MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Present For You! Our #23-24!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE!!!!!!!! *Fireworks!* *Confetti* *Trumpet Blaring!*

We’re #Pink and #Undecided and we’re wishing you a very Merry Christmas, full of joy and laughter and lotsa presents!!! What is our present for you guys, you say? Err… we would host a giveaway but not enough of you guys are leaving comments *strong hints* so maybe in the future? We are very keen to do so! Let us know if you guys are interested! Follow our blog and leave comments and we will host a giveaway once enough people do so hihihihhi! In the mean time… you guys have to be satisfied with an entry… Another joint one *yay!*
Today we’re presenting the next of our #25 Favorite Things , so here comes #23-24! Both #24 and #25 are people, see if your make our list!
#23 is our girlfriends! We love them to bits! We seriously cannot understand people who got married and then stop having friends. Their life must be super dull *snooze*. There are days when we feel such negativities towards our respective spouses (like #Undecided at the moment I believe HIHIHIHI) that all that can turn the day towards a better one is being around our girlfriends! And we both hates going shopping with boys, girlfriends are the way to go! Here are some of them we have to mention :

G : I’ve known G the longest, about 18 years? OMG (she once said that if we had a kid together the kid would be old enough to get married soon, LOL). Other than #Undecided she is definitely the closest one to me, we BBM each other constantly too. I tell her everything as well, although sometimes she can be a little…err… slower HAHAHAHHAA *Sorry G!* that it needs extra patience talking to her HUAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. But G is the most patience and probably the kindest amongst us. I love you G and I hope we will be friends until we’re old and grey! MUACKS
#Undecided says: to me G is actually a bff turned family because she just got married to my hubby’s cousin (oh yeah, besides from being an awesome person in general and an astrology-enthusiast, I moonlight as a matchmaker LOL). #Pink is right when she said that G is the most patient of us all, but sometimes her patience is maddening because she would tolerate almost every crap people throw her way (yes, for reals!!). #Pink and I are always the two person trying to save her, but we’ll do it over and over again because that’s how much we love her.

W: W is our other BFF, we don’t talk about her too much because she is now living in another … city? A very small city I think hahaha (dare I say… semi-village? HAHAHAHHAH KIDDING!). So we don’t get to see her too much lately. We miss you W! Always! W is a positive person who always try to see the good in people (sometimes too optimistic I think!) and she’s the most motherly amongst us. We cannot wait for a nephew or niece from her!
#Undecided says: W is definitely the most mature amongst us. Talking to her sometimes can feel like talking to an aunt or something – that’s how motherly she is. She has all the reasonable advices, but when it comes to herself, she can be as clueless as the next person. W is highly religious and I think this is why she has a slightly different view towards the world (compared to us sinners LOL). Before G, I also played cupid and introduced W to the man that she eventually married. And I think in order to “pay” the matchmaking fee, they used my Event Organizer for their wedding LOL. If there’s one thing I know for sure about her is that she will be an awesome parent one day (but #Pink and I will definitely be the fun aunts who throws treats your kids’ ways, W!! LOL)

A : A is also another one of our BFF, lately she’s been busy with married life I guess, and she’s a newly wed so we need to give her some space obvi *LOL*. Between A and the other two if we’re being honest A is probably the most similar to us in terms of bitchiness HAHAHAH. A is a perfectionist also, and she often get stressed out because she tends to over think things, don’t stress A! 

#Undecided says: if we were the 7 Dwarfs, A would definitely be Sleepy. She can sleep at the drop of a hat, and once she’s out, no matter what we do (#Pink’s hubby tried choking her with pillow once – didn’t work – we were the ones who got scared that he might end up murdering her or something LOL), she’ll stay out until she decides to come out of her slumber. True story. BUT aside from being a sleepy-head, she’s one hardworking gal. She works 8 to 5 (FYI, we happen to work for the same company and she’s one of the few people I would safely leave my station to), she also runs an online shop and is actually doing great. If you guys are looking for cheap and quality makeup items, just pay her facebook a visit: Etude House Surabaya
These two are additions from #Pink :
LL : you guys should know her pretty well by now because I mentioned her a lot. Like #Undecided and #G, me and LL also BBM each other constantly, mostly talking about shopping *teehee, told you she understands me best in this area*, or bitching about annoying people. And LL also has a kid (a daughter), none of my BFFs has any yet so sometimes it is nice to be able to talk about kid issues with her *although I share everything about Baby Boy to #Undecided as well because she’s like his God Mother haha*. I LOVE going shopping with LL, and travelling with her as well, she’s definitely an ideal travel companion.

#Undecided says: I actually know LL from #Pink. She is another crazy shopper. God forbid I go to malls with them and they end up shopping *straight face*. She is a very fun girl to hang out with. I remember one rare Wednesday afternoon that I got a free day and we ended up going to Tunjungan Plaza with #Pink’s cousin, L. It was so much fun. Other than being a shopaholic and a doting mother, she is also a crazy talented artist – I LOVE her designs. She was the one that did my save-the-date email (thanks LL *kisses*) and to prove my point: people raved about how awesome it was.
Rosemary : Rosemary is also a very important girlfriend of mine, although we only met once it doesn’t feel like it! We BBM each other so much and talking to her is like talking to a very old friend (well, we do know each other for a few years already) and whenever I am upset about something she is one of the few people I seek to bitch to (and vice versa!)  and she always knows the right thing to say. I will feel much better once I “talk” to her. And she is also quite a shopaholic so we talk about shopping a lot too HAHA. 
Addition from #Undecided :
#Undecided says: Sem K is not exactly a girlfriend, because of the obvious reason: he’s a guy LOL, but I think he deserves a spot on this entry because he’s literally my oldest friend. I’ve known him since the 1st grade of our junior high school (even longer than I’ve known #Pink *gasp*) – so basically I’ve known him forever (again, too lazy to count the years LOL). He is such an awesome friend and even though he lives in Canada and we only get to see each other a few times for the past few years, we manage to always keep in touch thanks to the geniuses in Blackberry who created the BBM app LOL. I guess it’s safe to say that he knows everything about me and vice versa (right Sem K, right!??!). And I think we got lucky that my hubby and his girlfriend have no problem with us being friends (because some people can be super shallow and think that a man and a woman cannot be friends without falling helplessly in love with each other and eventually ditch their own spouses – PUHLEASE!!). 
If he’s reading this (and he will because I will make him), I just want him to know that I am grateful for a friend like him (for all the reasons that he already knows). And I’m looking forward to his wedding – hopefully it’s going to go down in Surabaya so I can be his best (wo)man. LOL. Love you, Sem K!!! You’re the best!!!
#24 is the men in our lives. We love them, we hate them, we cannot live without them, we cannot stand them, well… that’s constantly changing LOL! But one thing for sure is our lives would not be complete without them! Five of us is like a gank and we love to be around each other (most of the time anyway HAHAHA). Those men are :
#Pink’s hubby :
Super annoying but has a gentle heart and super patient when it comes to #Pink. Been together for 11 years, married for 5, and #Pink believes there is nobody else in this world that can treat her the way he does. Everyday feels like the first day of being together and we do not understand the concept of being “bored” of each other LOL (I can never understand people who were very surprised when they first learnt how long we'd been dating back then, "Aren't you bored???" they always said, and I always reply "If you're bored the you clearly have not found The One. Keep Looking!). We spent every single day together and feels there is something missing whenever we're not together. Who says romance has to die once you have a kid?
Even though he annoys the shit out of me and sometimes I wanna punch him in the face, it never lasts long. In the end of the day I am always thankful for him in my life. I am looking forward to an eternity with him :). I will one day make a post about my "love story" with him :p.
#Undecided says: C is one very annoying person (and I’m saying this with a lot of love LOL). I don’t know why but he just LOVES getting on my nerves. From intentionally stepping on the back of my shoes/slipper/sandals to saying the most ridiculous lines one could teach his son to tease his aunt, C is one crazy dude. I’ve known him for more than 10 years now (goodness gracious, we’re old!!) and I still laugh hysterically whenever I remember the younger version of him. Tall, skinny, and #Pink’s ever present tail, for he would follow wherever she would go. His adoration towards my bff is so inspirational, I am willing to forgive his annoyingness. If it’s not apparent from her posts, #Pink is one high maintenance girl, I’ll say it takes a lot of patience and effort to win someone like her, and C definitely is equipped with both. He is the perfect guy for my bff and I had no complaint since day one (trust me, I had lots of complaints towards my other bffs’ previous men).
He is now a dear dear friend and even though I will deny deny deny ever saying this, but I know that beyond the annoying mask he puts up, there’s a kind hearted family man inside. Once again #Pink and I got lucky because C gets along super well with my hubby. They’re like a gay married couple – seriously it’s so funny how much they love each other.
To sum it up, not only C is an amazing hubby and father, he is also a good friend whom my hubby and I cherish. We love you, C!! Tone down the annoyingness though, please!!!
#Undecided’s hubby :
#Pink says : he used to annoy me to death, but little by little I grew to love him, now he’s like my extra brother haha. He’s a big kid, very playful and naughty looking.  He loves to tease people (me… FML… my hubby too, poor hubby) and he never stops eating HAHAHA. I HATE #Undecided’s ex before him with passion (if you ever read this, EFF YOU. No, not you De *LOL*) and I was really happy she finally found him. Like I’ve always said, only marry the one that will treat YOU like a Queen or you’re better off alone. He's also Baby Boy's fave uncle and I love it whenever we go out together without the nanny because he will instantly take over the nanny duty!
#Undecided says: where do I even begin, really?! My hubby is – just like C – a very annoying person (what did #Pink and I do in our previous lives to end up with two annoying guys, we will never know LOL), but he has his moments. And I love him. He gets me just like how #Pink gets me, and that’s exactly what I look for in a guy. He’s #Pink in pants (what an appropriate expression since you’ll NEVER see #Pink in pants) LOL. Their similarities are staggering. Just like #Pink, he has a very reasonable view towards problems and like I said before, he’s my source of sane advices. And on the less serious side, he has a ridiculous sense of humor (which is borderline crazy) and it’s safe to say that he’s the joker of our little group. 
My hubby and I however, don’t always see eye to eye. He’s a Scorpio and I’m a Gemini. We are THAT different. It can be super frustrating at times because being a true Scorpio he can be very demanding when he has set his mind at something and this baffles the Gemini me most of the times (because let’s face it, us Geminis never take things too seriously). But yea, after being with him for more than 4 years, I can say that I am a little used to his erratic behavior now. At least I’ll know when to take a step back and shut my mouth when he’s in one of his moods. After all, being married is all about compromising, right? We got married last October but we’re hardly newlyweds because we lived together for more than a year before tying the knots, and I’m forever grateful that we did because during that period of time, I got to learn more about him because we were one of those long distance couple (that made it work). 
If I have to put my finger on the thing I love most about him, it’s going to be how he trusts me completely. A Gemini flirts – that is in our DNA – but that doesn’t mean we want to be with every guy we flirt with, NO. With his trust, he lets me be me, knowing that at the end of the day I have no other place I’d rather be than at his side. I love that about him. Oh that and the fact that he’s super good with kids. I love watching him hang out with #Pink’s baby boy and someday if we’re blessed with a kid of our own, I’m sure he’ll be one kickass dad.
I’m looking forward to growing old with you, hubster. And remember that I love you TOO!! *kisses*

#Baby Boy : 
He came unexpectedly and totally caught us all by surprised (and that’s an understatement HAHA) and I loved him from the start. I long to hold him since he was still inside my belly and seeing his 3D ultrasound brought tears to my eyes. Until this day I cannot believe I have a son hahaha. I love him to bits and although I am not the best mum ever, and I am definitely have a LOT to learn, he is my everything and I HATE people who thinks I am a useless mother with passion haha. Baby Boy is super bright, when he talks (and he sure talks a LOT) he sounds mature way beyond his years. And although he can be a little naughty (he’s a boy afterall, but he’s very well behaved actually) and spoilt (well, with so many people spoiling him it’s hardly a surprise) in the end of the day I believe he is the kind of son every mother dreams of. He sure is mine. I can go on forever about him but you'd think I am biased, so I will let #Undecided do more of the talking.
#Undecided says: “a five-year-old who acts like an adult” is the perfect line to describe this little dude whom I love wholeheartedly. Kudos to #Pink and C for joining forces and made such a perfect little kiddo LOL. He is the smartest kid I know – sometimes too smart for his own good, but I wouldn’t have him any other way. I love him like he’s my own and if there’s a kid that can make his aunty biting (“biting” is Indonesian for “stick” – yes, his annoying father taught him to call me that, so it’s basically not his fault) plays made-believe war with toy guns and car, that would be him LOL.
My hubby and I love to play the fun uncle and aunt because basically we don’t have to be the strict parents LOL and it’s mostly a competition between us because I would like to think that I’m his fave (although most of the times baby boy picks hubby over me, but I’m sure that is only because they’re both boys *licking my wounded pride solemnly*). I know baby boy is in good hands for he has #Pink and C as his parents and hubby and I as his number one fans. He will do well in life because he is loved by so many people, but with that super cute face and an endearing demeanor, who wouldn’t, right!? 
I cannot wait to see him grow as a young man. Wait, scratch that. I actually CAN wait, because on second thought, he needs to be little and cute forever, or until #Pink makes another baby for me to play with LOL. But seriously though, I am grateful to be a part of his life and I plan to forever be. And one day when he gets married (drat, we would be super old by then, #Pink!!!), I would love to be the fun grandma for his kids – just like how I am right now for him. 
So there you go everybody, the 3 important men in our lives. I may have mentioned this earlier, but we did end up with the male versions of each other. I guess being bffs for so long has somehow prepared us to accept our men for who they are – and I’m glad we did. I’ve said this a lot of time to #Pink: for me personally, I don’t need a lot of people around because I always have the best fun as long as there are the 5 of us (yes with baby boy of course!).

Again, I’m going to leave you guys with a quote: “friends are the family you get to pick for yourselves”. Tis true. #Pink’s little family is my extended family, and I cannot stress just how thankful I am, everyday, for having them in my life.

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