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Hi you guys!! How are you doing? It’s Christmas Eve yay!!
Miss our joint entry? I hope you do, because it is time for double joint entry! (Today and tomorrow), so it’s a double treat for you guys! We’re rounding up our count down, and now on to #21-22, Favorite make up items! As women we of course need at least some basic make up items to complete our look, right? Especially as we’re getting older (huhuhuhu) we need more colors in our face to avoid looking washed out, I miss those days when we were young enough to go bare-faced everywhere (in my case I actually avoid going bare-faced because people will start accusing me of being under aged FML, this is #Pink btw), and both of us have brightly colored hair so we need to put on at least a little blush to  look fresh and less dead HAHAHA.

#21 is Pink’s favorite make up items! OMG this is ambitious.. Favorite make up items?? My of my, how do I choose??? I can’t!!! This ones below are my MUST have (not brand-wise actually, but you know, the must HAVE items on my basic make up routines), be ready for it :
From left to right :
Powder : I’m not very particular with brands, I constantly try a new one whenever I ran out of my old ones (this goes for most of my items not only powders,  with a few exception, will tell you later). The one in the photo is Clinique, a hand-me-down from my sis (yes I get a LOT of hand-me-downs and I love them!), very nice and suitable for my skin. Powders are a must for me because my skin is very oily, so I need to set my base with powders, or like today I am going base-less just a dash of pressed powders (Brand : Pigeon hahaha, not on the picture) because I like how much more polished I look with just a teeny-tiny dash or powder!

Concealer : I have dark under eyes due to my insomnia zzzz. And although I very rarely got zits when it does the scarring took awhile to fade *sob hysterically*, and I have some issues with redness in some areas, although pretty minimal (I need to start complaining, I know), so another must for me is a dash of under eye concealer and some even tinier bits on the redness and then set it with powder! In the photo is DHC acne care concealer, it’s very good (I use another one for my under eye, a Clinique one, not in the picture) and doesn't clog my pores!

Eyeliner : I love drama on my eyes, so eyeliner is a must for me. Well, I actually don’t wear it all that much, mostly only on weekends (or whenever I go out with girlfriends, I tend to put more effort with them than if I’m only going out with hunny, FHL), I love how it defines my eyes and with different strokes I can change my look up, from cutie pie (thick, a little downward), sexy (thick, cats-eyed), or natural (thin), etc.. the choices are endless! In the picture is Dior (not my favourite, will do a review on them sometime in the future), oh and I only wear liquid eyeliner for my upper lid, on water line I will only wear pencil ones.

Mascara : If there is any loyalty in me when it comes to my make up then it is definitely spent on this mascara, Maybelline Volum’ Express Turbo Boost. Definitely my Holy Grail. I’ve completed a  review post on this mascara and it is coming up SOON!

Eyelash curler : Another must! My skinny-not curly-sparse eyelashes desperately need this! I am ashamed to say this one in the picture is a disgustingly cheap ass one from Stoberi *feeling Rosemary glare on me*, I have an Anna Sui one but I don’t like it as it is black and hard to see if I grasp all of my lashes while curling it. Have another one that used to be working brilliantly (a hand-me-down from my sis in law CJ haha) but they are now simply too old and not springy already, time to chuck them. I promise I will buy a new one (stingy), a good one soon as this fugly thing has done a horrible job lately, I really need a new good one ASAP (*hint hint*)

Tinted moisturizer : A good base is a defining start to a good finish! I always (okay not always, right now I have no base whatsoever on my face because we’re just hanging out at a nearby Starbucks) put on a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream (or light foundation, depending on my mood and need of coverage, but I don’t wear thick foundie), preferably the ones with SPF (!!!). This will ensure a flawless complexion (if you don’t have it fake it!). In the photo is Acnes UV Tint, #Undecided actually introduced me to this and I fell in love with it, been though about three bottles already.

Lip balm : I prep my lips with lip balm (usually Vaseline petroleum jelly) when I’m doing my face so when I am done my lips are soft and ready for any lip product, I always forgot to drink so I often get dry, even chapped lips huhuhu… I ALWAYS put on lip balm before putting anything on my lips, I actually often feel good enough with only lip balm on my lips to go out since I have a pale pink lips which turns quite bright once I put Vaseline on them. I am crazy about lip balms I have no idea how many of them I have.. This one on the photo is an Uber cute pear lip crème, a gift from my friend O who is a Tour Leader from one of her trip to Korea. LOVE this lip crème, super moisturizing and not sticky, and super cute!

Blusher : as I’m into gyaru look (in case you are wondering what gyaru is, I will explain it in my upcoming post), a cute pink (or peachy) blusher is a must! And it make such a difference in your overall look, everybody need a good blusher in their make up routine! In the photo is ZA blusher bought by my mum and I quite love it. I usually have only three to four blusher at the same time with different hues for different looks (unlike eye shadows/lipsticks/lip gloss/lip balms that I have countless of…)

So there you go guys! All of my favourite make up items! If I HAVE to choose one *URGHHHH* I’d go with the concealer because everything else I can do without *NOOOOOO* hehe.


So today is a special day because we’re doing 2 entries at once. Well, it’s either this or having one super long entry since #Pink cannot stop writing once her fingers meet the keyboards (story of her life LOL). So ladies, my fave thing #22 is the makeup items I cannot be seen in public without.

Those who know me know that I am not a girly girl who wears lots of make-up, but sure I wear the basics (or else you’ll see me looking like a sleep-deprived panda – which is honestly not a good look on yours truly *sigh*). My most important makeup item is my under-eye concealer. Why? Because I have very dark under-eyes. Yes, being a night owl, constantly exposed to sad movies (yes, I’m a cry baby), and total ignorance on my behalf of the importance of taking care of one’s skin are actually not a good combo. When #Pink fussed about this I guess it was too late, for no matter product I put on to lighten them, none seemed to work. I was in dire need of a quick fix and #Pink (being the good friend that she is *ahem, buy me more concealer, #Pink, I’m singing you praises here!!!*) shown the light my way LOL. She made me buy a very cheap concealer from E.L.F, a makeup line from USA. I don’t know how she got the deal (it was long ago I stopped questioning how she shops), but it was seriously cheap. It was love at the first sight (of myself), and I was hooked! It’s crazy how well it worked to cover the dark circles and whenever I put it on, I instantly look fresher. The next brand I tried is the one I am currently wearing. It’s Etude’s Surprise Essence Concealer. It’s slightly more expensive but more convenient because I can find it everywhere here in Surabaya.

The thing I learnt about concealer is whatever brand is actually OK, BUT you need to be careful about the tone that you pick. You need to pick something ever slightly darker than your face (the key word is SLIGHTLY, people). Never pick something lighter – especially if you’re not a fair-skinned like me. I made a mistake with my 2nd concealer which was so light I looked like those old Chinese opera singers when I put it on *sigh*.

Another tip: if you didn’t bring your foundation along, you can use your under-eye concealer to cover your pimple. I don’t know if this quick fix is healthy for your skin, though, you’ll need to check with #Pink! (But I sure do this a lot LOL).

After I put concealer on, I usually just dust my face with loose powder. I rarely use compact powder because my skin is so sensitive (and I’m so lazy to clean it thoroughly), I ended up having pimply skin whenever I used compact powder for a long period of time. I love REVLON’s loose powders. The cheapest one works so well for me, but I am currently wearing the COLOR STAY AQUA – Mineral Makeup.

Moving on!!! Next on the list is the blush-on. I am obsessed about blush on because I HATE looking pale. I am not partial to any brand for this item. Whatever works for me as long as it’s in peachy tone. You’ll see from the photo that my blush-on is the ugliest looking makeup item I have LOL. This shows how much I don’t care about the brand.

A tip: even though I have a very round face (yes, I’m chubby. No matter how skinny I get my cheeks will stay the same), I don’t care about shading. All I do is smile (grin more likely) and circle the blusher on the tip of my cheekbones. If you do this, you’ll end up with rounded pinkish shade on your cheeks (I say if you have it you flaunt it!! Chubby cheeks make one looks younger than one actually is!!).

Just quite recently I stumbled onto the last makeup item that made my list. It’s REVLON Photo Ready Foundation. It’s so so so so so so good!! With just one light swipe, you’ll get an instant result, and it’s so cheap (wait, I might have purchased it during some sale). It was IDR 120,000 something after discount, but compared to Etude’s concealer which is around IDR 85,000, I think I prefer buying this foundation since it’s much bigger (I’m a kiasu, remember) LOL. Go check it out guys, a quick fix for problem-free-looking skin!!

So there you go, our fave things #21 and #22. I seriously urge you to check with #Pink for all the tips I listed above LOL (I am no beauty expert – just now I checked with #Pink about the difference between concealer and foundation. She gave me one nasty look and did some explaining. Yes, that’s how much I suck LOL). I’m going to leave you with a quote: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, sure is. BUT I don’t see why a girl should avoid makeup just because her man likes a “natural looking” woman. That is a top BS, ladies. Just because your man cannot handle the sight of other men ogling on you, doesn’t mean that’s your problem. Tell him to grow the eff up and deal with it.


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