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Hi  peeps!

How’s your Christmas, everybody? I believe whether or not all of you celebrates Christmas it is still a pretty fun season for all of us, yes? I absolutely love the atmosphere around Christmas, all of the beautiful Christmas decorations!!! I do not celebrate Christmas myself (as I’ve explained in previous post), but I certainly love it anyway! Even my church which used to be dead set against Christmas nowadays put on Christmas trees and have Christmas parties, they said “let’s see it as a tradition, a celebration, a day to have fun”, and I 100% agree! I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… now, I’m not singing. I really am. LOL. I will have a white Christmas one day! Be it next next year or the next, I am determined!

I know I talk about gyaru a lot but I also  know that a lot of you probably went “huh, what?” so I decided it’s time to tell you a little bit about my fashion style *blush* (and then you’ll also know what gyaru means LOL because I will be explaining it along the way). By knowing my fashion style you will get to know me better :D. So, you probably know by now that I have five BFFs right? I also have a lot of other close friends , but out of all of my friends I think I dress the most differently. The closest one to me when it comes to style? I guess that would be LL.
With A and LL at Jakarta Airport, but LL is in a normal getup haha
I  personally (obvi!) doesn’t think I dress weirdly, but sometimes when i go out (okay, a lot of time zzzz) people will stare at me. I mean, I don’t care if the one doing the staring is a cute guy (but most of the cute guys who stared at me are like… as young as my nephews. HUHUHUHUHUUU FML) but when it’s another girl (or worse, some aunty) and she stares with such a witchy look, up and down up and down, I’d start to feel self conscious zzzz. But I usually console myself, it’s probably the hair, or my height (coz I like to wear heels, and me on heels is pretty towering for an Asian girl), the staring will get worse if I go out with #Undecided, I guess two tall-kinda blondish girls (for Asian, I repeat. I don’t think I’m tall at all in Western standard) who talk nonstop and gesticulating like mad plus laughing like banshees are pretty eye catching, huh?

See what i mean? i dress differently from the rest LOL
But sometimes I guess (pains me to admit) it’s probably my fashion choices. I am not one to follow trends (I’m a fashionista but I’m not a follower, no way! In fact when a trend is in full blown I’d buy the piece but won’t wear it until it’s blows over hahaha, I hate looking just like any other girls in the crowd-and then I complain about being stared at? What the hell do you really want #Pink??), I know really well what I like and what suits me (although some people like my mum or wayyyy older sister readily disagree HAHA) and I dress to please MYSELF. Never other people. So I figure, if I love the way I look and feel good about what I wear, screw other people! (but in my defense I often got people stopping me in malls asking where I got my dress, my shoes, my bags, etc also whenever I put on my cam-whoring photo in my BBM people loves to comment and ask where I got my whateva. So I must’ve a pretty good taste afterall!)

I never really given much thought of my own style, I don’t even know what it’s called, but I must admit that Japanese has always got my attention. Wayyy before Japanese and Korean style+movies+songs invade Indonesia I’ve already been attracted to them. Plus I went to high school in Singapore and during that time J-Pop (and J-Rock, obvi) are already HUGE there. Yes, I’m old. I came from an era where SMAP was really HUGE (HUGE. They were like those Korean boybands like to you youngsters. My 14 and 12 years old nieces loves SuJu or whateva those boybands called). I was in love with Takuya Kimura (no don’t worry I’m not as old as him ahahahaha) and I idolized Speed. I also worship Ayumi Hamasaki, until today I think she is the prettiest girl in the world.
My version of the prettiest girl in the world

I wasn’t always into fashion, afterall when I was younger we all wear nothing but jeans and a loose tee (remember those junior high days, #Undecided?) and felt cool as ice haha. Plus I was a lot heavier back then (not that I am skinny now, but at least I fit into M-sized clothes now so shut it. Would love to drop lots of kgs but not willing to starve myself anymore so whateva lah zzz) so no pretty clothes would fit me anyway.
I got really skinny during my highschool-early uni day tho (huhuhuhuhu, when will I ever get that body back? NEVER! HAHAHAHAH FML) and I got really MAD with clothes. I started shopping non-stop. But back then my style was still very simple, just a lot of jeans/miniskirts and tanktops (very slutty, people will die if I wear those clothes now ahahahaha, pollution to the eyes), so I don’t remember when I start finding my REAL style, probably mid-university days (FML, very late bloomer eh) and I got really comfortable with myself and start accepting myself, flaws and all, the way I am. I’m finally at peace and start enjoying life (used to be super insecure. Who wouldn’t when you were 12-13 and nasty boys would tease you endlessly but ended up confessing their crush on you, eff y’all!)

Anyway, then I found out the style I really comfortable with which is feminine and girly. I loveeee dresses and skirts, #Undecided said I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pair of jeans (I have super huge thigh, it’s hard to find jeans that fits when your thigh are hure and your mid-section’s regular, if the jeans got through my thunder thigh it’ll be super loose like three sizes too big on my waist/hip that if I sit you’ll be treated to 2 whole buttcheeks, fancy that? If the waist area’s a perfect fit it’ll never get past my super thigh, so what’s a girl to???), I’m not very comfortable in pants (I do wear them from time to time though, like… once a year? Hahaha). I (obvi) love pink dresses and all of the other pastel colors. Love tiered skirts, chiffon tops and dresses, full princess skirts, lace and blings. Not that I wear them 24/7 of course, you’ve seen from my previous posts that I wear simple and dark-colored clothings too.

My less feminine look? LOL
I’ve been carrying this looks for many many years now, and the closest I got  from knowing what the look categorized as is when people would say “how Lolita!”, but I don’t think I’m a Lolita (but I’d love to be one, if only I was born in Japan huhuhu, I’d be  strolling around harajuku all day in my Lolita getup!) though, not as extreme at least. I am guilty of wearing floaty tartan miniskirts and tutus, clutching my weird shaped bags (pig, owl, apple, vintage phone, dog, etc), putting on outrageous flower headpieces  (flower, feather, big bow, collects them all), putting on baby pink blush on and drawing thick-catty eyeliners (trust me, I do not learn from anyone how to do my makeup, I just know by instincts what suits my face or not, so I am quite shocked when I watch makeup tutorials and recognize a LOT of my own tricks used, FML, I should’ve been one hahahahaha), wear knee-socks and socks im general with my mary-janes, etc. I always thought I am quirky but not quirky enough to be a Lolita hahaha.

My sis went nutz seeing this photo asking why i dressed like a Cabaret dancer ROFL

And lately I’ve been reading lots of blogs and as I’ve told you before, my favorites are Xia Xue, Qiu Qiu, Cheesie and Audrey, and then I saw the way they dresses and though to myself “OMG! They dress like me! They are all above 25 years old and dress like that also, so I’m not like super crazy right dressing like that!” (and no, I definitely NOT copying their styles okay coz I’ve been dressing this way for years already, way before I start reading their blogs!)

So… I guess i’m a gyaru! A gyaru-mama to be exact hahaha. And I love and am proud to be one! Probably not so many yet in Indonesia, I don’t care lah I told you I’m not one to follow trends. In a way, not to brag, I have a pretty good instinct when it comes to up-coming fashions. Like, I’d suddenly  become into neon colors and the next thing I know everybody’s wearing neons FML.

My mum and wayyyy older sister (she’s 11 years older than me, from an entirely different generation so I understand why she doesn’t get me at all, she thinks I’m a little insane probably) and even my overtly possessive older brothers (I’m the baby in the family, my closest-in-age sibling is 7 years older than me, now you know why I’m so spoilt and according to Rosemary, suffering from a Princess syndrome. I am my daddy and hunny’s Princess!) all sometimes almost need a jaw replacement coz theirs would just drop to the floor when they see me, my mum sometimes said “why are you dressed like a kid, dress mature lah like your sister!” (well, hello mummy, my sister is 11 years older than me, if I dress like her I’d look like an aunty lah!!!), but then when I do dress a little more mature she’d complain “why are you dressing like that??? So age inappropriate! That look is for your sister one lah! So old!” HAIIIIII mummy what do you wanttttt *sobs dramatically while pulling out….#Undecided’s hair HAHAHHAAHHA, mine already so fine if I pull them out I’d be bald*, while my sister thinks my clothes are just… insane (but secretly pulling a similar look next, she’s so weird) but that’s okay!

My Geisha inspired look :p
I love my style and it will most probably change in the future but right now this is me, this is what I am comfortable with. If you don’t like it then I suggest you to cover your eyes and run the other way coz I really don’t care hahahaha. Nowadays girls are crazy about ulzzang look, but seriously look at those Korean girlbands and actresses, they all look THE SAME. I can never tell one from the other  ahahahaha. None of them look particularly pretty to me, just a uniform look from one girl to the next. Whatever the hell’s so interesting about it? I got so offended when people tells me I look Korean (if any Korean reads this, I’M SORRY!!! No offence! It’s just a dressing and makeup preference okay!) and I got that a LOT -___-, went to Santosa island this June with hunny and baby and people would keep on “anneyonghaseoo”2 to us even though we chattered away in Indonesian HUHUHUHUHU. If a friend tells me “wow your look, so Korean” I’d hastily correct them “Japanese! Grrrrrr!” (But I do love ulzzang’s gradient lip! I do my lips that way all the time!)
Honestly it’s not like I never tried Otona looks, I do! But my friends would scold me *especially #Undecided* ,even when I’m just showing them something out of character like a though-looking-skull-bearing Alexander Mcqueen inspired clutches or rings they’d go “wtf!!! No!!! it doesn’t suit you!!!! So scary looking!!!”, #Undecided even went a step further and accusing me to look like a kid dressing up in her mummy’s dress hahahahaa, so maybe I’ll dress mature when my face matures a bit hahaha.
 Wore this to Baby Boy's Parent Teacher Conference and this is the least frilly and girly look i pull for a PTC to date
 A well-known blogger from Singapore, Yukatis tweeted “One day I will dress in shirts and blazers, just not now, I m still capable of dressing up in ridiculous styles, doing it while I still can.” And I agree more! Go gyaru-mamas!

Head Dress was the dress code for my birthday two years ago


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