Our fave things #2 - #4

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Hi guys! How did you like #Pink’s review about our fave manicure spot in town, Me-Nail? I hope you liked it as much as I did and start making appointment there! Teehee :D

Now on to our fave thing #2 and it’s an important one: coffee. Why is coffee important, you may ask? Well because we simply cannot function without it – and I’m not exaggerating. We drink coffee religiously – sometimes even more than one cup a day when we need to be constantly alert. We’re somehow smarter once coffee is in our system, LOL. Even though we’re not that picky about our coffee selection (yes, we can even drink the extra black traditional one), #Pink and I used to be two hardcore Coffee Bean fans. Every single time we hung out, you’d see us holding their plastic cups. But quite recently, as a true #Undecided, I cheated on CB with another famous coffee shop: Starbucks, and I’m currently in love with their Iced Caramel Macchiato (yum!!!).

I think I prefer SB over CB because I like the ambiance of their coffee shops better. And also because somehow their baristas are smarter and more helpful compared to CB’s (yes, a point to be worked on, CB people if you read this *serious face*). But I’m not making promises though because there will surely come a day when I get bored of SB – and when that day comes, don’t blame me!! It’s the Gemini inside of me conspiring against me!!

As for me, I guess I am more loyal than #Undecided! LOL. I’ve been a huge fan of The Coffee Bean (and typing this in a TCB branch in Galaxy Mall, they should pay me to say that) since my high school day. My first affair with TCB started when my good friend in high school (I went to a high school in Singapore, but it’s for Indonesian students since I absolutely refuse to go back one level-would have to do that if I went to a local high school) F brought me there. Tried their caramel coffee blended and hooked ever since. I would get withdrawal symptoms whenever I do not consume TCB for some period of time (like, a week or so LOL). Not only their ice blendeds are epic, their food selection are totally yummeh too. Their Caesar salad’s divine and I crave them from time to time, and their break o’day OMG… *drool*. Okay I should stop now before turning this into a TCB commercial! 

#3  : Movies 
#Pink is a movie buff. Totally crazy about movies. #Undecided loves movies too but perhaps not as crazy as #Pink. Mainly #Pink watches movies with her hunny of course, but it’s extra special when #Pink is watching it with #Undecided (which doesn’t really happen as much as we’d like to be since #Undecided is working out of town, wayyyy out of town… in some Village LOLOL. And no no, she’s not a farmer don’t worry hiihihihi). #Pink watches movies like, 2-3 times a week, and always in the cinema (because nothing can recreate the atmosphere of cinemas) while #Undecided mainly watches them on DVDs (#Pink detests DVDs, watching movies on DVDs are like eating mock meats, and #Pink is a meat-lover!). 

#Pink favourite genre is horror, #Undecided is scared as hell of horror movies. #Pink made the mistake of watching a few horror movies with #Undecided and the experience is… well… interesting. In a bad way. It was humiliating actually. #Undecided shrieks (even when there’s nothing scary on the screen FML), grabs and curl into a ball. Simultaneously. #Pink always recoil in horror (pun intended) whenever #Undecided start pulling those stunts. And made a vow, never to watch scary movies with #Undecided again. 

We both love Harry Potter to death. The ultimate movie for us (which our other bffs like G and W-we’ll tell you more about W in the future, I know W is reading this, we miss you sooooo much W!-doesn’t get at all. They call it “make-believe” movie and they think it’s stupid haha) for sure. We also love romantic-comedies, animations (Ice Age is like the ultimate favourite for us. And the last animation we watched together was Hotel Transylvania and it cracked us up so much), and smart movies (like Inception. Seriously you need to be at least a little intelligent to appreciate movies like Inception. I remember walking out of the cinema in awe and wonder after watching such an incredible movie and yet I heard nothing but grumbles and bitching about whatta weird and un-understandable movie it was. LOL)

So okay, I need to clear a few things up. First of all, I am not scared of horror movies. No way. I just choose not to watch it because my imagination is way too wild. Whenever I watch a scary movie, my brain records and recreates it in so many unimaginable ways, and that my friend, is when things get scary!! So no, I’m not scared of scary movies! Please, I'm not a 5-year-old!!! 

Another thing, watching DVDs is super convenient! You do not get to pause a scene when you’re in a cinema and what if you get to pee!?!?!? I think this is an OCD side of me, but I just HATE missing a part of a movie. But above all, DVDs are dirt cheap *ahem*. Let me do a simple calculation for you: a movie on weekdays: IDR 35,000 per person. A (bootlegged) DVD – which is super easy to score in Indonesia – is just IDR 5,000 per movie. Need I say more, people?! 

Unlike #Pink, besides movie I do enjoy watching TV series. To be exact, the Western ones - not those Asian dramas, so NO, I don't enjoy Korean series. My all time fave TV serial is definitely One Tree Hill. Yes, all 9 seasons of them. I got very attached to this series and was very sad when it finally ended. Oh and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Dexter. I highly recommend these 2 series. They're super super good!

#Pink final words : say no to piracy, #Undecided!!!! Huahahahahahaha :p 

Last on today’s post would be our fave thing #4 (well we wanted to write about 5 things, but it will then be a super duper long entry), and I’m sure all of you can relate to this one: discounted items!!! No, I’m nowhere near #Pink in terms of craziness when it comes to shopping, but which sane person can turn their head away from good and cheap stuff? Certainly not me. As for #Pink, well, she’s a lost cause… *facepalm* but I mostly let her shop a bit more when everything is on sale. I love her that much (actually she will sulk and pout and start poking me with sharp object – her nails – that’s why I let her. LOL). My fave thing to buy currently is white tees. I don’t think I ever liked white tee as much as I like them now – I wear them all the time!!! 

Well on this subject I think #Pink will write more – so, #Pink, the board is yours – go cray!
Mandiri Bank and Gaudi should really pay us for this pic ROFL

What can I say? Told ya I’m a shopper at heart! I exist to shop! *dramatic*. My craziness were curbed a little when I still had my boutique (because then I can shop for pretty things and then sell it for profit, that’s like heaven for me!) and now that ma beloved Jolie is no longer, I only shop for myself and yet the appetite is still as huge as ever. That’s why my wardrobe collection… is probably slightly bigger than a single boutique*FML*. 

But as I told you all before, I do not buy things that I believe are overpriced (like thise Chic Simple brand in department stores, those are regular China-made clothes imported and slapped with labels by some genius *LOL*. I do not buy those unless they are on 50-70% off, then their pricing are a little humane), I am always on a lookout for a good deal. So please do not be alarmed if you go to a shopping mall with me and I suddenly gasp and pull you into a store, I must be spotting a huge sale there :p LOL. Some or my favourite brands are always having sales (Gaudi, Magnolia) so whenever 1 see something tempting there, and they still have a lot of stocks, I usually make myself wait, because sooner than later they will be on sale and I will be very pissed if I bought it on their original price! But remember, this technique is highly risqué haha. It’s like a gamble. So if you really really really want that item, you should grab it anyway (and then suffer me laughing at you when they cut the price in a half the next month. Oops)

So that’s number #2 to #4 of our 25 Favorite Things, hope you like’em and tell us if one of those are your fave too! Be ready for #5 (that will be #Undecided’s review, but let me tell you in advance that I LOVE it too!). Toodles!

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