December Festivities Continue: #Undecided-style :D

8:25:00 PM

Oh hi there loves! How are we doing today? I hope you’re having an awesome day, you know, considering that we’re so close to the year changing to 2013!!!

I just love the holiday season, it’s so jolly and merry (okay stop me now before I get too cheesy LOLS) and I’m sitting here on a comfie couch with my hubby (who’s busy playing game with G’s hubby – which also happen to be his cousin) in my fave coffee shop, sipping my fave latte and nibbling on choco-chip cookie. It would have been the perfect Saturday night if only #Pink and her hubby (yes and her hubby too, even though I will deny deny deny ever saying this!!!) were here. As you know, they’re currently on their holiday – in Bali – with their big family. Good luck with that, guys!! *grin*.

December festivities continue with another celebration. My grandpa turned 79 yesterday and the whole fam bam got together for the birthday dinner in Sheraton Hotel’s Bromo Resto. I originally wanted to do this entry food blogger style, but it pains me to tell you guys that I, #Undecided – who is supposedly on a diet – got so caught up with eating (FML) I forgot to take photos of the food huhuhuhuhuhu *sobbing uncontrollably*. I honestly just realized this when I was in my pj’s last night, texting with #Pink, so there was seriously nothing I could do huhuhuhuhu *sobbing some more* BUT…… a self-proclaimed-awesome-blogger (sorry, my narcissism gets worse when I’m sugar-high and this choco-chip cookie is not helping LOL), I need to preserve and find a different angle to the story. So, just so you know, the food was great (except for the Indian cuisine which sucked ass) and the ambiance was great. Bromo Resto is definitely a good place to hang out at.
Bromo Resto: the view from my seat
Anyways, apart from the food being good, I had a great time catching up with everybody. My grandparents have 4 kids and each kid has 3 kids of their own (and some of them are married). So with a quick calculation (hang on, I’m counting…), there were around 25 people (or so) who got together last night. I don’t get to see my big family as much as I want to because some of them actually live/study abroad, so moments like yesterday are precious to me (my preciousssss *pulling a Gollum* sorry sorry, moving on!!). We were busy eating at first, but then with a full tummy we started chatting.

Yesterday made me realize that happiness is all about the simplest of things. How true that is. It was just a simple dinner but it’s safe to say that everyone was having a good time. During all the chat, I had a proud moment when I realized that my big family is actually pretty cool :p and I am glad that I am at a point in my life where they have this effect on me (God knows I’ve had my share of uncomfortable moments with them during my adolescent days. I sure am glad that I stuck around long enough to grow up LOL).

What I'm trying to say is that with only a few days left to 2013, I hope you guys are surrounded with your family and are cherishing the simple moments with them. Remember that at the end of the day, nothing else is more important than those you hold dear to your hearts. I am going to leave you with a quote from @indraherlambang: “Family can annoy you. Smother you. Suffocate you until you feel like dying. But I’ll take it anytime. Death by love can’t be that bad.”
my wedding day: with the whole family

Have a good one, loves!


PS: is this short enough for you, Rio Gunawan? LOL

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