It’s not Magic, It’s Better, It’s Bio Oil!!

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When #Pink told me that there's a blog writing contest held by Bio Oil, I jumped the gun and told her, “I’ll write something!!”… Been meaning to write about Bio Oil since the day it saved my face from the yoga mat accident (laying face down to dirty mat is a BIG NO NO, girls), but you know me, laziness work always gets in the way hehehe… But honestly I was just trying to find a good angle to tell my story, you know, since it’s a competition and all…

But universe, although helpful most of the time, surely has a twisted sense of humor... When I was contemplating how to best write this post, it gave me the final push I needed: another allergic reaction. Exactly like the one the yoga mat caused. LOL.

Apparently I’m allergic to dust. And mind you, I’m not being a cry baby, the allergic reaction is so bad, my face is swollen, reddish, raw, and the worst part of it all, the icing to the cake that is my sorrow *dramatic background sound*, it itches like mad. Sigh.

And with that cue *rubs palms*, here’s my story...

Hubby and I went to the mountains to attend German Shepherd International Sieger Show 2014 last weekend. Stayed in one of the hotels there. It was a very nice hotel, if you’re into vintage thing which I’m not, but regardless, it was spacious and most importantly, clean. It was, after all, the best hotel in the area. Long story short: we checked in, got a room on the 4th floor, hubby didn’t like the view, asked for another room with forest view, got another room on the 5th floor, walked up, met one room-boy whom said “but room 504 isn’t ready yet”, proceeded to wait in the room, found it clean and made, called the receptionist to confirm and he said “oh, the room IS ready, go ahead and have a good rest”.

So okay, I went ahead to nap, but the moment my head touches the pillow, my face started itching (should have listened to the room-boy *sigh*). Ignored it for a while, but when hubby started scratching too, I called the house keeping and asked them to change the sheets. Alas, the damage was done. My face was already swollen red, but knowing what to do this time, I immediately applied my trusty Bio Oil, massaged it in thoroughly and just in a matter of minutes, the itchiness subsided.

But of course, Bio Oil is no magic. It’s not one of those products which claims to whiten your skin overnight (imagine the amount of chemical it takes to do so *shudder*). Bio Oil takes its time to heal and turn my skin happy again. This time around the allergic reaction started on Saturday, and it’s now the next Tuesday and my face is no longer swollen or itchy, it’s still a bit reddish and raw (most part is peeling off now, seriously hard to restrain my finger from picking on it *sigh*), but it’s already so much better compared to several days ago, thanks to Bio Oil.

So!! Are you ready to meet my hero?
Bio Oil comes with a tuck-flap box and screw cap bottle.Orange is obviously the main color of this product (not complaining, LOVE orange!)
I guess they should add one more there: helps with itchiness caused by allergic reaction LOL.
They claim to be "non sticky" but in my case, my face gets a bit sticky and oily after application. This sensation lingers a bit, but then it's okay. Normally I'd put a thin layer of Bio Oil right after shower in the morning, leave it for maybe 10 minutes, then start with my sunblock and then loose powder to help with the oiliness...
At night I don't really care, I lather my face (and wherever I feel roughness on my skin) with Bio Oil, I'm going to sleep anyways, and I love how good it makes my skin feels in the morning.
Almost finish this bottle now.
It's light-orange-colored, but looks almost clear when poured onto your palm. It's a bit runny (so be careful when you pour it, I had some accidents when it dripped LOL), but with a little consistency. It's oil after all.
Now this is when I'm supposed to show you my before and after shots. However, please understand that although I'm a blogger, I'm a human first. Just like the next gal, I HATE taking photos of myself looking ugly LOL. I do have some photos we snapped during #Pink's birthday celebration, however they don't really represent the state of my face that night because #Pink's digicam had the soft skin filter on. LOL. 

I also have to say that currently my face is STILL healing (from the 2nd round of allergic reaction), so the following photos are proofs from the first round.
See here you'll see my swollen face. It's 10x worse IRL.
Said this once and I'll say it again, whomever invented Camera360 and all those filters deserve special place in heaven. LOL.
My (swollen) bare face. No makeup. Just severe allergy reaction vs. Bio Oil.
Thank goodness I found Bio Oil because not long after I had to do a fashion show along with my fellow bloggers. As you can see here, my face is ALL OK. Some of you might say, yeah yeah, foundation hides everything, but let me tell you this, if your face is severely swollen and red and raw, no matter how good the foundation you're using, it won't help LOL.
Proof? Here's my bare face pic before make up!
A clear picture of the before and after!
My skin is HAPPY again!! Thanks Bio Oil!!
Now that you've read my story, are you ready to discover YOUR happy skin?!

Stay happy,

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  1. Yeayy, betul2 kaget loh ce liat hasilnya . Great ! Good Luck ce polin :*

    1. thank you nessyaa... see you besok!! hehehe

  2. wow, it's really work berarti ya ?
    harus cobain deh ..
    thanks for review ce ^_^

  3. Aku jg sukaa sm bio oil.. Jd menggeser kedudukan moisturizerku sebelum e ce. Hehe...

    1. nah ya kan hahaha... and the best thing is, it's super affordable!!! LOL.

  4. In my first months of pregnancy i used Mustela Maternity but the smell was too strong for a friend recommended Bio Oil and i just love it!!..I use half bottle already and iam ordering my second one!...