Me-Nail Exclusive 02 : Crystal Nail A5 (SPONSORED)

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Part 2 of my 12 parter Me-Nail Exclusive series is here, a little late because i was in Makassar when i was ready to blog about this second Crystal Nail so it had to be postponed until now but here it is at last!

My second Crystal Nail polish review would be in shade A5 (again, no clear indication of the shade so i just went with that's written at the bottom of the bottle...), which is pastel purple.
Crystal Nail in A5
Yes, my first Crystal Nail review was on a purple nail polish too, i usually am big in diversity and quite OCD about it (meaning i wouldn't review two colors from the same color family back to back) but i have a good reason on why i did this time-it's because i paint my nails according to the occasion, and it just happened that the week when i removed the old Crystal Nail to move on to the next color fell on the same week as W's surprise baby shower-which had a "pastel colored" dress code. Normally when i heard to word "pastel", pink would (obviously) be my go-to color but i was quite surprised when i realized i didn't pick any pink color on the 12 Crystal Nail polishes that i got! A5 is also the only pastel color i got in the collection, so it was decided-my color of the day was soft purple!
All of Crystal Nail polishes have the same packaging so i won't be yapping about the bottle hehe, you can read my first Crystal Nail review (i've linked it up on the previous paragraph) if you want to know my thoughts on the packaging.
A5 is the only thing that resembles a shade code on this bottle so i deemed it to be the shade's name!
A clearer look of the bottled color
A5 is a beautiful pastel purple with a hint of shimmer (from microscopic-sized glitters) that you can only see when you put the bottle approximately 5 cm from your face *LOL*, from any distance further than that you would only think that the color is slightly metallic.
Base coat + 1 layer of A5 (and only now i started to realize that it sounds like a paper size...)
The texture of A5 is slightly different than 53 (which has a gel-effect, while A5 is more opaque and doesn't have a gel-effect), it's a bit thicker and gloopier but not to an extend where it becomes hard to apply. One coat was really sheer, patchy and uneven-as expected. You can already see the true color of the polish with one coat, sheer as it is-it's not as sheer as 53 was. The first coat dries at a normal pace.
After two coats of A5
With only two coats, the color was actually opaque enough. For those of you who has more talent than me in painting your nails, you can definitely stop at the second coat-but i am quite bad (one line that i always remember from the talented Stephanie from Nail Art Overdose was if you see some glossiness in her cuticle, that'd be cuticle oils and not badly painted top coat-whereas for me? That would DEFINITELY be badly painted top coats! WTF FML) so some nails was sadly still a bit uneven and i cannot stand it, so i added the third layer.
With 3 coats of A5
3 coats of A5 gave me a beautiful, perfect pastel soft purple color that's totally opaque and the exact match as the bottled color. The shimmer is totally invincible, just give you a slighly metallic look on your nails-in a good way. A5 dries at a pretty normal speed (it was slower than their gel-effect colors and a lot slower than their glitter ones-which is the speediest one to dry. That'd be my 3rd Crystal Nail review!) but since it's thicker than the other types, the third layer took much longer to dry. Even after i waited for almost an hour, i managed to smudge them when i went to shower so i had to apply a coat of my trusty Revlon Top Speed on top of my sucky Wet N' Wild top coat-which was too thin and useless to fix anything.
Not only this type of color dries the slowest, it also gets ruined the fastest. A5 started to peel off after the 5th day (but 5 days is not that bad for a DIY manicure anyway) while the other types last around 7 days. But since the color is super pretty, everything that's less than perfect's totally forgiveable!

This nail color went perfectly with my soft purple tutu skirt and hair clip (outfit post coming up soon!), BB called me a unicorn when she saw me *LOL*.
Cam-whored a lot with my nails that day
All selfies taken from my IG @Mgirl83
Definitely recommending this particular shade of Crystal Nail for those who are looking for the perfect soft purple pastel nail polish! 

Not recommending it for... Those who wants their nail polish to dry at the speed of lightning, you gotta be a bit more patient for this particular type!

You can buy Crystal Nail polishes from Me-Nail for only IDR 75.000 (they're on a 10% off discount for undisclosed time so each bottle's only IDR 60.000!):

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Hope you enjoy my review and look forward for the third installment, coming soon!


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  1. nice pastel nails & i like your pink ribbons bracelet

  2. I so looove this color! If I only can color my nails with one nail polish, I would stick with this all the time. :)