#Pink and #Undecided's Fave Things Continue!!!

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Helloooo worldddd :D (high because we’re having coffee right now LOL, and also because it’s weekend :D, loveeee weekend! Don’t we all ya hahahaha).

It is very hard to concentrate right now because we’re both being harassed by our respective spouses zzzz… seriously, how did we both end up with such crazy clowns??? OMGGG. Anyway, we must persevere! Now we’re continuing with our joint faves #14-18!

#14 is a place : Galaxy Mall! It’s one of the most famous malls in Surabaya City. It’s definitely our fave place to hang out, first and foremost because it is nearby our houses, and also because it is very cosy and familiar (we’ve been going to this mall since junior high school together, not too much in #Undecided’s case because believe it or not she was one of those kids who were overtly sheltered by her parents. Judging from  how #Undecided turns out I suggest to y’all who have children not to be overly strict and protective, you wouldn’t want your kids to turn out super wild like #Undecided ahahahahaha… sorry sorry #Undecided, just joking :p… or am i?)
Decided to dress up in Green and Red to celebrate upcoming Xmas! Is it just me, i think #Undecided's not red enough! Grrrr

Galaxy Mall has pretty much everything that one can need, it’s a shopping paradise for a shopaholic like me (complete with my favorite stores as well), our favorite coffee houses (see this pic, we’re actually at The Coffee Bean as usual but #Undecided bought her Starbucks first, the traitor! LOL)

It also housed our fave cinema (not really, but there are no other cinema chains in Surabaya other than XXI LOL, so it’s a forced fave really, ha! Blitz Megaplex, please open a branch here too! I’m begging you!), and our favorite department store too (Centro! Because they constantly have a huge SALE! Their sales are like sooo much better than any other department stores, take my word! I know!), and a whole lot more!

It also holds a lot of memories for us. We pretty much grew up here too right! I remember like it was yesterday, our nerdy selves just loitering around this mall, sometimes following a cute guy just for fun. Even using public phones (remember, in our adolescent mobile phone was still a very rare thing, public phones are still everywhere) to prank call people hahahaha. I do miss those days a lot. We love this place a lot that I can picture us as sixty years old, holding our grandkids, still hanging out here :( 
We come here like, almost every week and never got bored of it! Love ya Galaxy Mall. 

#Undecided says: judging from how I turned out, I am going to keep my kid in a cave somewhere in the Borneo jungle!!!! Yes, because I am super awesome!!! LOL. Damn you, #Pink! Some things are better left IN THE PAST!!! Grrrrrr….

Next on the list is our fave thing #15, and it’s another person. Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to the man responsible for our fab (fabbo, baby!!!) hair: Mr. Ndaru.
Okay, first I need to explain the photo. Yes, that’s me having my bang trimmed, and yes, that’s him. I know I know, he looks scary with the mask and the funny-looking-haircut, but he’s actually not a scary person (well, not TOO scary cause he can sometimes be, especially with a pair of scissors on hand, but more on that later). We tried coaxing him to take the mask off and pose, but he wouldn’t hear it, so what the heck, right…. Not our fault!!
Anyway, I have known him forever – since as long as I can remember – way back when he was still in a band (oh yea, he played the bass and he kicked ass. I was one of the groupies, but not his!!! LOL). He was much nicer back then when he had no power over our hair (I have to state this fact, pfftt..!!!) I honestly don’t know what came over him but he got into the hair-cutting business and as a good friend, I had to try, right. But then I got hooked!! He’s actually super super good!!!
I know I’m supposedly an ever changing person, but for my hair I can be super loyal. There is NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE else can touch my hair other than Ndaru. Seriously *straight face*. Nobody understands my hair like Ndaru does (and believe me, my hair is bitchier than me!!). I got #Pink (and our other bffs) hooked as well and whenever we need to get our hair trimmed or colored, we always go to Ndaru (well, it’s more like him go to our house in our case – yes, he takes house calls. How convenient, right, for people who hates going to hair salon like us).
So people, I highly recommend you to go and try his haircut. If you want to do a house call, drop me a message and I’ll hook you up. BUT if you enjoy the going-to-the-actual-salon experience, you can find him at Shinjuku Salon. Just ask for Mr. Ndaru and tell him that you read about him on our Blog (no, you won’t get a discount from him, but we’ll do!!! Muahahahahahahaha). 

#Pink says : yes people, we LOVE Ndaru (I called him Mr. N in previous posts but we need to reveal his real name because if you go to Shinjuku and ask for Mr N they’d go “Huh???” LOL), just like #Undecided I don’t think I’d want anyone else to touch my hair but him, even though he can be super mean to us while cutting our hairs, FML… we paid him and he still threaten us while he’s doing what he’s paid for! That’s how much we love Ndaru!
#16 is our shared favorite food : Steak! Both #Undecided and I are die-hard meat lovers! We both love steak so much that we sometimes say we can live solely on steaks. That’s how much we love steaks! But we love real steaks okay, like the real Westerner steak. In case you’re not living in Indonesia I must explain there are a lot of “steak wannabes” in Indonesia *LOL*. It’s probably considered fusion, because those steaks are modified so much to please Indonesian palates, but to us it’s simply wrong. We love real, juicy, and tender steaks!
We’d get cravings for steaks and BBM each other drooling over it *yes we BBM each other daily and talk about non-sense, we talk about food a lot too since we’re both foodies, if you happen to read our BBM you probably wouldn’t understand it since we talk in our own “language”, not really a language lah but more like we understand each other so well that we do not need to write in normal, full, or even coherent sentences to understand each other. And we crack each other up so much we usually snorted like a crazy person mid-BBM. Not a big deal for me who mostly stays at home when I BBM her, but a big problem for her because sometimes she snorted in her office, while everybody else are silent and busy with their works, LOL)

#Undecided says: totally!!

Actually I think one of us just need to type the word “Steak” an d we both would start drooling hahahaha. We said we’d have steak to celebrate our blog hitting 1000 visitors (all within 2 weeks! OMG! Thank you guys for supporting us!) and right now we’re stuck at 977 (I blame #Undecided because she didn’t have any entry for yesterday LOL) but whateva, it’s close enough! SO! Steak it is for us! YUMMEH!
This is actually one of the steak wannabe zzzz, no choice they're the only ones available in Galaxy Mall, we need real steaks here GM!!!

#17 is our list is music and karaoke. #Pink might have mentioned this on her earlier entry and she’s got that right, music is everything to me. I – literally – cannot go a day without listening to music. I think if I’m deprived of music and s*x at the same amount of time, I will miss music more (well, that’s not true – I’ll probably miss both LOL). I can listen to pretty much everything, BUT not Lagu Keroncong (read this if you want to know why: http://paulinenugraha.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/thank-you-lagu-keroncong/

Whenever I go, you will hear me hum to a song (if you bitch about it I’ll hum louder – so please bitch about it teehee :D), and when a song gets my attention, I’ll play it on endless repeat on my iPod and in my head. When I was younger I would listen to the radio, record the songs, and play them over and over again until I have written down all the lyrics so I can sing them properly. I think that was why my English got so good (honestly if I had listened to Mandarin songs as much as I listened to English songs, I would have mastered both languages now LOL).

#Pink loves music too. Our taste in music is quite similar and we LOVE doing karaoke. We have a system to preserve our voices: we sing in turns. So I would pick and sing, and then #Pink, and then my hubby, and then WE would select the ONE song that #Pink’s hubby can sing LOL (for the record, he hates singing – I don’t know why, his voice is not horrible!!). And just like me, #Pink hates Korean boy/girl bands (yes, not just their looks, their songs and dance moves are horrifying!!!) - we can listen to the mellow Korean songs (#Pink more than me), but not the boy/girl bands. NEVER THE BOY/GIRL BANDS!!!

What’s on my iTunes? Everything. I have a massive collection of MP3s. You name it, I have it. From Backstreet Boys to Foster The Kids to Agnes Monica to Jay Chow (I did tell you I listen to everybody, didn’t I?!). I am currently a fan of Taylor Swift’s songs. Yes, just the songs because IMHO, she’s just an okay singer. Sure she writes the best lines and melody – but I think she should just be a song writer and an actress – or a model. Not a singer, no).
I will leave you with a good song suggestion: Cough Syrup by Young The Giant. Listen up and lemme know what you think, k!! 

#Pink says : oh yeah! We love music and karaoke! Writing this entry makes me miss karaoke-ing! Haihh, I’d have to settle for funkaraoke in my ipad for now ahahahaha! Like #Undecided I also listen to all kinds of music (no dangdut though, no way Jose!!!), I don’t really have any favourite right now but I love all those American Idols (Adam Lambert!!!! Why are u gaaaayyy???? Zzzz. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, love them) alumns, love Maroon Five, Green Day, Taylor Swift, and a whole lot more! We’re easy to please hahaha.
Putting up this pic to annoy #Undecided because she hates cats MUAHAHAHAHAHA
#18 is Vacation (or to be exact, Vacationing together). Not that we’ve had too much of them already. I told you earlier that #Undecided’s parents are very strict while we were growing up, they won’t even let her come to my place to hang out too much. Most days in our junior high school days I came to her house to hang out (her house used to be on top of their family’s tyre store so we actually hang at the store’s cashier area because #Undecided had to help her parents looking after the store) because we love to be together (remember those teenage years, people, you always want to be around your bff 24/7!) and it was the only way we can hang out constantly, FOL.
So, her parents definitely won’t let her go on a vacation with only her friends! Our 3rd grade class in Junior High school was definitely one of the tightest and best class I’ve ever had in all of our schooling days (that’s when our gank started to form and the rest is history!) and we used to go to the mountain Trawas a lot because a few of our classmates has villas there so we can stay there for free! But #Undecided could never join us because her parents won’t let her!!!
So the very first time we went on a vacation together was after university, can you believe it? We stayed in a lent Villa in Batu. But it was not that special. Our first magical vacation together was to Bali (if any of you have never heard of Bali I should say “Shame on you!!!”, it’s one of the most beautiful place in the world, known as Island Of Gods. It’s super famous that foreigners knows Bali more than Indonesia, sad to say). During that stay was when #Undecided first hooked up with her (now) husband hahaha. And it’s like our first grown up holiday so it was super special for us.
We went to Bali one more time with #Undecided’s then British colleague D (miss you D!!!) and it was also very special because this time it’s only three of us girls so we ended up doing a lot of girlie stuffs (shop til we drop, literally! D is a fellow shopaholic, I loooveeeed shopping with her! #Undecided got a bit frustrated watching two of us hahahaha). I wonder if there will come a day when we can go on another girlie vacation? Since both of us are attached and all *sigh*
Us with D :D
Another two trips we took very recently was to Solo to attend G’s wedding (yes, she’s taken too, sorry guys!!!) and then #Undecided’s Solo wedding (she had two parties, one in Surabaya and one in Solo, and as both her BFF and matron of honor I of course had to attend both). We had so much fun on those two trips, I even managed to dragged #Undecided to Solo’s keraton (palace), she’s not normally into those kind of places while I LOVE keratons (I told you I’m a traveler, I’m a huge fan of places that screams CULTURE)
And our latest vacation was to Batu with our spouses and my baby boy, and then we were joined by my big bro C and his family. My bro and sis in law (CL, the one who owned Manekineko) are two crazies who are young at heart (well, I told you we’re pretty old so my elder brother is naturally even older right! He’s seven years older than moi) so it was super fun! In fact I think me and #Undecided need to do another post just to tell you about the trip because it’ll be super long *what’s new, sigh*.

#Undecided says: the next goal should be to vacation together to another country – and we will make it happen!!! We plan to go to Taiwan next year (for the 2nd honeymoon for me, and for the-I-can’t-even-keep-track-on-how-many honeymoon for #Pink – they use honeymoon as an excuse to go abroad way too many times, you guys, seriously!!), and we’ll definitely write about it (travel – blogging style, oh yeah!!) so if you happen to know what to go and check when we’re in Taiwan, let us know. If you’re interested to know a place in Taiwan and would like us to go check and write, let us know. If you want to go to Taiwan with us, errrrr… Errrr…. Errrrrr…. (I honestly don't know how to say no politely, so NO guys! NO!! LOL) 

So there you have it peeps, our no #14-18 favorite things! May not be able to do a joint entry next week because #Undecided have to go out of town but don’t worry we’ll still be writing separately and will do another joint entry as soon as possible!!! Kisses!!

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