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Hey guys...

Have you ever heard of Sympathy Pregnancy Syndrome? Well, i just totally made that up *LOL* but upon googling, there is a medical term for this phenomena (it's really called Couvade Syndrom or sympathetic pregnancy) where one's partner shares and experiences pregnancy syndromes while their other half's expecting. But it's clearly supposed to happen to the husband/lover/boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever... And not to one's BFF!!!

As you might already know (if you haven't then you must've not read the announcement), #Undecided is preggers and yup.. I have been sharing the pregnancy symptoms. I was actually nauseated and dizzy for days (like, really really sick) leading up to the discovery of the pregnancy (so it's definitely not the power or suggestion since it's already happening before any of us knew she's pregnant, not even #Undecided herself!) and nowadays i get weird cravings >.< - but the worst part's sharing her pregnancy brain!!! (It's really bad, #Undecided whined to me about not feeling like herself anymore *LOL*, she said "I pride my brain, BB!!! Without it, what am i???" It's hilarious... Until i got it as well pfffftttt).

You should know by now that i am a very obsessive person, and when i make a plan i always make sure i follow damn through no matter what (so bailing out on a "date" or not attending an event/party when i already promised i would is impossible) plus i always plan way ahead. Last Saturday my MUA friend Shelley contacted me for a second meeting with a Japanese beauty salon owner, i was so chill after the spa that i pretty much skimmed her words and read only what i wanted to read *LOL*-i thought i agreed to a meeting on Tuesday, we even planned to meet way earlier so we can go shopping and have lunch beforehand-until Monday afternoon.

I was still in my PJs as usual, my Blackberry's abandoned upstairs (i don't always bring my phone with me when i'm at home so it's actually harder to get a hold of me when i'm home than outside!). At around 12 i went upstairs to laze around in my room-and saw my Blackberry messenger with a lot of PING! from Shelley asking me where i was. WTF. 

My heart dropped to the floor and i scrolled up our convo from Saturday, sure enough she said "Monday at 11" hahhh WFFFFF, how did my brain not register that???? OMG OMG. Thankfully Shelley's an independent woman *LOL* and she didn't mind (too much) waiting for me scrambling around to get ready like a mad person while she shopped by herself. And thank God for agreeing to meet way earlier! She had to wait for almost an hour by herself, but at least that's better than me not touching my Blackberry until 5 PM or something, right? Sigh. It was really horrible and i felt super badddd (so sorry again Shelley, if you're reading this :p), that simply never happened before! And i hope never again! Shooo #Undecided and her pregnancy brain, stop affecting me hahaha.

Anyway, thankfully everything went smoothly afterwards. The meeting went well and we ended up having quite a shopping spree (would've gone to another mall and continue if not for my yoga class hahaha) so it was a lot of fun :P.

And that's probably the longest nonsense i've ever written on a monthly movies review post that's got absolutely not connection at all with the movies i'm about to review. Let's begin now :p. 

We didn't watch a lot of movies on April, and it continued right to May-we ended up only watching four movies in total! 

1. The Lazarus Effect
I admit that the trailer didn't look all THAT interesting, and i was hoping for a good horror movie (you know, the ghost type) after not getting my dose for a while but after reading the synopsis i realized it's not that kind of horror either. Was quite desperate to go out and watch something so we went anyway.

A group of researcher achieve the unimaginable, bringing the dead back to life. After their first successful trial with a dead animal, the dean of their university heard about their experiment and their whole project was shut down and all of their equipment confiscated. The team wasn't going to go down without a fight and they attempt to recreate the experiment while they still had some access to the lab-when everything  went horribly wrong and one of their own (Zoe-successfully portrayed by Olivia Wilde-she was creepy!) was killed. Her colleague slash fiancee, Frank, pushes the team to try and resurrect Zoe. The procedure seems like a success at first, until they start to realize that there is something horribly wrong with Zoe.

Yeah... I agree with majority of reviews out there, i think the storyline can actually be quite interesting (and yes, i agree that it's hardly original, but classics can also be good) but it's not developed enough. The pace's also a bit too slow at some parts (i hate draggy horror movies, they put me to sleep zzzz) and Zoe's supernatural power confuses me. Personally would prefer if the movie's more clear whether it wants to go to possession kind of flow or Carrie style, mixing both only adds to more confusion. Not a must watch by a mile, totally skippable.
I saw the trailer and i thought the Mad part of the title described it perfectly *LOL*. Hunny warned me about the movie being full of freaky (because he played the video game and knew what to expect) characters, i told him there's Tom Hardy in it, i think i can endure any freaks as long as i get to see his pretty face.

The story is set in an apocalyptic world, where humanity is broken and civilization is almost extinct, everyone is well.. Mad. They all try to survive by killing each other. There are a few rebels left, one is Max (a man whose sanity seems to be at the brink of collapse due to his guilt of losing his wife and child)-he was suddenly abducted by a group of (absolutely crazy *LOL*, both in looks and behavior) punks called "War Boys" and become their "blood bag" (quite literally). The war boys belong to a tyrant leader called Immortan Joe, a sickly old man who hides behind a facade and theatrics to control "his people". One of his most trusted lieutenant, a woman called Furiosa, suddenly went rouge and tried to smuggle out Immortan Joe's "treasures"-and the two's lives intersected.

I strangely find this movie fascinating, with all its craziness. I think it's quite hilarious too (sometimes in all the wrong way, like how the War Boys keeps on saying "Witness!!!" whenever they are about to commit a suicide) especially the War Boys' rock guitarist who tirelessly plays for them when in pursuit of their enemy *LOL*. The acting's totally brilliant, i never pegged Nicholas Hoult to be able to play a crazy assed punk as convincingly as he does. It's a real rock and roll and mad mad movie, not everybody's cup of tea (or it is? It's crazily rated 8.7 in ImDb!) but for those who gets it-it's pretty darn brilliant indeed.

3. Tomorrowland
Baby Boy was the one who wanted to watch this movie (he saw the trailer in YouTube. Kids these days...) so we went as soon as it showed. I thought, it's a Disney movie so it's gotta be at least decent... It was okay (nothing mind blowing) but i believe that it's more suitable for older kids (maybe aged 9?) because there are a lot of drama in it and Baby Boy couldn't stop shifting in his seat during those scenes, which means it'd be quite boring for even younger kids.

Tomorrowland is a land of promise (in another dimension!) for the smart, the talented and the gifted. You can only enter if you're invited, even the invitation (a badge that takes you instantly to "another world" just by touching it) is super special. Cassie is a (super) smart teen who never gives up in what she believes in and one day she received a badge. The badge is like a calling to her and she felt like she had to go there and in order to do so, she needs the help of Frank (George Clooney) who was once also belonged there but when they finally got there, it's no longer the paradise that it was before.

It's quite interesting really, and there are a lot of amazing scenes like the earlier days of Tomorrowland, and when Cassie tried to keep on "watching" the invitation, those are really fascinating and entertaining-but i feel like this movie has a lot of weak scenes in it and the story never really got developed after they got there (The movie pretty much peaked during their effort to get to Tomorrowland and quickly went downhill from there). I dunno, it just has so much more potential than what it eventually become. Oh, hunny actually commented that Frank's character's teetering on the pedo territory, and i did feel a bit uncomfortable with the way Frank was watching Athena towards the end *LOL*.

Quite an entertaining watch, and while the ending is is (of course, it's Disney after all) a happy one, i left the cinema thinking there should be more to it. I'd recommend watching it at least for the few fun scenes.

Well, i don't mean to save the best for last or anything, it's just happened that we watched this movie last and i always go in chronological order but it really is the best movie of the month. It's EFFING HILARIOUS you guys, go and watch it NOW!!!! No seriously, i got a tummy ache from laughing too much (and it's not the kind of funny that you forget as soon as you leave the cinema either, just thinking of the scenes leaves me in stitches and i actually just had a dream of the scene in today's nap and i laughed in my dream WTF).

Susan Cooper (the brilliant Melissa McCarthy, i truly love her-my fave female comedian for sure!!!) is a sweet, matronly CIA analyst. She's damn good at what she does, but the way she looks and acts (you know, always nervous and embarrassed) makes people overlook her hard work. She mainly works as the "eye and ear" of her partner, Bradley Fine-until one day a mission went wrong which ended up in Susan having to work on the field for the very first time in her career, go deep undercover to infiltrate the arms dealer world and prevent a global crisis.

This movie made the whole cinema roared with laughter just a few seconds after the opening credit, and it never went down. One scene is more hilarious than before-the cast is brilliant, the storyline simple but confusingly hilarious, sometimes it gets so stupid that it's tears-inducingly-hilarious (in all the right way). Melissa McCarthy is hilarious (i know i use that word way too much already, but it's the best word to describe this movie), even Jason Statham's hilarious (he's making fun of his own usual roles here *you know, the macho hero* brilliantly as well)-and Rose Byrne... OMG, i didn't know whether to slap or hug her *LOL*. 

I know that maybe my sense of humor's not the same as everybody else, but i don't really have the same wavelength as hunny and he also found it equally hilarious SO i believe that at least most of you would find it amusing as well. I personally LOVE it and recommending it to everybody who can do with a little laugh!

That's all for May! We went to watch Insidious Chapter 3 earlier today and it's surprisingly GOOD (i'm not a fan of the second movie although i loved the first one). I'll talk more about it in next month's review (which might be delayed since i will be overseas until the 8th) but in the mean time, i have a message for all horror movies die hard fans : go watch it!

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  1. tadinya kita mau nonton tomorrowland juga karena andrew minta. tapi setelah baca2 review kok pada bilang kurang bagus. ternyata bagus juga ya?

    1. It's not that bad koq! Terutama awal sampe tengah nya ^^

  2. Penasaran nonton Lazarus sama Tomorrowland

    1. Lazarus nya agak kurang greget nih T.T

  3. mad max, amazing action movie...