuous application of moisturizer every night, however the past month or so he began developing an obsession over this online game called Destiny and would stay awake until 2 or 2.30 every night that i couldn't wait for him and apply the moisturizer because i'd be too sleepy already! Result? Super dry skin again, of course. ZZZ.
The extra moist mask has a weird, kitchen tissue-looking sheet texture (they described it as waffle-like, also made from cotton). My hunny's face a lot bigger than mine so the mask didn't actually managed to cover his gigantic forehead hahaha. But it wraps up the sides of his face and chin neatly.

Hunny said it's also quite cooling with some tingling sensation, i believe that it's the serum working to bring moisturize into his thirsty skin!
Just like the brightening mask, extra moist also has quite a generous amount of serum left when i squeezed it out
Hunny's skin immediately softens, a LOT suppler and smooth after using this mask. It's quite amazing the difference of how his skin felt before and after application. Of course, this is not a fast remedy-you need to maintain the result with your skin care routine, but i really did feel that this mask helps hydrate hunny's skin tremendously. Since his skin was so parched, it didn't feel sticky nor greasy at all afterwards.

The extra moist mask contains Royal Jelly and Hyaluronic Acid (i heard about this a lot lately in beauty clinics, it's the safe filler!) that function to rehydrate skin for an intensive moisturization, so skin would feel suppler, soft and fresh.

Royal jelly gives nutrition to skin and turn dry, rough skin into supple and healthy skin. Hyaluronic Acid maintains moisturization, takes care of skin regeneration and increase skin's suppleness. It is an important component to regenerate new skin cells.

I think this mask is really nice for those with dry to very dry skin, with only one time usage i can already see it's working maximally on hunny's skin so with continuous usage i believe it'll deliver some great results.

Last but not least :
With Co-Enzym Q10 & Soybean Isoflavone to keep skin eslaticity & moisturize
Unlike the other two variants, elasticity mask has an even thicker, opaque milky white serum (it's actually a combination of lotion and serum, maybe that's why the texture's so different). It also has more serum than the other ones and i could see significant amount left on the package. However, the thick consistency makes sure that the mask does not drip. It also has soft, soothing and non-offensive scent as the other two,
It has the same waffle-like texture as the extra moist variant
This was the very first time i have ever used a waffle-like textured sheet mask and it felt... Normal to me. I couldn't feel any difference except that it's not soft to the touch like the brightening mask, of course.
The milky white serum that was left over on the package, it was so generous that i managed to use it on hunny's face and arms hahahaha
Just like the other two, elasticity mask feels very refreshing, give off a softly cooling sensation with minor tingling feeling. It also left my skin quite sticky, but very very soft, supple and firm. My skin's suppleness' very prominent after that amazing facial and weeks of using Hadabisei's masks! So yes, i believe its claim to restore elasticity and firmness to be more than words! It works!

Elasticity mask contains Co-Enzym Q10 and Soybean Isoflavone that are effective for increasing moisturization, softness, and tighten skin as well as maintain skin's suppleness with decreasing soft lines and wrinkles on skin that are caused by aging and UV ray's radiation.

Soybean Isoflavone stimulate collagen and elastin production that would maintain skin's health and youthfulness. Co-Enzym Q10 can absorbed into skin to bettering skin's structure, tighten slackening skin due to aging, maintain skin's elasticity and hydration.

I definitely love the result after using this mask (more than the brightning one), and so far i do not feel that it causes any negative effect on my skin (no bumps or whiteheads... so far! I don't want to jinx myself!), i hope it'd stay that way!
All of Hadabisei's facial masks are really nice and they work quite wonderfully, if i'm not mistaken-the price are also reasonably affordable (around IDR 30.000?). I would definitely buy them with my own money especially the Elasticity and Extra Moisture (for my hunny). I would highly recommend them to everybody according to their skin's needs. Those who has very oily skin like me might want to be more cautious when using the Brightening mask as it might or might not caused my skin to develop some bumps, but other than people with very sensitive skin-i'd say this is a facial mask that should be considered if you're thinking of getting some.
Thank you Kracie and Kawaii Beauty Japan for giving me the chance to try out these masks (as well as the Cleansing Oil and Cleansing Foam)!

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  1. hmmm my skin very sensitive, sometimes the wrong mask could even cause my face itchy. sigh..


    1. Ohh then you gotta be very careful with the products you put on your face ^^!