South Korea Winter Trip : Day 8 (Lotte World)

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Hey guysss :D!!!

I've been working on this blog posts for days!!! I thought before i go on my next trip i could be more productive and blog more (you know, to over compensate being more absent while i am overseas), but i clearly haven't been on a vacay for a bit (it's been 5 months, way too frigging long i guess *LOL*) because i forgot that i would be extra busy on days leading to the d day, lots of loose ends to take care of! Not to mention that i have a lot more events and blogging related activities to do nowadays *sigh*. 

ALSO, because this blog post has a LOT of photos (consider yourself warned) that i had to resize and then mix (because there'll be way too many similar photos instead) so... It takes a while for me to actually get on with Day 8 of our South Korea trip, a day which is dedicated for a whole day in Lotte World!
I didn't remember to snap a pic in the midst of Lotte World or something that can be the opening photo, so this will have to do!
Hmmm, i just googled Lotte World and realized that there is an OUTDOOR themepark called Magic Island in this place as well. I didn't even know that (and i've been to Lotte World twice WTF) it exists, i feel like an idiot now hahahaha. Oh well, we spent the whole day just in the indoor theme park anyway (literally until closing time!) so there was no time to go there anyway. 

So we went to Lotte World using the subway in the morning:
Oops, i swear i didn't know that there was a sleeping lady when i took this pic. And this pic makes me really want to bleach my teeth -____- daily consumption of coffee is taking its toll on my pearly (no longer) whites :(...
#coupleselfie in the middle of subway hehe
If you're wondering where Baby Boy is...
Fortunately my mum is a dinosaur and she doesn't do internet. If she does and stalk this blog/my FB she'll definitely make a comment about me "abandoning" Baby Boy and was busy taking pics with everybody else (if i don't post this one). This happened before when a "concerned relatives/friend" stalked my FB and my mum suddenly asked who Baby Boy is sitting, just after i posted a pic of me sitting in a bus with hunny (earlier in this trip). WTF. FML. She thinks Baby Boy is really a baby and must be stuck to my hip 24/7 it's super irritating GAHHHHH
Hey, looks like hunny was posing hahaha. If i can blur the other people then this can be some sort of a music album cover hahahaha
Finally arrived at Lotte World Mall!
Immediately spotted this. Korea was full of uber cute Christmas cakes that time! (it was 2 days before Chrismas)
Spotted the automatic ticketing machine but try as we might, we just couldn't figure out how to buy the tickets here zzz
Lotte World's mascots, Lotty and Lorry at the restroom!
Finally gave up on trying to buy the tickets via the machine and just went to the entrance and bought them at the cashier there #easier :p! Don't remember the entrance fee rate, but you can check them here.
Baby Boy kept on sticking his two front teeth out like this the whole day when i tried to take his pic, i hate itttttttt
Since we didn't even know (wonder if CL knew?) about the outdoor theme park, we decided to keep our heavy coats in the lockers...
World's largest indoor theme park!
Huge ice rink, making our local malls ones' look pathetic in comparison *LOL*
Adventure 1st Floor is where we spent majority of our time
The first ride we rode on was Lotty's Air Balloon, which decor is the most exciting thing. The ride itself was super boring *LOL*. Just watching a short film in suspended platform *sigh*. I wonder why there is a height limit!!!
At least the decor's cute
Hm. It's cute, but it's closer to Christmas than Halloween!
Give donation and get to hang your wish on the Christmas Tree
I got my heart set to ride this because it's not too big like an outdoor one (i never get on rides where you'd be upside down because i hate the thought of being suspended!!!), but then after queuing for a while we realized that we're lining up in the wrong queue -___-. It was a queue for the foodcourt WTF
It was gearing to midday and we haven't even had proper breakfasts yet, so we gave up in the Giant Loop and ended up filling in our tummies instead hahahaha.
#selfie while waiting for our food
Wefie with the kids, i'm clearly in a selfie mood that day huh
Dunno why hunny was so happy just holding the foodcourt's pagers? On second thought probably his skin was super tight and his lips cracking from the cold hence the weird face hahahaha
Bibimbap, yum!
Yummy chicken karage omelette rice! (okay, dunno if the food really yum or we're just hungry lo)
After lunch, CL told us that KC's not feeling well so they were just going to stay in the food area for a while so we spent the majority of that day just the five of us. 

Stumbled into a parade and decided to stick around and watch for a while.
We were late so we didn't get an ideal spot but it was okay... At least we could still see the parade anyway hahaha
All those sweet costumes were so adorbs
I have a thing with food costumes..
Whatta cute float!
The color scheme of these costumes spoke to me...
Then we started exploring again.
Spotted this Tomb of Horror and decided to check it out (yes, with the three scaredy cats!)
Turned out that not all of the attraction's already included in the entrance fee (that's so annoying considering the entrance fee's quite expensive already) zzz, including this one. But i was curious so we went in anyway, so not worth it though -___-. It was so mediocre, not scary at all. Not worth paying extra for (yes, their rides didn't impress me hahaha, i guess Disneyland and Universal Studio has ruined other theme parks for me!!!)

The "babies area" with rides for smaller children
These two nerds salivating over fake foods hahaha
I know what comment people will give if i post this *LOL*. I am very often mistaken for Au's friend... It annoys her very much. And because of that i also feel very squeamish when my nephew/niece's friends call me "Auntie" LOLOLOLOL. I know they're supposed to, because i am their friend's Aunty, but there are times when i want to scream "I WAS ONLY 12 WHEN YOU WERE BORN!!! HOW DO YOU FEEL IF MY SON CALLS YOU UNCLE??? YOUR AGE DIFFERENCE TO MY SON IS THE SAME AS YOUR AGE DIFFERENCE AS ME!!!" LOLOLOLOL #unreasonable #dontcomment
We rode some more rides, the most memorable one was the Sinbad adventure-which was my fave ride back on my first visit many many years ago, i believe they've expanded and made the ride even more impressive! It was better than i remembered. Oh, did you remember that i mentioned i only saw like, four hot guys in my entire trip in Korea (for my taste lah)? Yeah, one of the attendants of this ride was one of them *LOL*. 

He was also very sweet, when Au approached him (there was another attendant, who was a SHE. I guess Au's got her slutty side poked now, when she sees a handsome Oppa...) and asked him whether we're going to be wet, he said "Yes, a little bit!".  We squealed and shrug on our coats to protect ourselves somehow *LOL*, he smiled and leaned in "If you don't want to get wet i can put you in the back seat!". We told him that'd be fantastic, and he especially forbade his colleague to seat us up front and walked us to the back. Awww. So there is a base for those characters in K-dramas after all. There is still hope, you dreamers out there! LOL.

After having enough of the rides of the floor, we went to the other floors and rode mostly 3D kind of rides...
How cute is this pic btw!!!
When we got enough of rides (and queuing up. Although it was not as bad as USS or Disneyland, we still had to queue for quite a bit for some rides because it was pretty crowded that day), we headed to the Folk Museum.
I'm quite a history buff so i really enjoyed the museum! If you're not (i'm talking to you, Arman! LOL), do scroll down-we still do other stuffs after visiting the museum!
The Folk Museum is very thorough, they started from Prehistoric era!
In an entirely unrelated topic, we just went to watch Jurassic World today! It's good!

I already included information on most of the pics so i don't explain too much okay
Model of procession
Model of hunting scene
Replica of common people's home during the Baekjae period
The common people raising water from a well and peeling the skin off a bean
In comparison, this is a replica of an aristocrat's residence during the same period
The aristocrat... Not sure what she was doing though hahaha

Tomb of King Muryong
Rock-cut Buddha Triad. Excuse the lumps on my belly, i swear those are not fats, it's four layer of clothes....
Yeah, when the General started "talking", his jaw moves and his eyes blinks and rolls around creepily *LOL*
Rural family home (upstairs) and store house (downstairs)
Tried to get one family pic and got photobombed FOL
Model of common people's house (this is a different era already) in Silla period and the mother-daughter pair's grinding beans using a millstone
Us being silly
Hunny with the A-Frame, which is an ancient device to carry things!
Model of a farmhand's house and the man's making a mat
Silla Aristocrat's Residence
Top pic : Uruk (6th century inventor of gayagum) playing the instrument and a lady dancing in the aristocrat's residence
Below : Ladies ironing the cloth, i suppose??? 

Hunny being a peeping tom hahaha
Au in the stable
Baby Boy trying out one of the ancient throwing game (haih, we still play this in festivals and bazaars *LOL*)
Breath taking royal jewelries
One of the most amazing model in the entire museum, IMO
The Buddha statue looks gigantic in this pic, but the monk's doll is actually tiny! I had to sit down on the floor to take these pictures hehehe. The monk doll moves, you can see how he is bowing in the second pic
MT being silly
Again, a model of common people's house *LOL* (now in Goryeo era) and on the left women doing dadeumijil or fulling cloth by pounding, sort of the alternative to ironing i guess haha
One if the fun part of the museum : you get to try out things! Btw, i am so disturbed at how bald hunny looks in this pic, he actually has twice as much hair now!
Cotton making
Royal seals
Pretending to play Yut *LOL*
The next section is filled with thousands of tiny figurines depicting Korea in different periods, it's quite amazing!
Of course, i would only show some in this post *LOL*, or else you're only going to finish scrolling tomorrow.
Waiting for my Prince to save me
The details were absolutely amazing!
Sodang (private elementary school)
Then it's the more modern Korea's era. You know, my grandparents' era.
Hunny said this wax statue reminded him of KC, smoking and sulking *LOLOLOLOL*
Dun cry, ahjussi...
Got caught drooling on the noodle-eating statue hahaha
The noodles sure does look appetizing though, don't you think?
My darling trying to send his empty water bottle away hahaha
And that's the end of the museum visit!
Not exactly souvenir shop, more like... Shopping area? For vintage feeling kind of stuffs. Found CL shopping for a jade ring (one that she always wear now) here hahaha
Food area
Wonder how many more years he'll allow me using him as a prop for pics? Hehe
KC and CL had finished taking pictures with Korean traditional clothes (a better one than the first attempt) and we also wantttt...
This is directly in front of the little "studio"

MT and Au. I seriously found MT's hat to be hilarious
My costume's choice caused a bit of a commotion *LOL*. CL protested because hunny chose a king's costume (and we put a prince's costume on Baby Boy) but i die die also didn't want to wear the fugly, matronly, grandmother looking queen costume! I chose a commoner, unmarried woman's dress instead.

Call me weird, but i take my fashion very seriously and i already HATE staged photos in the first place, so i prefer to be 100% comfortable in my clothing choices, even if it's not technically/culturally right. I am a writer after all, so i came up with a background story on the spot. I was just a common maiden when the King picked me, and we got a illegitimate son who immediately became the Crown Prince because the King didn't have any other son with his other 100 wives. LOLOLOL, whatever lah! I just don't want to look like an ahjumma, cannot meh????? I don't like the queen's costume, that should be reason enough!

Anyway, i was too big for most of the maiden's dresses *LOLOLOL*, i guess they're made for petite ladies/younger girls, and the photo studio staff (there's only one girl there) had to be creative and mix and match it with other dress. She was grumbling in Korean, probably going on about this fat woman who insists on wearing a maiden dress, oh who gives a f**k, i paid so i better get to dress in whatever i want okay! LOL. No, seriously, i didn't even get offended, i just didn't care. Anything but the grandmother dress, please!
And i love the result! Who cares about the right costume, it's not like we're taking serious pic anyway, we're just having some funnnn
Not bad for a couple who couldn't stare longingly to each other's eyes longer than 3 secs without giggling, no?
Okay, the real us is starting to come out
And we got crazier by the minute
Of course, the staff (who doubles as the photog. Note that you need to have your own camera ya, for KRW 10.000 *if i remember correctly* they're only providing the costume and help you take pictures with your own gadgets) also took endless pics of Baby Boy, BUT... he is now very difficult to take formal (or even non formal) pictures of. 

He would give this very stiff, awkward, weird and froggy looking face on and he wouldn't be able to pull a normal face no matter how we tried to advise him *SIGH*. My fave pics of him are candid ones, because as soon as he is aware of the camera, the frog pops out. He actually has a very small face, but he would puff out his double chin as soon as the camera clicks, even on selfies *sigh*. This is why i don't post pics of him that often. All of his pics turned out the same, and here's the best of the worst :
This is the least froggy looking one wkwkwkwk
Family pic! If you're wondering why i kept on trying to act demure, the staff was the one who puts my hands like this okay hahahaha
Actually the lady's a pretty good photog. She took nice pics of me, that's very rare. I can count people who takes nice pics of me with one hand...
Okay lah, that's all. She snapped 10x more pics *LOL* of the same pose in every angle, i chose the best few lah.

The others headed home after this (it was getting late) but Baby Boy seemed disappointed when we told him we're going back to the hotel already, so told hunny that he's already being such a good boy in the entire trip (can't ask for a better behaving 7 year old really. Cross my heart and hope to die), and we already paid the entrance fee #kiasu so why not let him really play to his heart's content? We ended up playing a few more of those 3D rides that he loves so much.
And also this kiddish boat ride in the fairy's cove. The ride's very pretty but not very easy to photograph due to the lighting
Hunny was quite shocked when Baby Boy pointed out to this ride because it's kinda baby-ish and Baby Boy acts like a much older kid most of the time. I told him, he will soon refuse whole heartedly to ride this kind of rides, so let him enjoy it while he still can! I really want my baby to be allowed to enjoy his age, live his childhood to the fullest (and don't grow up too soon). I also hope that he will never lose that wide-eyed, innocent wonder of this world. I am a full grown woman, and yet i still am in awe of this world, that's partly of why i love my life so much (and look much younger than my age, apart from DNA of course). And i want the same for him. There's a space for a little kid's innocence and carefree attitude in everybody!

We left the theme park when Baby Boy finally said he's had enough, and that's just a few minutes before closing time! We were downstairs getting some fast food (it was really late, way passed dinner time and i didn't want Baby Boy to get sick) when the closing ceremony played. There's a parade that we couldn't see, but the floating, mechanical lantern floating in perfect harmony making a perfect circle's pretty amazing! We recorded the video but Blogger said it's too big for the space *sigh* and i have no idea how to edit a video :(...
So this pic of the half-formed circle would have to do *LOL*
There was also an Etude House store in the mall, it was quite spacious and had the complete range of their latest lines (back then it was the Disney Princess ones) but i was so tired already i couldn't concentrate. Still regret it til this day because i ended up not finding the Disney Princess line in any of EH stores that we went to the next day *sigh*. The flower blush on's pretty neat... Any local online store still have stocks? LOL.

Anyway, that's the end of our Day 8! Day 9 was filled with shopping and roaming the city, so it's going to be a much shorter post-which would have to wait until next month because i haven't resized the pics and i won't have access to my computer (will be blogging from my mini Ipad instead) starting on Saturday! 

Hope you enjoy this long-assed post!


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  1. paling seneng ya kalo ke theme park. hahaha.

    bagus tuh foto2nya yang pake baju tradisional. lucu. hehehe.

    1. Iya, theme park is the best dah pokoknya hahaha

  2. It's really difficult to choose photos to be posted on the blog especially when there are so many of them that look good and you want to share. What tool are you using to resize the photos? This trip looked so much fun! Lotte World is certainly HUGE and there's adventure for both kids and adults. It's great that you also got to visit the museum and wear costumes!

    1. I'm using Microsoft Word Photo Manager :D!