Event Report : Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's Mid Year Festival

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Hey guys...

Last minute blogging here, i have around an hour before we have to leave to the airport (and i just got back from #Undecided's birthday celebration. What a busy bee, yeah?) so i have to hurry because i have no idea when's the next time i get an access to wifi (probably tomorrow *LOL*) and blogging through the mobile app is a total pain.

Anyway, went to Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's event last Saturday with Sabsab :
Yeah, it was bustling with activities!
Time sure flies because it feels just like yesterday that i attended their Mid Year Festival LAST YEAR!
They held the events in their three branches, in three different days. Sabsab and i decided to drop by at the Kertajaya's first before continuing with a girl date at GM hahaha.
The place's already very crowded when we arrived
Most of the attendance were their loyal customers who didn't want to miss out on all the awesome promotions they had during the event
Miracle also prepared a very beautifully decorated sweet corner :
My camera's playing tricks on me again that day (actually, i'm the one who couldn't handle sophisticated camera la, just gimmie one that can point and shoot nicely huhuhuhu. According to hunny, i turned off the auto focus somehow in our attempt to change it into Macro mode so i produced lots of blurry pics that day ZZZ) *sigh*.
Here's a nicer pic borrowed from their Facebook Page
As Sabsab and i are beauty addicts, we were a bit sorrowful because they had the Beauty Corner in their Thamrin branch), but no matter, they had a Fashion Pop Up Store :
The collection was from our local designer, Yunita Kosasih
Cheeky Sabsab
There were a lot of unique and interesting designs from Yunita Kosasih, i love the quirkiness of them all! Snapped a few pics of our fave (the one with skeleton made of acrylic on it, also the heart patterned top with sexy back, and others) but sadly they all turned out super blurry *___* i didn't realize it until i was prepping the pictures for this blog post. GRRRRR, story of my life huhuhu.
But here's one with the cutest print top in it, picture borrowed from Sabsab's Instagram
FYI, Sabsab is like... A giveaway queen *LOL*, she ALWAYS wins!!! She joined one of Miracle's IG GA and won herself a Luscious Lips lippie :
Lucky B!!! #jelly #annoyed LOL
Live treatment demo that day was Miracle FaceLifting Revolution by dr. Elita
Yes yes, the coveted V shape, of course
The treatment series (done in one go) in Miracle FaceLifting Revolution, one can look instantly younger and fresher without having to go under the knife
Start with Miracle Barbie MD Lift
Of course, the thread they are using is a very special thread with hooks on them to "grab and lift" your skin from the inside
Immediately followed with Miracle BCL Beauty that would help with redness and other effects of the first step
And finished with Miracle V-Face Slimming Mask. It works to help fix face contour and make it V-Shape with unique design that covers lower face part and chin. This mask would help to reduce water retention, has a detoxification and fat burning effect said face and chin area, as well as tighten skin up. It's comfortable to use, elastic and would follow your face's contour
Yep, that's how the mask looks like. I am very interested to try! LOL
Let's start the live demo, shall we?
The treatment's model of the day, her skin's started to get loose and needs some lifting
The doctor started with dotting the areas where she would insert the thread at with a marker. The model had already been anesthetized beforehand
I don't remember this, but i'm guessing that the doctor's measuring the line so that she could gauge how long the thread should be?
Andddd... here it goes
The result can be seen right away! See how much tighter and firmer the left side of her face is compared to the right side that hadn't been worked on!
Continued with the Miracle BCL Beauty, here the nurse's applying and rubbing the serum on the model's face
And using a machine with iontophoresis and cyro technology to transfer the serum and cool the skin+ease any reaction from the the earlier procedure
And of course, the Miracle V Face Slimming Mask
And that's it! Next time you're thinking of getting a face lift (errr, actually most of my readers would be too young to even consider a face lift *LOL*, maybe your mums!), think again! There's a less painful, non-invasive procedures that you can get instead!

In this event, we also got a new friend, Trixie the Vlogger! (Now Cynthian is not the only Vlogger we know hahaha)
Picture borrowed from Miracle's FB Page, we were looking at a different camera because this is a candid pic hehehe (with Jennie from Miracle, of course)
I was holding my laughter in this pic because the mas we asked to help take the pic actually (suddenly) said to me "Ce, SMILE!!!" LOLOLOL. I don't smile for pics, mas! My face's not V-shaped enough! LOLOLOL.

Thank you Miracle Aesthetic Clinic (and Jennie) for having us!

See ya next time!


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    Ayo ce tanam benang. Atau filler. #carimasalah #tolongjangandijambak