Museum Angkut (Part 2)

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Sorry i've been too occupied with beauty-related posts lately that it took me so damn long to continue the part 2 of my Museum Angkut post (read part 1 here)! 
Seriously, i really thought i'd be able to finish blogging about all of my travel/lifestyle posts before i start my winter trip (which is happening in 2 days WTF) including Makassar trip, Suroboyo Carnival, and the other two birthday posts we never managed to finish (gotta blame #Undecided for that *sigh*... Anyway, it'll be posted in January *hopefully, if i can make her finish them by then* and it'll be the most backdated birthday post ever in the history of this blog. LOL).

I also... suffer from lack of blogging drive lately, that super bad because blogging life has been hectic lately! We got so many events that involves bloggers and we even start making money for blogging, so this is so not the right time to be lagging behind! I gotta admit one of the reasons why i am feeling that way's because i've started playing games in my Ipad again... *LOL*. And... errrr... getting a new celebrity crush. 

For someone as obsessive as me, having a new celebrity crush could be a little bit like falling in love in real life *LOL*. I start being stalker-ish and keep browsing about the current crush (FYI, Eddie Peng), smirking like an idiot watching his cute videos and seeing his handsome pictures, and yes... Because my latest crush happens to be an actor, i tend to start my computer planning to blog and ended up... watching his movies. Yes, i feel young again when this happens, so it's good! LOL. I mean good for my spirit but not so good for my blogging life *LOL*.

Okay lah, enough spewing craps already, let's start with the post!

So after we left Gudang Batavia in the part 1, we're transported to a very different part of the world. Apparently Museum Angkut strives to take you around the world within a few hours *LOL* Suddenly we're in old Western world!
Gas, anyone?
Then we got thrown into jail
Hunny bailed me out in exchange for himself *LOLOL*
And then i started working for the police
Alongside my Baby Boy
Who's a firefighter in his spare time
Jail makes anyone nervous so we gotta calm ourselves down with some cold drinks
LOLOLOL at hunny's expression, i think he was asking Baby Boy what he wanted to drink?
I spotted the vintage firefighter truck and told Baby Boy to climb up, unfortunately there's this uncle who kept on leaning in and refused to budge even though we were clearly taking pictures. DAMN INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE!!!
So we distracted ourselves by helping some thieves *WTF*
And queuing up for the barber shop
WTH, it's closed???
Then i better help catching the robber at the bank next door. I made Baby Boy pose like this because he was shooting at the police officer previously, meaning he'd prefer to help the robber?
Probably because the other robber's his daddy?
LOLOLOL, being a tall dude is not always easy, hunny!
Welcome to the Broadway, ma dahlings
Tickets for three please, ma'am! Btw, there's a dim little room with round tables and seats where they actually really play old movies! You can really chill and watch the movie if you're keen! Picture turned out super blur so i cannot post T.T. Cool detail though!
Had to repeat the pose many times because people kept on passing and ruining it zzz
Then Baby Boy joined Tom Cruise and... Barrack Obama????
Coz they're ready to groove
Although i really like this museum and find it to be such a nice place to take endless pictures at, i have to admit that their concept is a bit... confusing. I mean.... What's transportation (remember, angkut means transport in Indonesian) got to do with everything i've shown you from the beginning of this post? And after the old Batavia and Western sections, we're hurled into... Europe.
Just chillin' with my boy in a cosy little cafe in Italy
Then planned to drive around with my new scooter
Oh wait, there's a pink one!!!
And suddenly... There's this Romanian... guard?
And it abruptly turned into a mini trickart gallery
*paint* *paint*
No hunny, i'd rather you gimme cash than spend your money on flowers...
Okay, and now we're in France!
So i can't take pictures in the real Eiffel with Baby Boy yet, so this miniature should have to do for now haha
There's a real cafe here!
Look how crowded the place was...
LOLOLOLOL, this is not hot, this is creepy!
I think this spot makes people want to snap pictures like this coz i've seen my friends doing the same pose here hahahaha
Welcome to Germany! I've been there before! Well, the airport...
Should i be concerned that hunny's taking our son to guzzle beer?
Welcome to my garage, he said
Cutest car ever!
I do realize now that this would be more convincing if hunny's lining behind Baby Boy hahahaha
Hmmm i really want to go to London for real
Although i might not be too interested in the market hall...
Gigantic Beefeaters
Cute little store
And it opens up to one of the most impressive part of the museum in my opinion.
Buckingham Palace!
I mean... they didn't skimp on making this place looks at least very impressive!
It just didn't feel like Batu, alright hahaha
Tried taking outfit pictures in the entrance, and again... people interrupted. I know you also want to take pictures, but would it kill you to GET OUT OF THE WAY when someone else's still taking pictures instead of insisting on blocking my way and forcing your way into my pictures???? Brainless &*^#*^$*.... Sorry, i get real pissy with stupid people.
Inside the "Buckingham Palace"
Hm, this looked like a lot of fun so we immediately went to try it out
But first, boys gotta be boys!
Hm... turned out it's just a kiddie ride going round the place hahaha
Wave wave ala Queen Elizabeth (Btw, Indonesian makes the scariest, most horrible wax statues ever. I wonder why they even bother...)
LOL at my face, this kind of pictures make me understand why people keep on asking me if he's my little brother *LOL*
Hunny's expression makes me want to smack him
Once we're out of Buckingham Palace, we're hurled back into USA... Present time!
We're nearing the end of the museum (but not the end of the post, oh no... still lots to share) and from this spot we were able to see the floating market below (where my parents decided to snack and wait because they're not into this kind of places).
I just realized that the floating market's been stylized as mini Indonesia, with different islands separated by water ^^ nice!
We're now at the Hollywood studio section
Hulk... angry!
No need to look so pleased hun, you looked like the chesire cat -___-
I'm a director now? Hurry, bring Eddie Peng here! (sorry, told ya i'm obsessed)
Hell rider?
This "train carriage" actually shook quite violently *LOL*. Hunny's annoying enough to record me freaking out but i'm not gonna post it *smug*. Btw Baby Boy, why so handsome?
And we reached the end of the museum itself but of course, we still got the D'Topeng Kingdom to check out next.
Lots of lesehan style seats for you to enjoy various foods offered in the floating market. Unfortunately since it was really late already (around 4.30 when we reached this part), we decided to had KFC for convenience inside the museum (coz you can't starve your 7-year-old, right!) and didn't manage to try out the food here
Wah, love this pic! Looked so authentic ^^
Like the name suggested, it housed a LOT of topengs (masks), reminding me of Setia Darma House of Mask and Puppet (but i prefer Setia Darma because you get to see the topengs more closely instead of inside a glass case like here)
Our NX300 camera's ran out of battery by now and i didn't have marshmallow yet, so i snapped most of the pictures from this point on using my Pinko (which practically only work well outside on broad daylight. It was quite dim and the glass case made it really hard to snap clear pictures, so... please excuse the blurriness!)... I have no idea what those creatures are but i'm always drawn to creatures with wings (i'm not talking about bugs!!!)
Javanese mermaids?
I looked real creepy here but i guess it's matching with that creepy couple...
Baby Boy's default expression now *LOL*
Next section felt more native and... primitive?
Not in a bad way, of course
This is kinda cool actually
You can bet that i would be most interested in the jewelry and fashion, even for tribal stuffs

Look at the funky rings and bracelets! To think that we're so cool for having MODERN 3D rings, it's been around forever!
This freaked me out a bit, looks like a coffin don't you think??? Then i read the description and realized that it's actually a trunk to store goods and i felt better immediately
There's also a live traditional band playing!
Antique coins
Chinese puppets
I always find puppets to be strangely fascinating, in a creepy way
Something i imagine Sadako (from Ringu) to use
Hmmm... don't make fun of my Chinese horoscope sign no more!
There's a spot where you can wear masks and take picture at the end of the gallery (they also let you dress up in costumes for a photo session, but we're not paying for those kind of things #cheap)
LOLOLOL at those teeth
And then we stepped outside again. Snapped more pictures of the floating market.
Yeah, it's pretty darn photogenic, isn't it??
Proof that i can shop anywhere... I've featured this Indian chief's head's necklace in my haul post before hehe
Only got to try this cotton candy (actually i'd describe this type as more of a THREAD candy than cotton *LOL*) because of the unique description of being wrapped with egg. It's really nice but i think it tastes like normal Indonesian traditional cotton candy
Baby Boy of course freaking out about wanting to ride the sampan, they actually provide free sampans that you can use anytime and paddle yourself-but riding a sampan is not as easy as you might think! We witnessed MANY people almost dove head first into the cannal *LOL*. I actually felt both relieved and regretful that nobody actually went in. I am not that mean, the cannal's very shallow, but i think it'd be totally hilarious :p.

Anyway, worry not, you can buy a ticket (just IDR 10.000 or 15.000 i think) to ride a sampan that's paddled by a professional.
Look at that kid in the free sampan was about to crash into the pro sampan LOLOLOL
Waiting is soooo boring, mummy!
At last!
The passengers of this particular sampan turned out to be all little kids! LOL
Imagine how freaked my mom was! Her precious, precious grandson... In a sampan... With all other little kids. She kept on scolding the sampan man to be careful *LOLOLOL*. I believe this is precisely why Baby Boy is such a worrier (aside from the fact that he inherited it from me) and scared of everything he's not familiar with. He was frozen with fear when he stepped in but beaming from ear to ear by the time he got back because the sampan ride actually took them to a Little Big World-style tunnel with moving dolls dancing around. So worth the risk, eh Baby Boy?

And that marks the end of this post! I do love Museum Angkut and would probably return with friends to play around and snap pics-but probably not in the near future (coz if there's no new attractions i believe it'd get tired on a second visit already).  

What do you think of this museum? Is it something you'd like to visit sometime?

Now let me get back to stalking Eddie Peng make sure i packed everything we need for this winter holiday. I am very nervous coz i'm not very good with cold T.T... If only Eddie's there to keep me warm... *LOL*.


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  1. It's great that this museum allowed taking of pictures 'cause I know there are plenty of museums that don't. Yeah, I thought it's a place worth to visit as both kids and adults would have lots of fun exploring inside. :)

    1. You're right, but this one's actually more like a theme park i think! They purposefully built lots of backgrounds for us to take endless pictures in :)

  2. Carlo:

    Hi Mindy,

    Thank you for sharing a very wonderful place. It was enjoying looking at the pictures you took along with the story you put. That seems to be a huge place to hang out. For sure its worthy going there.

    1. Hi Carlo! Thx for the nice comment ^^!