Dermy & Lid's Wedding

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Hey guys!!!

Speeding up joint posts because i'm determined to finish them all before i leave for my trip (much to preggo slash #Undecided's annoyance)! It's #Pink obviously and we're blogging about our friends' Lyd and Dermy's wedding!

And much to #Pink's annoyance, we finally didn't manage to finish this before she left for that trip. It's a week after Ramadan holiday and here we are, finishing this hahahaha... Btw it's #Undecided!! Hello!!
#wefie with the bride and groom. Using selfie stick, because that's how we roll *LOL*. Hunny never really used his selfie stick before so... He's really bad at it. He sadly cropped out Av's face LOLOLOL
So a while ago (#Undecided: A LONG AGO is the appropriate time stamp now hihihi) we were sent e-invitation via Facebook (convenient eh! Age of the internet and all!) by them to RSVP to their wedding, once we did they sent out the actual invite :
It was supposed to be a garden party but it rained very very heavily (i'm talking thunder storm) in the evening! #Undecided and i were already together since morning (we went to Jayanata to get my pressie, then some grocery shopping at Ranch Market-actually more of a snack shopping-and even hang out at Eat and Eat: coffee and discussing Disney Tsum Tsum, that's the perfect way to describe it hahaha) and we kept on voicing our concerns about the weather... Surabaya's weather's been quite crazy, it's been rain-less and dry as a dessert for a whole month or so, and suddenly comes May-the crazy thunderstorms were back!

Sadly the thunderstorm didn't stop until the wedding reception's time so everything had to be moved indoor (thankfully their venue has an indoor!!!) hastily.
Since the original plan was an outdoor wedding, everything must be arranged to accommodate the last minute venue move and the whole reception was separated into two areas. When we arrived, we immediately "reserved" our seats in this area so that we could watch the bride and groom's arrival and the whole shebang!
And because it was supposed to be a garden party, we decided to dress up matchy matchy and wear flower wreaths... Of course, we got weird stares the whole night because that's how annoying Indonesian are *LOL*.
#Pink and #Undecided wearing floral crowns hihihih
We were stared at the whole night, really bb?! I hardly noticed LOL. If anything I would put my finger on our loudness as the culprit for all the stares because boy we were loud hahaha but what's new, right...
Us and our floral wreaths.
One day he's our designated selfie stick, the next day he's our bag holder. LOL.
Our seating area. Please pay attention to Yuli's face.
Again, Yuli's face.
And again!! LOL.
I was actually trying to take a selfie for my outfit post but he kept on photo-bombing me so i was like "Just get in then!" LOL
Anyway, Av was one of the bridesmaids and there she is, in the yellow dress.
The Bride and The Groom on the stage - working on the pyramid fountain (gee, SIT DOWN MISSY, you're blocking the view!!!)
Sorry, i brought Marshmallow with me because we can take selfies with her, not remembering that she cannot zoom in >.<
He stole Av's flower bouquet.
No idea why Yuli was in this shot.
Me neither
Anyway, before we move on with more pictures, I gotta apologize for being MIA for so long from this Blog. Rest assured, I'm alive. This isn't #Pink writing pretending to be me. To prove myself, I shall give you one trivia about my dogs: Onkas snores when he sleeps. There. Now you know, it's me hehehe... 

Back to me being MIA for so long. No, it's not that #Pink doesn't nag (trust me she does, and she's so annoying at it), but it's my pregnancy. I am 10 times more lazy than my normal lazy-meter. It's off the charts now. Like for instance, I am okay with not showering the whole day. I am okay with my half-shaved eyebrows showing not-so-gracefully under my now-long-fringe (obvi too lazy to go to Ndaru and have it trimmed). One time I went to Galaxy Mall (because I was craving for some spicy udon) un-showered, barefaced, donned my oldest tee and hotpants + my dog-walking-pair or slippers. I know. Disgusting. But Preggo-#Undecided could care less. 

Now with that image of me in your mind, I'm sure you can find it in your heart to forgive me for not writing, yes?!



Back to the wedding then!!
Because the venue was shifted last minute and there was not enough space at the right wing (that you've seen pictures of since the beginning), some of the guests had to seat at the main hall-away from the bride and groom but nearby the buffet table, i cannot decided if that's a good or a bad thing *LOL*
Nom nom time!
90% of the time when i snap a pic without actually telling him, hunny would be pulling the stupidest face. Exhibit A. Oh yeah, the plate's kinda small (really! It's not just an excuse!) so we were holding two each because we do not want to go back in the line for second round, people were still lining up when we're done with our meals!
Let's focus on the bride and groom now :
The first dance. More about these two, Av and I are actually their matchmakers. We were promised a shrine (should the wedding happened - which it did) but I see no shrine until today. Get busy, Derm, tisk tisk!!
Fun fact number 1: Dermy's actually #Undecided's ex bf (LOLOLOL, is this inappropriate or what to write here?) and fun fact number 2, he's the brother of Candy from Candy Photoworks that we love so much! 
Wedding kiss! And i actually almost fell down in fright when the fireworks started *LOL*. Now you know from whom Baby Boy inherited his fear or fireworks or anything loud

Errr. Some people got carried away, i suppose

Then it's time to catch the bouquet!
Shoved Yuli and Av so they can get married next hahaha
They will!! And that's another score for me. Am I good or am I good...
As you can see from the video, it landed on someone at the front.  I couldn't stop laughing whenever i replay the video and got to the part where hunny asked Yuli if he's sorry (for not catching the bouquet). Hunny was waving his selfie stick around and shoving the camera to people's face the whole night like it's a microphone, that crazy guy!
Asked Av to act angry for not getting the bouquet, she so could land a role as a villain in Indonesian sinetrons...
And she didn't disappoint... Btw, you look like your ma in this pic, Ve!!!
I also burst out laughing whenever i see this pic WTF. The things we do during a wedding reception...
I had no idea when hunny snapped this pic, oh my floral crown looks nice from the back...

OOTDs! Too bad A had to go back early, the perks of having a toddler hahaha
I wonder if I was already preggers by then...
The souvenir and invitation
Love the mason jar mug, i use it to drink coffee hehe
I wonder where mine is... 

To wrap this post up, congratulations once again to the newlyweds (you guys are still are, shut up!!). We wish you a LIFETIME of happiness. With kids and furry kids (kudos Dermy for having a pet now!!! What a happy news hearing from Candy that Lyd's dog actually sleeps in the same room as you now hahahahahaha...) and lots of blessings here, there, and everywhere. 

Don't forget my shrine (promise is a promise), or I can waive that if you're willing to fix my darn laptop (hey, lot cheaper, do I have a deal?).

BTW, I wonder if you read what I wrote on my hung bao?! Hilarious, right!!

#Pink and Madam #Undecided

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    1. Thank you Bel ^^, itu Forever 21 koq ^^