December Celebrations! Part 1

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Hi guys! How do you like #Undecided post yesterday? Pretty deep and different from our usual posts, eh? I hope you do, because that’s the essence of us, always changing and thriving to give you varieties. But! I say, enough of the deep and hard stuffs for now! Lemme entertain you now! LOL

December is definitely a month of celebration. Every year I look forward to December for the festivities and holidays, but it also saddens me sometimes because another year has come to an end.. But hey, I’m essentially is a very happy person so the sad part only lingers for a fraction of time before I cheered up and find other reasons to celebrate. Other than the obvious holidays like Christmas (I don’t even celebrate Christmas, I’m a Christian but somehow my Church doesn’t celebrate them, and I do not think this is the right time to elaborate the reasons but maybe in the future hehe) and New Year, a lot of people I know are celebrating their birthdays this month. And in this post I wanna share some of their special days with you all so you can get to know me and my life better through this.

The first person in my sister, my one and only sister (I consider both of my sis-in-laws as my sister too, but biologically speaking I have only one sister *LOL*). My sister who’s eleven years older than me and sometimes treats me more like her daughter (she often calls me by her daughter’s name, FML) than her sister LOL. My sister whom a lot of people thinks exactly looks like me but smaller (she’s tiny, like… ten cm shorter than me) but for some reason other people thinks looks nothing like me (but the comparison between those who thinks I look like her and those who doesn’t is like 9:1 so I guess I have to admit I kinda look like her a little… Even strangers points me out to be her sister so guess there are a lot of similarities look-wise. I don’t necessarily appreciate being compared to her because she’s like… so much older and it makes me feel like people are telling me I look old if they say I look like her FML, undecided call it “my biggest fear” LOL).

My sister, W, is like a polar opposite of me. She’s motherly (my God, she’s a total mother hen), feminine (I’m actually quite feminine too but in an entirely different way, if that even make sense LOL), into “classy and mature” things (whereas me as you should know by know, is super girly and into cutesy stuffs which she claims will look retarded on her). We’ve had our shared of ups and downs as a regular sisters, we hated each other and we loved each other that only sisters can do. And despite my constant confusion dealing with her I of course love and cherish her (something that I will never admit IRL, because Asians are stiff and weird LOL!), and I definitely celebrate her. 

This year she’s stepping into a new chapter in her life (age-wise), I won’t reveal her real age (but if you managed to know my real age and know simple math then you can count for yourself hahahaha) since my aunt said “age is a woman’s biggest secret” LOL, and since we’re a tight knit family then of course we ended up celebrating her big day together. Not that it was that simple. I don’t know if it’s because she’s a Sagitarius *I’m pulling an #Undecided here and goes all Zodiac-expert on y’all* but she’s one peculiar lady. I congratulate her on our family’s BBM group and she said thank you and “for those who are in Surabaya-dinner tonight, place will be announced later, those in Banjarmasin will be sent pictures hehe” (my youngest elder brother  and his family lives in Banjarmasin, another city on Indonesia).

Sounds simple right? WRONG. It took her more than half a day to pick a place for dinner FML. Not only that, she didn’t ponder and muck through her lists of luxury restaurants (one thing about her is that everything about her is kinda pricey. LOL. Polar opposite of me, remember? I’m a fashionista on a budget, LOL) but she actually terrorized me as well. She BBM-ed me endlessly that day (don’t believe me? Check with #Undecided, I showed her all d BBM and moan endlessly to her as well. When a day is being weird on me it’s 100% gonna be weird for #Undecided too because it’s written in her job description as my BFF ma! Me suffer she also has to suffer OBVI) and keep on sprucing up restaurants names (she considers me as an expert in dining out, which I find really weird. But I figured, I’m young (ish) so I should be happening right, so maybe this is a deeply hidden compliment? Hahahaha) and whenever I gave her my opinion she’d begun arguing with me. Pffftttt. And then she’s come up with another restaurant’s name. And then pointed out their flaws. Then  another one, and another one and another one… The cycle goes on…

And she gave me hopes that we’re gonna have nice steak  in a pretty restaurant that night… I already prepared my tummy by not really eating anything that day (definitely good and pricey food will fill your tummy when my sis and her family celebrate things), and then she finally gave me her final choice, like two hours before the appointed dinner time and she said “Ebisu ya, Mercure Hotel.” -____-. Ebisu is a Japanese restaurant and I do not like Japanese fooooodddddd gyaaaaaaaa!! (love sushi though, but that’s the only thing I love, oh and onigiri but they are pretty much the same thing what)

#Undecided would definitely blame it on her Sagitarius-ness (she said Sagitarius is the weirdest amongst all Zodiacs and their common traits is being weird. Like, the weirdness level  would be different from one Sagitarius to another. See, I do listen #Undecided! I didn’t not blank out much when you yap about zodiacs! At least not too much!) and I guess I agree with her. Zzz. Anyway, we had teppanyaki (you know teppanyaki right? Where the chef would cook your food in front of you in a flat and huge… err…surface? I am helpless when it comes to this kind of things)
Anyway… moving on… First picture!

That’s my mum-me-my  12 years old niece B-and my sis W. I looked like a giant because they are all smaller than me FML, where is my sis-in-laws when I need them???

Then my sis said “we should show the ambience of the restaurant!” and then insisted on taking another pic -___-
This is our chef of the night
And in this pic some of those people are really looking at the chef in full interest and while some other are just pretending because they saw me whipped out my camera and start posing LOL!
I’m really not that fascinated by people cooking (but I love watching Masterchef hahaha) so  I waited nicely in my table, then asked hunny to take a pic of me.
 He said I looked like a geisha hahahaha.

Okay, lemme go all pretend-to-be-food-blogger and show you our menus that night
A simple salad, very nice and refreshing, I quite liked it!

Tofu drizzled…something oily and green thingy (*immediately failed as a food blogger*)… I’m not into tofus much so I just had one and  toss the other one to hunny’s plate hahaha.

Selections of fishes, again I have no idea what kind of fishes, hunny said salmon and tuna so I go with salmon and tuna okay hahaha. Very very oishii! Tender and perfectly cooked (act all Gordon Ramsay-ish) the skin all very crisp and yummeh… four thumbs up!!!
Japanese fried rice. Very simple and plain, a little too salty for my taste bud (but not salty enough for hubby OMG, he asked for more salt from the chef, I was a bit worried the chef might took offence like chefs on TV hahahaha but of course the chef is super polite so he just passed him the salt shaker haha) so I just had a little bit and dump the rest to the pile of other neglected fried rice that later being taken home (yes, my family very kiasu one, have to da bao extra food for sure, cannot waste!), I didn’t like it much.

Huge prawns. Not a big fan of prawn, and I came from Banjarmasin and Banjarmasin’s prawn are like super huge and juicy so any other prawn and shrimps pales in comparison haha. But this one’s cooked perfectly, it’s just tasted exactly like Banjarmasin prawns that I’m kinda sick of (mum always has stocks in the fridge of those huge prawns flown from Banjarmasin and keep on cooking them and forcing us to eat them, zzz) so… not that special for me.
Stir-fried vegetables . I didn’t like it, tasted weird and a bit bitter for me. I’m a huge fan of veggies but maybe not stir-fried *shudder*

The star of the night!!! Meat!!!! I mean beef. Must be some kobe beef because it was super juicy and tender and yummeh! (*inner Meatzilla roared in approval*) I was super full already by this stage (dunno why, the portions are not that huge and I deliberately starved myself that day, maybe my tum’s already filled with gas ahahahahaha, bomb alert!!!) but those glistening, pretty cubes of meat are beckoning me so I stuffed them down my throat (I seriously hope my ex instructor doesn’t read this or else she’d bbm me and scold me “stop eating!!!! Don’t you want to be skinny??? You’d be soooo pretty if you’re skinny!!!”, I’m beyond effing terrified of her FML) all the time grumbling “why did they serve this last? Are they nuts? Should be in the middle or something, now I’m too full to fully enjoy this! So stupid. But so yummy ahmahgawd ahmahgawd ahmahgawd”.
Regular Miso soup, it was pretty nice

Desert was a regular tiny cup of ice cream so I didn’t take a picture, beside I was busy walking around trying to burn a little fat and entertaining baby boy who was so excited and kept on asking me to take his pictures. Like, in every spot (just like Aunty A, one of my bff remember), with weird kung fu poses haih.

Show you one


Father and son amazed by the fishies

Birthday girl with a present from moi, a bday cake!
 All of us (that’s my nephew I was holding on to okay LOL)
 Cam-whore a bit with my pretty niece

My dress was actually pretty special because it was toga shaped, but my mum (who bought it for me) bought 2 sizes too big (I know I look big mum but I’m seriously not that huge) and it cannot stay properly, always sliding down and the middle part won’t stay straight, plus I don’t really like to wear sleeveless dresses, my arms are too huge, but the dress is so pretty I have to show you how it really looked
But my hair's kinda get in the way FML

Wah, initially I wanted to write about two birthdays but as usual, I wrote way too long already so I’m gonna continue next time okay!

PS : I am currently annoyed at W again because she decided to join our trip to Bali and turning it into an expensive getaway *sigh*. But it’d probably be good posts for y’all to read so… Look forward to it!


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