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Hi peeps! Let's take a little break from our favorite things for a while alright! (well, not really, since this is a haul post which means it's still my favorite thing anyway LOL, like the ultimate one)

So… this is my next shopping haul post, less than a week from the first one, FML.. But!!!! In my defense!!! In this shopping haul I mostly bought gifts so it’s slightly better right!!! And also this shopping haul are not done in one day of shopping but in a few days, so of course it is not so bad right? Right??? (Say yes people, yes!!!) *sulking again*. And also we got a lot of hits for the haul posts, and nice  comments (not everybody left their comments on the blogpost itself why ah *dark stare*, some people  bbm-ed me their comments. Huh! Doesn’t count you know, please leave a comment to appease me!!!)

 Here's the haul 

First : Periplus. On the previous entry I told you how people sometimes mistaken me for an air-headed blonde, and they (like my cousin L and her hubby Eek) like to call me Blondie. I do not like being called Blondie. I wanna kick them in the ass when they do. There’s nothing wrong with being blonde of course (but then again my hair color at the moment is not exactly blonde right, it has more orange undertone to it lah, what are they blind or something) and I believe being called Blondie means the person is supposed to be good looking (plastic, Barbie-blonde, whateva) but when they use a demeaning tone, then being called Blondie is not such a good thing. It’s pretty much like being called dumb. I am anything but dumb okay, I have a very short attention span and when you are being boring yadda yadda yadda of course I wouldn’t remember what you were saying zzz. So I space out a lot but that only means you are BORING me. And my brain is very picky. If my brain decided you’re too boring to deserve my attention then it simply stop working and start paying attention to something else

Oh why did I rant? Oh yeah. Periplus. Being called blondie means people expect you not to be a nerdy bookworm. They think you only read fashion magazines and maybe don’t even understand the articles and only ogle on the pretty pics on it. WTF. I’ve been a bookworm since I was really really young. Around three years old. That was my mum’s fault, she sat me for hours and threaten me with newspaper rolls (she never actually hit me of course) “read, #Pink, read! What is this word? Read!!!”, and once I got a hang of it (like, a few days later) I was hooked. For life. I had a crazy collection of books (the old kiddies ones I sold to a used bookstore already a few years ago. They valued each book IDR 2000-3000, and in the end I got about IDR 1.800.000. Now u calculate yourself how many books I sold, don’t ask me to calculate ya), I used to LOVE comic books (I still read them sometimes) but the love of my life are thick novels. Sometimes I refuse to buy a book just because it is too light so I don’t think it’s worth the price. LOL.(yes, super kiasu)

I do not read translated novels, they gave me headaches. The translations are usually disgustingly cheesy that it ruins the whole book for me. But I do read Indonesian novels, the ones that were written in Indonesian in the first place. Plenty of amazing writers in Indonesia. But translated novels, no. No way. And I also do not read texts in movies, most of the translations are total rubbish. 

English books used to be sooo expensive in Indonesia, thankfully I spent three years of high school in Singapore and I mostly borrow novels from the public library there (oh… I miss those days…), like, non-stop. And it pained me when I first move back to Indonesia for university and finding English books to be super expensive *sob* so I only purchase them whenever I go on holidays overseas, until Periplus opened up!!! Love you Periplus!!!  Not only the prices are very affordable, they have deals like when you use a BNI credit card you’ll get a 15% discount. And they also  have a clearance sale regularly, OMG!!! Love those clearance sale! I got English books for as low as IDR 15.000 (USD 1.60) each! I usually went crazy and bought like… 20 novels at one go whenever the clearance sale’s on. And I read one novel in about 3 days to a week so it didn’t take long for me to finish them all LOL.

But no such sale this  time *sad*, so I only purchased three novels. They are Jaycee Dugard’s memoir A Stolen Life, The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks (love Nicholas Sparks! His novels make me weep like a baby) and Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult (one of my favourite writer). I think I have a complete collection of Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult books. Whenever I see their new book I just HAVE to have them.


The Body Shop haul. I don’t really use TBS’ makeups or skincares, but I LOVEEE their bath and body care products! I love how you only need a few drops of their shower gel to create a LOT of bubbles in showers. And their shower gels are so good that they left me with soft and moisturized skin. Actually my skin is very normal and not too picky (but lately I developed allergies for some brands :(, like those goat milk shower crème and drugstore brands like Biore and Lux are a no no for me, itching like a crazy monkey is not actually my favorite idea) but my guy’s skin is definitely picky. Using a wrong kind of shower gel or soap will leave his skin super dry and flaky, and his fingers and feet’s skin will start breaking. Like, literally. Cracking and blistering. Absolutely hideous. And TBS’ shower gel leaves his skin in a pretty good condition so whenever there’s a sale or whateva we usually stocks them (have I told ya I’m a hoarder? Yeah…)

I don’t like their body butter since my skin is normal so body butters tend to be too oily for me, but they are great for my guy’s skin (but he will never apply them himself, I am forced to apply them on him every night. But on most night I forgot zzz), I prefer their body lotions. I also love their lip balms.. you know the newest lip balm hey have? The ones in a tube like lipsticks? Ohhh so tempting *drool*, I’ll wait for them to go on a sale though, then I’ll buy in every flavor *muahahahahahaha*, just keep #Undecided away from when  ya, coz she will definitely start screeching at me zzzz.

I was looking for my guy’s mother’s birthday gift, and he said his mum loves shower gels and stuffs, so I got her the Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel and Ginger Sparkle Shimmer Lotion (I will throw in some more stuffs later, like a nice top or something). And TBS are having a lot of promotion this time (why else do you think I purchase so much stuffs?), using BCA credit card (why do I sound like credit cards ads? Those banks should pay me!!!) on Tuesdays they have a “Buy 1 get 1” promo. The salesgirl was super super super annoying though. When I go shopping I like to be LEFT alone. But most of the time those sales people will tail me and keep on pestering me (FML, do I look like a shop-lifter or something? Coz I swear they always follow me around in a very close proximity, like it’s super disturbing!!!), sometimes they bother me so bad that I actually left in a huffy. And not buying anything. How is that good, dear sales people??? Keep your distance!!!

So this salesgirl was extra annoying, she won’t let me choose the stuffs in peace, keep on asking “but this one you’re taking right? Right? Right???? This one is confirm one right???? This one is free you know?? Free!” WTF. Eff off la!!! So in the end I probably chose the Ginger Sparkle stuffs to shut her up, because I lost the will to browse already. But it smells good (I hate real gingers’ smell obvi, but this line smells more like Coke, weirdly enough LOL. Like a coke candy) and the packaging are cute and pretty. Anyway I also purchase Ginger Sparkle Body Polish (for my guy) and Ginger Sparkle Lipbalm (for myself). We only had to pay for the body polish and shimmer lotion, both the shower gel and lip balm are completely FREE! Crazy! 

So cute right the lip balm? I have so many lip balms but still cannot stop buying...

And then they informed me if my purchase’s worth at least IDR 350.000 I will get a IDR 100.000 voucher, so how can I resist right!!!  Been eyeing their new fragrance mists for a while so naturally I picked one right away, bought the Japanese Cherry Blossom one. Love the smells an it’s pink with a pink bow… awwww…the mist’s actually IDR 139.000 but the cashier is so nice (not the salesgirl, different person) that she spare the bills so we can also get a discount for the mist, it’s IDR 109.000 after discount. 

So the total bill is IDR 377.000 for FIVE items. And I took home a voucher worth IDR 100.000 that I can use on January. Epic. (I might not be able to stop myself to go back to TBS next Tuesday and buy some more stuffs, HELP!!!) It’s totally worth going back home to get the member card (coz my dear man left it at home. What’s new he always leaving and losing things anyway, no surprise there) and back to the mall again (the stupid salesgirl probably thought we  were running away and not going back coz it took us awhile to get back, thank God our house’s like 10 mins away from the mall zzz).

Next is a package from my sis-in-law’s online shop
 I bought this Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pact in #02 Clear Natural, there are 2 shades available, the other one is #01 Clear Skin. I bought this pact for my friend Rosemary  as a birthday gift (her birthday is coming up!!!) and since Rosemary has a tanned  skin I bought her the darker one. I also bought the lighter shade but from from an online shop in Korea and it’s been more than 20 days and I have not receive it yet zzz, but I got a letter from the post office already asking me to retrieve the package there WTF (2nd time I bought stuffs from korea and both times they ask me to take the parcel myself instead of delivering it to my doorstep. Weird). That means... another haul post's coming up (3rd shopping haul in 2 weeks… great job, #Pink wtf)

Rosemary and me are close online friends haha, we send each other birthday gifts (we’ve known each other for a pretty long time, 4 years or so?) but we actually met only once on her wedding day a few years ago HAHA. We live in 2 different cities afterall. Rosemary LOVE cute stuffs too, sometimes scaring me with her “shrieks” whenever she sees something cute. I originally wanted to buy her this Holika Holika Owl blusher but the seller was so weird and the PO wasn’t closed until 3rd Dec and it’ll arrive like early January probably so I freaked. Then I saw this super cute pact and I know she’s crazy about cat stuffs too so I showed it to her and she loved it so that’s why I bought her this! :D hope u’ll like it, Rosemary!

And beside the pact is Bath And Bodyworks pocketbac holder in baby pink with rhinestones. I’m crazy about those holders T.T, but strangely enough I do not like the cutesy animal shaped ones (WOW! How weird) probably coz they’ll look weird hanging from my mature-er looking bags (I got a LOT of hand-me-downs from my mum, sister and sis-in-laws) so I prefer to stick to plainer ones. So far I manage to rein myself in and collect only three (and one lipgloss holder zzz) and I also only have three pocketbacs. For stuffs like this I only open one at a time (the pocketbac not the holder) and use it until they are finished and open a new one (unlike #Undecided who has… I dunno, like five or more? And opened them all once she received them and use them all at once. Whenever she buys a new thing she’ll be dying to use it like, right away. Sometimes she change out of her clothes in a mall coz she just bought a new one. Completely polar opposite of me, I will hoard them and use them one at a time. LOL) at the moment I am using one of their Donut flavor one.

OMG whatta long ass entry (worse than usual), I am absolutely incapable of writing a short entry! FML! Since i am sulking right now coz i miss travelling, i will leave you with a picture of me at my hotel room in KL, Malaysia, taken last year :p



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