Erha Apothecary Store Visit and Product Reviews (SPONSORED)

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Hellow hellow ^^.

Like i promised in my previous Erha post, i am going to share with y'all my experience visiting their Erha Apothecary a few weeks ago ^^.
Erha Apothecary
Mall Ciputra World, 2nd Floor No. 3, Jl. Mayjen Sungkono 89, Surabaya
Erha kindly sent me a gift voucher worth IDR 300.000 to spend at their Apothecary (also available in Supermall Pakuwon Indah, Surabaya).
Do i look excited here? Haha
I went to CW quite early (arrived at around 11.45) because i had a meeting there afterwards (since when do i have blog-related meetings? #feelingimportant *LOL*), that means the mall was still super empty and so was Erha Aphothecary-thank God because Shasha went later the next day and she said other customers stared at her like she's crazy or something for snapping pictures around the place hahaha poor Shasha! I still got quite a lot of confused stares by store attendants at stores around Erha *sigh*. Brands and stores, educate your staffs about bloggers please, we hope to stop feeling like an alien every time we're doing our job soon.
It was literally empty with nobody manning the store that i had to poke my head to the room next door (the treatment space) to find the attendant hahaha
I've passed by Erha Apothecary many times before but i never went in because i thought you'd need to consult their doctors (like most beauty clinics) before purchasing their products (no, you don't. Erha Apothecary carries their over the counter products so you can buy them without any strings attached) plus the sleek, exclusive design of the place made me think that their products must be very expensive (i couldn't be more wrong!)-so if you're in the same boat as i was, worry no more! There are so many interesting products here and they're surprisingly affordable too!
The interior of the store is very luxe, clean and there's definitely the "Apothecary" vibe going on, down to the attendant's lab coat-like uniform!
Hunny was getting comfortable while i busily snapped around the place hahaha
Deep Pore Cleansing Therapy? So interesting! And yep, i did get that Oil Control Wipes!
Of course the displays are also very Apothecary-like!
I felt like i was transported into an old world European apothecary for a moment :D
Erha Apotechary has so many variants of products, literally from head to toe! I was so spoilt for choices that i went round and round in my confusion on what to get (i wanted everything #greedy hahaha)-much to the attendants' amusements.
The body products section
One of their prided product in their body line is this acne cure back spray-you know... acne medication for your back. Shasha said she used this so you can expect the review on her blog. As for me, i don't get acnes much-and i never got any on my body (i was like "HAH? You can get acnes on you back???" LOL. I hope Shasha didn't feel like slapping me when i asked that) so i told the attendant that i didn't need it.
They also have a line for babies! I would get this if i have a baby hahaha, but my Baby Boy is 7 and although i still use rash cream on his allergies-we still got a lot of stock for that!
Erha Apothecary's products for face is divided into a few categories. Like this Acne Cure Series
Then there's also this Whitening Series
And Rejuvenation Series
I was interested in their anti acne toner (because i'm all about preventing acne), but sadly they were out of stock :(
I was also interested in their anti acne loose powder (contains anti bacteria properties) but i don't use a lot of loose powder so i got a compact powder instead because i know i would get a lot more use out of it
I'm all about cosmetics that even base makeup excites me nowadays *sigh* love this section for obvious reason hahaha. I almost grabbed their foundation but forced myself to let it go because i have so many base makeup in my stash that i need to clear up before buying anything new!
There's a hair and scalp section too, of course
Ohai! Wonder why there's this sophisticated sink in the store? So that customers can try out their facial wash or something?
Hunny checking out products
And i pretending to check out products *LOL*. Because i asked hunny to snap a candid pic of me doing so and he snapped my back or me hunching like Hunchback of Notredam that i got really upset before he start to really help. I don't understand why guys feel like it's uncool to treat their ladies as good as they normally do in public-like their pride would be hurt if people think we order them around or something. It's frustrating! Even the "dream husband" acts unlike himself when there are strangers around WTF.
Lip treatment is something that i would normally grab, but i try to be more reasonable and get things that i actually need this time round
Okay, this is really candid and it wasn't half bad. Of course he can take normal pics if he puts some effort on it!
After i made my selections, the attendant proceed my purchase (which honestly, took pretty long so you gotta be patient!) and i was asked to wait at the waiting area next door so i also took the time to snap pics of the place.
Apparently after you make your choices and payment, you'll have to queue and get your products at this counter
The cozy waiting area
I was also quite surprised that they have treatment rooms in their Apothecary! I totally thought it was just a store!
Consultation room, there was no doctor at that time though
Treatment room
Facial rooms
Waiting patiently for my products
Finally my name was called and the attendant thoroughly went through the products i purchased one by one so that i was sure to get all the products that i really wanted
I'm done shopping!
With my loot ^^
Are you curious with what i got? FYI, i only added IDR 10.500 with my own money and i got all these :
See what i mean with affordable??? Now let's go through the products one by one-with brief review on each of them (this is going to be a very long post, please bear with me!!!).
Erha21 Simply Remove, 60g (IDR 64.000). This was actually the last product i got, after i asked the attendant to count my purchase, there was some amount left from my voucher and of course the kiasu me didn't want it to go to waste! The attendant then suggested this Moisturizing Cleanser Gel-facial cleansers will always come in handy so i agreed!
The cleanser gel comes in a squeeze tube. It's quite compact but i am not sure if it's actually travel friendly because i would be very concerned if the tube's being squished in my bag-it'd be a total mess!
The top is sealed and you'd need to pierce through it with the spike on the cap at the first use
As it is a cleanser gel and not a makeup remover, i would say that you'd need to use a makeup remover first to make sure all of your makeup gets removed in the end but for the sake of this blog post, i used it without any other makeup remover. I was wearing BB Cream, Erha's own Two Way Cake, eyebrow mascara, eyeliner, blush on and dark lipstick in this pic
The milky white gel. It's light and turns watery upon contact with my face, very soft and refreshing
Unlike oil cleansers that turns whatever color's the strongest in my makeup (mostly it'd be black lah from the eyeliner hahaha), this gel cleanser stays clear after i rubbed it with my fully made up face
My creepy half-cleaned face. Sorry for being so crossed eyed, i wonder how bloggers take their close up selfies without ended up with crossed eyes >.<
As it is not exactly a makeup remover, it actually takes a bit of work to remove my (non waterproof) eyeliner, but strangely remove my stubborn eyebrow mascara easily. It does remove base makeup and lipstick breezily. Although it states to be safe for eye and lip area, i'd prefer to use actual eye and lip makeup remover so i wouldn't need to rub them like i had to with this, also because it stings my eyes a little bit and tastes super bitter (can't help but taste it when i cleanse my lips with it!!!).

On the surface, my face looked cleaned enough after using only this gel cleanser, but when i tested it with a swipe of makeup remover water, i found there was still quite a lot of makeup left on my skin so if you plan to use only Simply Remove after wearing makeup, you might want to re apply at least twice (i would have to do it three times because i don't want any trace of makeup left to clog my skin!)-with only 60g in the tube, you'd be running out of the product in no time if you use it daily! Alternatively, you can use their Oil Control Wipes (for you who has oily skin only!) to wipe off the gel cleanser, then you'd definitely don't need to wash your face afterwards and all traces of makeup and dirt would be gone.

Personally i would use it as the second step (if i'm wearing makeup), after using eye and makeup remover-then i would still wash my face (i did leave my skin for a while before washing it and it wasn't sticky or greasy-my skin felt refreshed and hydrated though!) *triple cleanse is important for me*-but on makeup free days, it is good enough to be used on its own! Love it, would recommend it for you who are looking for a nice, light cleanser that's not drying and quite practical!
Erha21 Oil Control Wipes IDR 25.000 for 10 sheets
I love how each sheet is packaged separately so even if you don't use it daily, the wipes won't go dry like my experiences in the past with other facial wipes
You can see the emulsion's kinda milky white
It looks like any normal wipes, soft enough not to scratch my face but strong enough not to tear even if i rub my face vigorously with it haha
It's hard to capture my oil in pictures so i'll just post the after pic, skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and instanly mattified!
I was honestly a bit skeptical when i tried it, i was like "It's just another facial wipes" and i also thought "Of course my face is going to be oil free after i use it. Any facial wipes/cleanser would make my skin oil free after usage!" but i was wrong. Very wrong. It felt like any other facial wipes with the normal refreshed, matte feeling that i love-but it stays that way for hours! So those of you with dry skin, stay clear of this product! And as much as i love the mattifying result, it made my skin felt dry and a bit stretched-so moisturizing right after is a must!

It's quite an amazing product, highly recommended for those of you who desperately want to control you crazy oily skin like me! It's also very convenient to use to cleanse your face (only on makeup-free day of course, it won't work as a makeup remover), i would definitely be bringing it on my next trip!
Erha21 Acne Care Lab Spot Gel, 10g (IDR 46.000)
As i've already mentioned, i don't get a lot of acne-but i always feel the need to have a acne medication in hand, just in case!
The Spot Gel comes in a normal squeeze tube, slightly chubbier than most acne gels i've tried in the past
The nozzle has a little opening, ideal to dispense the right amount of product
The texture is creamy, milky white gel-very light and got absorbed fast into my skin. It does sting just a litttle bit on active acne, but nothing too harsh. It is transparent and disappear into skin-unlike some acne medications that leaves unsightly white spot when used so it is ideal to use under makeup as well (it won't make your base patchy either)-but as you can see from the instruction, it should only be used at night (i wonder why? Maybe it's one of the products that contains properties which can make your skin extra sensitive to sunlight) so that's a bit impractical, i would have to have another acne medication to use in during day time!
I was a bit panicked on how to review this product while i did not have any active acne, but then i found this teeny tiny zit-to be on my chin. It's been zoomed dunno how many times wkwkwkwk you can see how huge my pores are up close and personal!
This spot gel actually accelerate acne's maturity and the next day i noticed the little zit-to-be already turned "ripe" and hard. I couldn't help myself and squeeze the hard puss out (don't copy me!) and it's completely dried out and healing the next day
Acne medication works differently from skin to skin, but i can safely say that Erha21's Spot Gel works great on my skin, it makes a zit that might stay around for a week or so mature a lot faster therefore disappear faster as well. I also did not see any drying or harsh effect on my skin.
Erhair Anti Hair Loss Tonic, 60ml (IDR 92.500-it's actually the most expensive product in my Erha haul!)
The hair tonic comes in a plastic pump bottle with an interesting looking nozzle
It has its own stopped that can re-attached if you want to bring it traveling so it won't be pushed by accident, provided you didn't lose the stopper like i immediately did >.<
I love hair tonics with pumps, so easy to use-with the right amount needed as well. I always spill hair tonics when they come with only an opening which makes you have to tip it over to get the product out!
I love the refreshing, pleasant scent this hair tonic has! I also feel like it helps my hair' roots to feel lighter, less limp and reduce my scalp's oiliness. I definitely feel that it's helping me to achive a healthier hair growth and prevent excessive hair loss. The only downside is the tiny size, making the price slightly high for its size!

And the final product is my favorite (coz i'm all about saving the best for last and all that) :
Erhalogy Esme Twin Silk Anti Aging (refill) in shade Ivory, 13 g (IDR 83.000)
I got the refill because let's face it, as a beauty blogger (among other things haha), i tend to try out new things every time-including powders so i prefer to buy refills. And of course, because it's cheaper haha. I don't tend to retouch during the day anyway (i'd only use oil blotter)
The refill comes with a small (smaller than normal sponges) sponge with the word "Esme" embossed on it. I love that they have a name for their two way cake, i guess i love how names make products more familiar and intimate somehow. The sponge is soft and actually functional unlike how most local brands' sponges are!
The name's also embossed to the plastic case holding the refill
I got the lightest shade they have (Light Ivory) because it's the closest match to my skin
My bare face, my problems remains the same-redness all over and old acne scars on my chin. You can probably how my face is a lot lighter than my neck *sigh*
With only the powder (on top of suncreen), the powder is very velvety and soft, not powdery (no fall off when i swipe the sponge on the powder-none too gently either hahaha) at all. The coverage i feel to be medium, it's enough to even out my skin tone and hide all the redness by itself but not enough to blur our my huge pores. It attach fairly well to my skin without any base, but i personally prefer to use it with a light BB Cream underneath. I know it looks super white on my face, but my own face is already very white in the first place and it definitely doesn't look too white when i'm done with my makeup like the pic below
See what i mean? I'm wearing Esme on top of a light BB Cream in the pic
I absolutely love Esme, it embodies its name (really feels silky soft!), it goes on easily, stays the whole day, isn't cakey (even when i apply a lot of it) and after the whole day it doesn't crack or piled on in some parts (like some creamier two way cakes i've used in the past). It also doesn't clog my pores and cause no bad side effect with continual usage. It doesn't have the biggest coverage but i used it with a foundation (still not cakey!) and the coverage can be upped that way. Highly recommending this two way cake, it's totally worth a try-i'd say it feels like a much more expensive product that it really is!

All and all, i am very satisfied with all of the products from Erha Apothecary and especially love the two way cake and oil control wipes! I suggest you check out the nearest Erha Apothecary next time you're in need for face, hair and body products-they have so many variants of products that you're likely to find whatever it is you need and they won't break your bank!
Thank you Erha for letting me try out their awesome products, i am definitely interested in trying more of their products in the future!


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  1. I just love what u write down, and I think I will always follow this blog!

  2. You're so lucky to receive a gift voucher! :) The ambiance of the store looked quite nice and elegant and it's hard to believe that there are also budget-friendly items. The attendant must be active in assisting customers and it's great that there's a sofa for waiting guests. The oil control wipes are incredibly effective. I want to have that! :)

    1. Yep, i'm one lucky girl hehehe. Their products are cheaper and nicer than i expected!