Why We are #Pink and #Undecided

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Welcome to our blog! Finally :p… So, let us explain how we become #Pink and #Undecided.

I’m #Pink, and if you know me in real life the name will come with no surprise at all. I’m your typical girly girl (actually I’m a woman, but hey there will always be a little girl inside all of us and I love that little girl inside me very much, I refuse to ever let her go!) who has always LOVE pink. Like, always. And yes, my love for pink is those Paris Hilton-type which verge on the disgusting :p, I incorporate pink in everything in my life. I love shopping (LOVE), I love clothes, makeup, shoes, bags, etc etc etc. I’m vain (and yes, sometimes shallow, don’t judge me). I’m giggly and animated. I’m shy around people I don’t know well but super loud and embarrassing around people I love. I love cute and pretty stuffs. I’m a helpless victim of consumerism. In short I am sugar and spice and everything nice (NOT!). Of course I also love my family and friends, and I loveee writing, that’s why I set up this blog with my bestest friend in the world :p

Which brings this to me, the bestest friend, The #Undecided. Why? Well, I’m a Gemini. For those astrology enthusiasts out there (like yours truly) I don’t really have to explain, but since this should be an “introduction page”, here goes: I can’t even pick a color I like!!! So coming up with the blog name, we thought, what the heck, let’s just put up “undecided” because seriously, my fave color changes with the season. One minute I’ll like brown, but do ask again in a few minutes, I might prefer green. Or orange. That’s how indecisive I am. (Yep #Pink can totally vouch for that LOL :D). But one constant thing about me is that I constantly want to write constantly. And that’s the sole reason why I agreed to set this blog up.

So… What can you expect from this blog? Endless ramblings of various topics… From #Pink you can expect beauty reviews, travel stories, and #Pink gushing about cute stuffs that she desires so much but really really really shouldn’t purchase because she has no more space (and trust me, she has a LOT of space).

From #Undecided you can expect quite the opposite, because trust me the only cute stuff I gush about is guys. LOL. OK, that didn’t come out right :p, I’m not THAT slutty (emphasis on the word “THAT”). LOL. But seriously, I write essays about my daily life and stuff that I learn from things I see. I can be looking at a guy and a girl talking and write a whole essay about it. Just quite recently I started venturing on the unchartered territory of the fiction world. I’m currently stuck, but I’ll definitely post some of them here just and I would definitely LOVE some feedback from you all, thank you very much!

There you go guys… so expect the unexpected from us (LOL, yes we love stupid puns, quotes, etc). and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it. Girl Power!!! (yes, sadly we’re from that era).

#Pink and #Undecided

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