Body-Tale 09 : Pears Moisturising Body Lotion

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Hello, guys!

Here's one of the drafted posts i've been hoarding for times like these (when i can't blog much), enjoy :D

It's been ages since the last time i've reviewed body lotions (i guess i say that in almost every review coz i review so many different kind of things it takes a while to get to the same type of product *LOL*), this time i am going to review a body lotion from a brand that i think (not so sure coz i cannot find enough information on them in English) is originating from Hong Kong (i'm pretty sure that most of the information that are actually available would be in Chinese and i definitely cannot read Chinese characters!) : Pears.
I came across this brand in Macau and as you know, i like to try out every beauty-related products out there, especially if i've never heard of the brand before (i guess that's why i became a beauty blogger, right? Well, i am a lifestyle blogger but i definitely write enough about beauty to qualify to be one too!). I obviously cannot remember anymore, but it was probably on a promotion or very cheap already because i picked it up despite its very modest packaging (that's the two things that would attract me. Very low price or very cute packaging!)
As you can see for yourself, Pears Moisturising Body Lotion comes with a very modest white and brown bottle. It's super simple and old-fashioned, kinda reminds me of our local brand, Citra body lotion's old packaging.
Okay i admit that i only read the info on the back of the bottle now that i am writing this blog post *LOL* and i am very surprised to see that this can actually be used as a makeup remover and face moisturizer!
The bottle has a twist off cap and a hole opening

And it has a very watery, light consistency
It's so watery that when i first used it, i spilled quite a bit because i did not expect it to be so watery! But even though it is watery, spread easily and get absorbed fast, it actually is very moisturizing! My skin feels soft, hydrated and healthy whenever i use it but without the dreaded sticky, heavy feeling some body lotions have. So their claim for their product to be non-greasy and get absorbed easily? Totally justified!

So in theory, it is an affordable, no-fuss body lotion that works really well-but the reality is, it's also the only body lotion that i find myself very reluctant to use! I am very kiasu, so no matter how bad a body lotion is (i almost typed product but i realized that it's not true, when it comes to stuffs like makeup, when it doesn't work-i have no problem passing it to someone else), i would always finish it up, but i really find it hard to do so with this Pears one. Why? I hate the scent >.<!!!

Actually when i sniff it right from the bottle, the scent is not bad at all. It's soft, powdery and slightly floral (again reminding me of classic body lotion's scent, i can't remember whether it's Citra's or Nivea's though), even when i pour the lotion on my palm, it still smell alright but after i massage it on my limbs, it starts to have a weird, fishy scent! Seriously, i was so very confused at first and i went and sniff around to locate the source of the disgusting smell, and turned out it's my own arms and legs, EWWWWWW!!!

I have no idea if that's how Pears' body lotion should smell (WHY???) or i got a bad bottle, but i honestly have no desire to ever give it another try! In fact, i kinda ran the other way when i saw their products in Hong Kong because the scent traumatized me so much. If you ever tried this brand, please do let me know if you encountered the same kind of problem or not? I hope it's just mine! LOL.

Pears brand seems to be available in Hong Kong and its surrounding (i bought mine in Macau) only, at least i've never seen them in  any other countries i've been to, but almost every brand can be bought online now and when i googled Pears Body Lotion, most of the results are ali express of ebay sellers, like this one but let me warn you, the price's outrageous!!! They inflated the price more than twice its original price (seriously, it's a very affordable brand!) so it's really not worth it, IMO.

I would recommend this for those who has a very ignorant nose *LOL*, looking for affordable and moisturizing, light, non-greasy but effective body lotion that can even be used on the face. Not recommending it for anyone who has a strong and picky nose like me!

Would i repurchase it? No, of course not, are you mad? LOL. I might give the brand another chance if i stumble into them again and there's another product that caught my eyes (meaning : on a huge sale), but not the body lotion for sure.

Have you ever heard of this brand before? And did you try anything from them?

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  1. I have been using body lotion for about 10 days and my age spots are already fading. Very excited to see what happens in a few more weeks