Me-Nail Exclusive 04 : Crystal Nail 60 (SPONSORED)

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Time for another Crystal Nail review, a very sexy and eye catching glossy red this time round!

Crystal Nail in 60
I'm trying really hard to put more effort and a dash of "artsy"ness into my photos by errrr... adding the vintage red necklace :p. I'm really bad at decorating and artsy fartsy thingy, so... I totally abandon the idea right after these photos *sigh*. So envious of other bloggers' crazy good product shots, some of them are like... better than magazine pictures. I'll try harder next time you guys *when i'm not too lazy, i mean* teehee...

Anyway! As you can already see, Crystal Nail in shade number 60 is a vivid, bright red-which is one of my favorite nail colors (as much as i'm crazy about pastel colors, i am crazier about dark nail polish somehow! And bright red too, obvi). At first i wasn't too interested in this red one, L actually picked it up herself for me to review (coz in my mind, i already have a few bottles in a very similar shade) but when i actually put it on, i was immediately reminded on why i love red nails so much. Instant glam and sexiness! Even if my face can't be sexy, at least my talons can :p.
Also i was glad to have a backup bottle for my bright red polish since i wore my Anna Sui one so much it's one of the very rare bottles that's actually almost finished! Told ya i love red nail polishes...
1 coat of top coat + 1 coat of Crystal Nail 60
Crystal Nail in 60 is definitely one of the most pigmented among the 6 shades that i've used. I believe this red one belongs to the glossy color family (they also have glittery and shimmery types), but compared to the other glossy color like the purple one (53), the pigmentation is far more superior. I had to apply three coats of shade 53 for an opaque coverage while one coat of shade 60 is already opaque enough.

I hate to say this because it's humiliating, but it needs to be said (again)-but if you're really good with painting your nails, one coat is enough with this color. Sadly, i am not that good, i kept on drawing inconsistent amount of paint everytime *sigh* so i ended up with some nails that looked perfect already while the others were still uneven and a bit patchy.

The color is very fresh and it has a glossy finish (which i adore), it also dries on a commendable speed. One more thing that i really love about this bottle of Crystal Nail is even though i was very inconsistent with the thickness of each stroke, i didn't end up with uneven TONE. That happens a lot with other red nail polishes that i have (including the Anna Sui one), it's really annoying especially if you're OCD and likes everything to be even and symmetrical! No such problem with Crystal Nail 50, phewww!
1 coat of top coat + 2 coats of Crystal Nail 60
The glossiness of the nail polish is very good, even without top coat!
A close up to show your how glossy the finishing is
The second coat made all of my nails totally opaque, glossy and pretty! It also dried speedily, however... There's a slight catch. This shade has the worst staying power compared to the others! I sadly noticed it to start getting tip wears as fast as two days! That's pretty bad *___* but fortunately it's not too noticeable. It starts to totally fall apart only on the 6th day, so... As long as a slight tip wear doesn't bother you, this nail polish is quite perfect!
Final result : 1 coat of base coat, 2 coats of Crystal Nail 60 and 1 coat of top coat
Crystal Nail in shade 60 is a very easy to use (dries fast), bold bright red nail polish with a juicy glossy finish, i would recommend it to every ladies out there who either already love bright red color nail polish or those who never had the nerve to wear'em but want to, since the price is quite affordable (IDR 75.000 with 10% off so only IDR 60.000/bottle!) so it's a great brand to give it a try!

Wouldn't recommend it strictly for those who demands their nail polish to stay perfect on a longer period of time, since the tip wear shows pretty early!

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Do you like red nail polish or are you one of those who are intimidated by them?

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  1. I'm super loving that color and I think it's also a great shade for lipstick. There's however also a bad side to nail polishes that dry up quickly. If you make a mistake, it would be harder to erase and correct.

    1. Actually by fast i mean it dries within like 5 minutes instead of 15 hehe, still plenty of time to correct if anything goes wrong :D

  2. saya saya . hehe ditunggu ce collaboration giveawaynya. uhuuuuy warnanya cantik dan ngebold