Review : Grape Spa by Eternelle Aesthetic Clinic and Spa (SPONSORED)

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Hey guys!

Yes, you read it right! I went for a body spa!!! Cray or what? LOL. And the spa that was honored by my presence *LOLOLOL* was Eternelle Aesthetic Clinic and Spa!
Eternelle Aesthetic Clinic and Spa
Gwalk Shop House W1 no17-18 Citraland,Surabaya 60216 
If i'm being completely honest with you, i've never heard of Eternelle before, not only because i'm usually not interested in spa related places (you know me and my famous hatred towards anything that involves getting naked around strangers, getting touched by strangers and massages!!!), but also because the location is in the other side of the city and it's relatively new (they opened their door just four years ago!).

A while ago my Vlogger friend Cynthian (check out her channel here!) asked me to come with her and try out Eternelle's body spa. Of course, my first reaction was "ME??? Body spa??? BUT BUT BUT..." then i felt my stiff neck and sore body screaming at me, i think if there's a right time for a body pampering session, this is it! So i said "okay!" and proceed on annoying her with my obsession and worries about kicking the therapist if i i feel ticklish *LOLOLOL*.

FYI, i've only been to a real spa once before (i did a post-natal treatment that went on for a whole month but it was mostly targeting to get my body recuperate after giving birth and it was done at the comfort of my own room) and it left me scarred for life, it was the first and the last time for me-until Eternelle! And i'm glad to tell you, Eternelle has successfully change my view on body spa from (very) negative to (very) positive! No exaggeration here, this post is sponsored but all that i'm writing is honest and my own opinion, as usual!

Anyway, let's start from the top! I was dropped off at Cynthian's place at around 10.15 (she asked me to come as early as possible because she's going to drive and she hasn't really driven by herself for the longest time! As someone who can't drive, i think she did pretty well, except the parking part *LOL*-that's a different matter altogether!) and since the traffic was very cooperative, we arrived pretty much at 11 on the dot-the time of our appointment. 

When we arrived, Cynthian realized that Eternelle's rep actually e-mailed her and asked if we could come at 1 instead -___-, but we were already there so there's nothing that we could do about it! I hate to be a B, but i do think they seemed to be a bit confused and there were lots of mixed up going on *sigh*, maybe that's one of the little criticism i have to give them, organize the appointments better (yes, we should be treated like a regular customer and not pushed aside just because we're sponsored ^^, i'm saying this with the best intention of course, not like i'm being power crazy or whatever!). I'm sure they didn't mean to treat us less than a paying customer, i believe they were just still not used to sponsoring bloggers/vloggers on a weekend (which is obviously the peak time for them).

Back to topic, Cynthia (yes, same name as Cynthian without the N hahaha) as the rep of Eternelle welcomed us (with the brand manager, Mr. Herman. I hope i got that right) and took us for a tour of the place first.
The receptionist area
Cozy waiting room at the lobby area
Spotted some of their products on display
Interesting promo!
First room that we were taken to was the doctor's practice room.
This room is where the doctor would perform treatments and procedures that can (and should) only be done by an aesthetician. In all honestly, i totally thought Estrelle was just a body spa kind of place (didn't do enough research beforehand, so sorry) so i was a bit taken a back when i saw the doctor's room and all. Turned out Estrelle is both an aesthetic clinic and spa! So not only you can pamper your body here, but you can also do procedures (yes, botox and filler included) as well as getting manicures and pedicures! Convenient, yes?
Some of the treatments and procedures they offer
Hello Cynthian and moi in the mirror hehehe
The meni pedi area, so cozy! The place honestly didn't look that big from the outside so it was quite a surprise once we're inside! It is spacious for sure!
Then we were taken to the second floor where the treatment rooms mostly are.
Seriously loving this spot at the stairs. And don't worry, it's just Mr. Herman's reflection in the mirror hahaha
The super cozy and beautifully homey waiting area in the second floor
Mr. Herman told us that if their clients have kids waiting for the mummies to get their treatments, they can wait here and watch TV so they wouldn't be bored. That's very thoughtful! I love the details they think of for their clients' satisfaction and comfort!
I'm not usually into decors, but seriously. Too pretty. Even someone as daft as me could appreciate lah hahaha
Here's their facial room :
It's a communal kind of room, but of course there are curtains to ensure your privacy. I personally like this kind of room because i tend to go for facials with my mum/niece/friends (and now, even hubby haha) so i am more comfortable with shared rooms!
All of their rooms have different names related to beauty, that's cute!
I mean, how cute is a room called Anti Oxidant?
Or Chocolicious? This room was used by Cynthian later to get her Chocolicious spa, how appropriate right!
I honestly have no idea what Lemon Glimer is though, anyone can enlighten me?
Then we were taken to the body spa rooms, this one is the couple room :
Very spacious, comfy and pretty indeed!
The bathroom. I love the pebbles!
We were supposed to be getting our body spa here but i think they got double booked or something (i'm not sure why, like i mentioned earlier-there seemed to be a lot of mix up and confusions) so we got the single rooms instead. I'm not sure if it's a blessing in disguise because we (very belatedly) realized latter that we'll have to get almost completely naked and it's bad enough to be naked in front of the therapists, but in front of each other??? That'd be quite horrible LOLOLOL, so maybe getting the single rooms was a good thing afterall!
Of course, where there's a mirror...
Anyway, let's take a look at the single room (which was also the room where i got the treatment at) :
View from the door. It's a little bit small and cramped, but Mr. Herman told us they are planning to renovate soon and even replace the bathtub with a shower-that's a great idea!
The lighting in the single rooms were also a lot dimmer than the couple room, so picture taking was a bit difficult. But we did spent majority of the treatment time with the lights turned off so it's not that big of a deal (except selfie's very hard to do hahaha)
They have a connection door between the two rooms (mine and Cynthian's) so we could actually still talk to each other (much to my therapist's annoyance *LOL* she kept on telling us to relax and stop talking hahaha), not only connecting doors..
But we actually shared the bathtub as well hehehe
While we were waiting for the therapists to prepare all the stuffs up, Mr. Herman showed us some of the clinic's price rate so we can share them with you.
The injections are very affordable!
The threadlift procedure's also surprisingly affordable
Ohhh, i am very interested in the hyfrecauter-i want to get rid of my moles! So maybe i should check it out sometime in the future...
Cynthian browsing through the price list
Then the therapists were finally ready for us and we were ushered into our respective rooms and told to strip *LOL*, we were horrified (remember, i only went to a real spa once, some 14 years ago, and Cynthian never went) and didn't really know what to do, we even freaked about taking our bras off *LOLOLOL*, how stupid are we?
Eternelle provide new hair cap and disposable panties for their clients
Here are the products used on me :  massage oil, scrub and mask powder
Me looking crazy in my hair cap hahaha
Since we're practically naked, plus we're supposed to relax, were dripping in oil (and scrub. And mask) and the light was off most of the time, we couldn't take pictures (or, in Cynthian's case, film) of the steps-but it's pretty much the same lah as in every spa! I will share a bit (okay, a lot) of my opinion of each steps.

Eternelle has four spa variants : Milky Way Spa (brighten and even out skin tone), Chocolicious (hydrate and calming), Grape Spa (ward off free radicals and brighten skin) and Luxurious Body Cashmere (anti aging, for soft and silky skin).

I actually chose the Luxurious Body Cashmere spa and was okay-ed but the night before the spa day, Cynthian told me that they ran out of the products for this spa -____- (again with the mix up) so i had to choose another one. I didn't actually care which variant i got, but i do prefer the softening ones compared to whitening ones (coz i'm so fair already)-so in the end i went for the Grape Spa (it's so unique too, i never heard of Grape Spa before!)

1. Massage
The therapist that handled me was very knowledgeable in her field and was able to explain everything to me. I confided in her that i am actually scared of massages because i had a bad experience in the past, i always felt very ticklish whenever i am massaged and the pain sometimes really unbearable. The therapist told me not to worry, every therapists in Eternelle are certified and been through proper training and tests-they know what they are doing. If a masseuse makes you feel ticklish, that actually means the person doesn't know what they are doing! A good masseuse has to have a steady and sure hands and their touch must be sure and firm-she even asked me if i felt tickled when she touched me and i must admit, not at all! 

Then she also told me that unbearable pain during massage means the masseuse also doesn't really know how to massage. I'm not going to lie, i'm a big cry baby and very unused to massages (which is a contributing factor to the pain tolerance level)  so there were times when the massage really made me wince and cringe and gritted my teeth real bad-but the end result is so worth it!

Cynthian asked why is it essential to you massaging oil during a massage? My therapist explained that using massage oil (they used a lavender one) would help the massage to reach the essential points (i.e : the muscles) and penetration of the oil in our skin would help us relax as well. 

My therapist was a bit like a psychic (okay not really, maybe like a doctor-or just a very good therapist) because she could actually gauge a lot of facts about me just by feeling my muscle. She said my calf muscles were not straight but got lots of knots and that means that i really like to walk around (i do)-she went and straightened them and it really was painful but felt so good afterwards! She also advised me not too walk too much in the next two hours to get the best result.

Another notable part is when she massaged my stiff neck (i got a very bad stiff neck that last much longer than any stiff necks i've suffered from before because the cause is... Disney Tsum Tsum and i obviously still continue playing them :p)-not only it became a lot looser and less painful immediately after, she also asked "Do you find it hard to fall asleep?"-well i have a very bad insomnia so of course the answer is yes! She told me i'm going to have a very nice sleep that night.

I was quite skeptical about that BUT, i felt super tired just at 7 PM later (that's so unheard of because i am such a nocturnal creature) and couldn't keep my eyes open before 1 AM (i usually slept at 2 lately *sigh*) and had a crazy good night sleep! Like i was drugged or something! I slept like a baby throughout the night and even had to continue with a very long nap on the next day-it's like my body's screaming from the lack of sleep i put it through lately but i was never relaxed enough to actually have the long rest that i needed-and the massage makes my body relaxed enough to finally get enough sleep! It's AMAZING! 

The therapist told me that i should try to get some sleep and that's her goal (she said during the masseuse tests if they manage to get their client to fall asleep then they'd get top score! Their goal is definitely to make you as relaxed as possible), but i was busy enduring the painful spots to fall asleep (LOL). I, however, did drift off during the second step (and totally fell asleep on the third).

2. Scrub 
I admit that i don't use scrub enough (i have a tub in the bathroom at all time, and meant to use it once a week but i always am too lazy and forgetful >.<!) so i have disgustingly a lot of dead skin cells-this step is definitely much needed! The scrub was rough enough to make me feel super clean but not too rough that it was painful (it did felt like i was scrubbed with a sandpaper at times *LOL*). I love that my scrub smelt of grape (of course, the artificial kind)-very yummy! Btw, Cynthian chose a chocolicious spa (because her skin is CRAZY dry) and she smelled like a chocolate cake hahaha (even more so during the mask session).

After scrubbing step was done, we were offered a wet towel wipes or we could just wash off our bodies in the bathtub and both of us chose the latter. I must note that they were also very thoughtful and provided us with a second disposable underwear so we didn't have to reuse the panties that already got dirty from the scrub.

When i got off the bathtub, i noticed they already covered the treatment bed with a huge plastic sheet :
The Grape Mask
3. Mask
They then applied the very warm mask all over my body (it was nice against the cold air conditioner-not that it was freezing or anything, the therapist always asked me if i'm too cold and turn down the temperature when i told her i was), then wrap me up with the plastic sheet and covered me with towel/comforter so i was as comfortable as i could be (i'm not sure how comfortable one can be with a wet mask all over their body?). Unlike the scrub, it smelt a little less grape-y and more like traditional body masks (or lulur) instead. I soon fell asleep and had a wonderful nap. Cynthian did too, a little too wonderful because she told me she was actually annoyed when she was woken up *LOLOLOL*.

I felt totally relaxed and refreshed when i woke up, and i actually thoroughly enjoyed every step except the fact that i had to wait for a pretty long time to get scrubbed *LOL*. They seem to be a bit short on staff (and they also had a staff took a day off *sigh*) and the therapist that massaged me had to leave after scrubbing off my torso because her client (who already booked her off days before) already arrived. I had to wait a very long time for another therapist to take over that Cynthian's therapist actually felt bad for me and scrubbed me when Cynthian was done. 

That's not all, another therapist eventually showed up and finished up the scrubbing-so i was actually scrubbed by three different therapists! THEN the latter therapist also had to go back to her own client *OMG*, so Cynthian's therapist had to mask off both Cynthian and i! Thank you for your hard work, dear mbak (you'll see her picture later)!

Anyway, after 15 or 20 minutes, we were woken up and told to shower. The kind therapist also asked us what we'd like to drink and suggested hot ginger to warm our bodies up and it's already waiting for us when we're done showering.
Along with some snack because "People usually got hungry after body spas", that's very thoughtful!
It felt so good to have a warm drink after shower!
Of course, beauty vlogger and blogger had to snap some "semi candid" pics
And selfie with our "pillow faces" (that's what Nessya said about our faces LOL)
Pretending not to know that my pic was taken *LOL*. Anyway, need to make Cynthian practice using Marshmallow better, all pictures taken by her turned out blurry zzz *stare*
Here's the very warm and friendly therapist (that saw my ring during scrubbing and asked if i'm already engaged LOLOLOL, told her that i am married and have a son-i have to endure this every time T.T) that handled Cynthian and some parts of my treatments. Thank you mbak!
It's a wrap!
Cynthia and Mr. Herman were waiting for us down stair and we had a bit of a chat with them for a bit
With Cynthia and Cynthian! Thank you for the guy who helped take this pic (i'm sure he's Cynthia's bf), he's a good photog!
Before bidding Eternelle audieu. 

I loved the experience, and the fact that the spa gave me a crazily soft and smooth (oh, but i hoped they'd provide body lotions in the room for the clients to use after shower. Cynthian said the therapist gave her some but she forgot to pass to me, so i think it's a good idea to provide some in each room. My palms felt exceptionally dry after being soaked for so long and not nourished back immediately with some lotion. As someone who uses body lotions religiously after shower, it really made me felt super dry and uncomfortable until i asked some from Cynthian while i was waiting for my hunny to pick me up at her place-much later!) skin, it's already soft in the first place but after the spa it's in an entirely different level alright! Not to mention firmer and suppler! 

I absolutely feel super relaxed after the spa and i felt super refreshed, my muscles all loose and all the aches i've been feeling gone! It's wonderful! I think a good spa should have not only good products, but great therapists as well, the silver lining in their therapist shortage was the fact that i got to sample three out of six therapists' hands and i must say they all are really good!

I would highly recommend Eternelle spa for both spa lovers and those who tend to shy away from spas like me-they deserve a chance! The Grape Spa is a little pricey at IDR 500.000 but i think it's worth the price-still, if your budget's smaller than that then you can try out the Chocolicious instead-which is a lot more affordable at IDR 300.000.

Thank you so much Eternelle for having us! And of course, thank you Cynthian for asking me along ^^.

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  1. kayaknya enak ya ce spa nya ^^ moga2 stlh renov ruangan sempitnya jd lebih nyaman.
    kaget lho cc akhirnya mau coba spa lagi XD
    jadi pengen coba tp jauh ._.

    1. Hahaha, after this experience kyknya aq ga nolak kalo ada tawaran review spa lg. Tp kalo spesifik pergi nyari spa kayaknya engga dehhh