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I’ve known #Undecided for... 15 years (yes, we’re OLD). We’ve been through a LOT those 15 years, and yet we’ve remained the best of friends. In fact, i think we’ve never been this close before. Sure, there are times when we drift apart but in the end we always find our ways back to each other (cheesie but true!). We have countless similarities but at the same time we also have countless differences. Our differences are quite stark at times (like, i’m a very girly girl while #Undecided cannot act demure to save her life, And a lot more. I think we will do a special entry just to talk about that in the future :p) but i believe it’s the perfect amount of differences and similarities that creates the perfect formula for an everlasting friendship. So in this entry i’ll try to describe #Undecided from my POV.

First of all, just like how we call her in this blog, #Undecided is well… undecided. You cannot ask her to choose something without her making you lose your mind… because well, she will keep on changing her mind! Therefore, there is no use of asking her something that is still isn’t happening yet. Like, what are you going to wear to this party? (we like to dress matchy-matchy, at least color-wise since our dressing styles are very different) Where are you having your birthday dinner? And don’t forget when it comes to choosing something, like which color of a bag she should buy. OMG. Don’t let me start on that. That’s why whenever we went shopping and she said  “okay, I’ll take this one!” I will rush the salesperson to complete the purchase before she start changing her mind. Because then it’ll be and endless self-conversation “But this color is also very cute.  But this one will go better with most of my wardrobe. OMG that color is great with my bag!, etc. I might start biting her or something. Geez.

#Undecided is super clumsy. Well, actually I am also  as clumsy as her. This is one of our similar traits. Just yesterday we went to watch Breaking Dawn 2 (for the second time for both of us teehee, but I am a Twihard whereas #Undecided is quite neutral, but she loved Breaking Dawn 2 too) and while we were walking on the cinema’s corridor to the studio showing Breaking Dawn 2 she keeps on tripping on her own foot. And while I am typing this she just informed me that she accidentally deleted our very first entry. OMG. What did I sign myself into? LOL.
#Undecided is very very very annoying. Most of the time I love her of course, but there are plenty of times when I’d love to strangle her. She is extremely stubborn (well, I am also very stubborn. There you go, another one of our similarities) and if she believes in something she will stand by it no matter what. You can tell her whatever, argue with her or fight her, she won’t care. I believe this is both her strong quality and weakness. LOL. And we just found out recently that when she hates something (or someone) it’s very difficult to make her like, or even tolerate the thing (or the person).  So, I strongly suggesting you not to get into her bad record. LOL.
This is how I feel about her sometimes

#Undecided cannot cross the street. Seriously. She will shriek n hold to you like her life depended on it when you are crossing her (then you will start wondering if a spirit of a very old and very annoying lady is possesing her or someting) If you are already on the other side she will scream at you to cue her when to cross the street. Even when the street is virtually empty. She told me if she had to cross herself she will wait and wait and wait until the road is deserted. And I am quoting her “it’s bound to happen sometime”

#Undecided hates animal prints (though she loves animals very much). I used to not care about it (unless I see someone wearing scary animal printed stuffs from head to toe, then I’d bitch about it) but somehow her strong dislike of the pattern makes me try hard to like the pattern (oh my, yes I am also very annoying. I do that. Don’t tell me you don’t like something because I will keep on rubbing the thing on your face. LOL. Same goes to #Undecided. I know I know, we’re a very annoying pair) and now actively finding stuffs in animal printed that I like so I can show it to her (bbm-ed her pictures of animal printed stuffs, wearing it when we’re going out. I even made Animal Print my birthday dinner dress code 2 years ago to annoy her) and now I actually quite love animal prints. Subtle, classy ones. Not the loud, cheap looking ones of course. And I will never wear them head-to-toe, don’t worry.

#Undecided's worst nightmare

There are still a lot I can tell you about #Undecided’s silliness, I knew her for more than a decade after all, but she will hate me if I keep on doing that, so maybe another entry will cover that :p. Now about #Undecided’s strong qualities. The first one being FIERCELY LOYAL. She is one of the most loyal person I know. Not only in relationship with her guy (she will never cheat on a guy she loves, a guy she doesn’t love? That’s another story. She did tell you in the first entry that she is kinda slutty. LOL) but also with her friends. She will never desert you when you are in need. She is one of the very first person I look for (other than my guy) whenever I am met with a problem. Any problem. She is a wonderful friend, a great listener and a very strong shoulder to cry on (although I must tell you she has a pretty frail shoulders IRL, because she’s super skinny. LOL). I will never have a secret from her, because there is no secret in this world horrible enough for her to stop loving and accepting me. OMG I just cried a little writing this FML. (I am a cry-baby, warning in advance).

#Undecided loves music. She cannot live without music (me too, but she is slightly more hardcore than I am) and constantly singing and humming to herself. She has a great voice too! One of our favorite thing to do is going to karaoke. We love karaoke! And don’t worry, if you ever want to go to karaoke with us, we have decent voices so we won’t hurt your ears. Promise. And we won’t hog the mic… too much :p.

#Undecided is very honest and upfront. She is very vocal and opinionated (again, another or our shared qualities). She won’t shut up and act like there is nothing wrong when there is obviously something wrong. She won’t pretend that she likes something just to please anyone (this might offend people who doesn’t know her better, but you get used to it. LOL) but that doesn’t mean she can’t (because she is  a pretty good liar. Just like me. LOL), most of the time she just choose not to. Because she is a very real person. Whatever bad thing you can say about her, fake is definitely not one of them. This is why people sees us as bitches sometimes. We’re not. We’re just real. Well, we can be. If you give us a reason to be .LOL.  Wanna try?

Wow, this has turned to be a very long-assed entry, and I am not even nearly done telling you about #Undecided. But it’s too long of an entry already, and I need to start trying to sleep (I am severely insomniac, FML) because I am going out early (for me, before 2  PM is early for me. I’m a night owl) tomorrow. Toodles!

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  1. I know a little about this bitchy attitude when pink have a problem with HS...do u remember this Pink??? :-p

  2. #Pink always forgive but never forget, how can i forget that? LOL

  3. I jusr read it know and I love the way you describe Undecided, Pink. It's really obvious that you two are BFF!!! And that cute way of you telling that she's annoying, yet you love her very much. Oooohh why so cuteee?