Delicate As A Petal

11:32:00 PM

I don't mean me lah haih, not so shameless, i meant the color of my pretty skirt here :D
So soft, so dainty... The title's totally fitting, don't you think?

I wore this outfit to Emdee Clinic's Anniversary Event because the dress code was "Young and Lively". I'm pretty confused with the dress code (because not specific enough hahaha, like... Colors and actual shape would be much easier) so i just threw together some simple stuffs that's youthful without looking like i'm trying to be 17 again hahaha (but in all honestly i'd say Emdee preferred the attendance to dress in their colors, judging from the dress code winner!). For some (unexplainable, of course) reasons, i really wanted to wear a flirty, shorter flare skirt and i wanted the whole look to be simple and feminine so i paired it with a simple top (one of my lucky purchases from replica locally produced clothes) and play around with the "youthful" part with my bag and footwear.
Sabsab and Nessya helped me snapped the outfit pics in Sutos after we took a peek of Food Kartel but like i always say, i find it harder to pose in front of anyone but my hunny! It didn't help that people stare hahaha (probably thinking WTF's wrong with these three girls, taking pics nonstop in every spot possible hahaha)... So when we got home i asked hunny to snap some more pics at our front yard because the pics in Sutos sure weren't going to be enough for a blog post!
Excuse the crumples, i was in that outfit for a whole day already... I have no idea how some girls can stay crumple free (in cotton some more!) the whole day, how do they seat???
So the main item in this outfit is the skirt and i built the whole look from it, the skirt itself was bought in Taipei, i think it was the most expensive piece of clothing i bought while i was there because most of the others that i bought are from the Pasar Malam (Night Market) kind...
Since the outfit's so simple, of course i had to add a statement necklace
And for such a youthful event, i decided that my makeup should be light and youthful as well! (I am anything if not thorough!)
Soft, shimmery eyes is my fave...
List of products used :
1. C/o Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
2. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
3. elf Eye Primer
4. Shu Eumura Pressed Eyeshadow in G Silver
5. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
6. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24 HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Brown
7. Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara
8. Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush (01 Tender Petal)
9. Hello Kitty Tinted Lipbalm in Apple
10.  Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder
Hm. I like the makeup, but i'm a bit puzzled on how lighter lip color seems to make my lips appear bigger...
Stacked on accessories-wore a statement ring too and people keep on teasing me about wearing an Akik whenever i wear it zzzz. First of all, it's probably plastic, and second of all-bought it longgg before akik is on the rage. I doubt i would ever wear a real akik anyway, bomoh chic is not my look WTF.
Statement Necklace : gift from my sis (bought in Pasar Atum)
Ring : New Look (NOT AKIK WTF)
Bangles : from an accessories Fukubukuro
Nails by Me-Nail

You can see how uncomfortable i was, i pretty much didn't change my poses-just shifted my legs hahaha
Outfit details :
Top : Online
Skirt : 50% Fifty Percent (Taiwan)
Sheer Socks : Uniqlo
Shoes : (got plenty of compliments for it the whole day, if only it's a tad more comfortable hahaha my feet's dying by the end of the day)
Bag : Les Femmes

Please note that i am not sponsored by any of those brands, but whenever i like a brand i'd definitely support and share it-if i want to. I hope brands would stop e-mailing me asking me to link my posts to their websites, why the hell should i??? The more they ask me to ask such a ridiculous thing, the more determined i am not to zzz. Please don't be so cheap, bloggers are not free advertisement opportunities! I don't ask you to sponsor me or advertise with me, but at least respect my space! Spamming also boils my blood *LOL*. I'm sure you have more than enough budget to sponsor us if you want to!
Extra pic with my living selfie stick Sabsab hahaha
We're always decked in Lulla Knot Hairties (yes, this one is sponsored LOL, but we seriously love Lulla!)
And out cute shoes of the day!
Until next time!


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  1. wow thes is a beautyful outfit so cute =D

  2. Your outfit is so cute! I would want to be dressed up with the same pieces altogether. :) The top showing shoulders is quite trendy right now and your pink shoes look like conversation starters as well. Sheer socks from Uniqlo is also a good find!

    1. Thank you! I did get a lot of compliments on my shoes that day :D!