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Hey guys...

Still in Singapore... Thought this was going to be a leisurely holiday and i can relax, blog every other day... Well, it sort of was, until KC family arrived, our schedule became super jam-packed and i hardly get enough rest, let alone have time to blog *sigh*. And thennnn my mom got the wonderfulll idea of moving to CW's condo *DEEP SIGH*, with our stuffs worth of 1 month stay plus necessities like pillows, blankets and towel. Arghhhhh watafakkkkkkk #crymeariver. Anyway. I got some free  high speed wifi at TCC (yes, my "posh" hunny got a craving for a fine tea and demanded to come back here despite my swear to never return) so i thought i should post a drafted post before my blog turns into a barren land wih no activity at all. Enjoy!

You know i'm really a unicorn and i puke rainbow, right? Correction, i'm a pastel unicorn so my rainbow puke is always pastel colored as well *LOLOLOL* WTF am i writing. Anyway. Other my obvious fave color ever (PINK, d'oh!), i'm also madly in love with baby purple (and baby blue, but i still prefer baby purple) and own countless items in this lovely color :D.

One of the most expensive piece of clothing that i bought for myself (because i'm rather cheap when it comes to clothes... My theory is... I hardly wear the same item more than a handful of times, so i go for quantity over quality hahaha)-not counting the ones that my mum bought for me okay because my mum thinks the more expensive something is, the nicer it is hahahah-is this mermaidy (i immediately think mermaid due to the glittery sequins on the chest part) dress from Forever 21.
It was around IDR 495.000 or something, would hardly break the bank but still quite a lot money for a dress (for me lah)-it was love at the first sight though so i had to get it! I don't know if you notice how baggy the dress is on my (non-existent) bust area >.< i got it in L (i usually wear M in Forever 21) because my hunny's totally useless when it comes to zipping up dresses and i knew i would have to do it myself (#Undecided also couldn't zip it for me *LOL*) so i chose a size too big so i could zip it myself and then swivel it around *LOLOLOL*. 

I don't think the M size would fit me right anyway (you know how brands' sizing could be madly varies in measurements that it could be very hard to determine your size for sure!) because the hook area's very tight already in L size-while everything else's way wayyy too big for my body. I dunno if i have weird measurements (which woman has the exact same measurement as a mannequin anyway? Without altering the God-given real measurements, i mean!) or whatever, the best thing i can do is probably taking it to a seamstress and take it in-something i'm more than a little bit sure i couldn't be bothered with....
Maybe i'll just wear a tight wide belt next time, i'm sure it can hide the bagginess!
Asked hunny to take a picture from the side so i could show you the pretty high-low skirt of the dress, but he still doesn't master side pics yet *LOL*
I know high low skirt/dress was a trend that died a while ago, but when did i ever follow the trend anyway? I wear what i want to wear, screw trends! I will be rocking high low skirts/dresses for a very long time, i have quite a collection (i hoard on items while its on trend but usually prefer to wear them once the hype has died because i can't stand wearing something that everybody else's wearing!) and i definitely think it's one of my fave silhoulettes ever! I just love love love the way high low skirts (especially chiffon ones) swish when i walk hahaha!

Oh yeah, this is the look that i put together for friends' wedding, it was supposed to be a garden party but the rain (more like a storm) forced the wedding indoor :(. We're supposed to be blogging about the wedding before i left for Simgapore, but #Undecided's been real busy at work, combined with her pregnancy nausea... So it didn't quite happen as planned.

Here's the FOTD/MOTD :
This one's taken after the party so my makeup's pretty much melted already due to the humidity *LOL*, since we're already home, i didn't bother blotting :p
List of products used :
1. C/o Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
2. C/o Erhalogy Esme Twin Silk Anti Aging (Ivory)
3. Daiso (Ellefar Color) Pearl In Eyeshadow A : Natural Brown
4.  Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
5. C/o Collection No Clumps Definition Mascara (01 Black)
6. False Eyelashes 
7. Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush (01 Tender Petal)  
8. Oriflame Tender Care
9. Mineral Botanica Moisturizing Lipstick (010 Burgundy)
10. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24 HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Brown
11.  Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder
Wore a blingy nail polish to finish off the look :
Etude House Bling in the Sea (603)
The dress is actually a tube dress but of course, i don't want to : 1. Scare other guests with my huge arms and 2. I do not want to flash the guests should my less-than-ample busts could no longer hold the dress up!
Excuse the monotonous poses, what can i do-it's hard enough to hold one pose while people are watching you in puzzlement, especially during a wedding reception! (It's actually taken AFTER but you catch ma drift..)
Outfit details :
Inner Lace Top : Online
Violet High Low Dress : Forever 21
Shoes : gift from my mum
Bag : gift from CL (it's actually J'dore Dior-the perfume-'s free bag hehehe, told ya i have no qualms wearing freebie anywhere, it's not what you wear but how you wear it!)

You know how much i love flower crowns, but i don't get to wear them too often because people already stare at me when i dress up normally for some unknown reasons, i can't imagine the kind of stares i would attract if i wear flower crowns to the mall or something *sigh*, so wear them whenever i can!
Here's an extra OOTD pic with Av (who was one of the bridesmaid) and #Undecided :
I love this outfit, makes me feel like a fairy, i can float around all day in it hahaha, if only you can wear such outfits everyday in your normal life...

Okay, back to real life, TTYL!
#Pink... who's feeling #Violet

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