Foodgasm 10 : Edo Kaiten Sushi

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Hi, dears ^^...

Still on vacation here, still no time to write a new blog post haha. Currently in Penang, Malaysia (i update my Instagram pretty much daily so please follow me if you're interested to see what i'm up to! My user id is @mgirl83 !) and been having too much fun (and food!!!), having our very late breakfast right now and going to a museum next (we love museums!!!), in the meantime... Please enjoy this post and TTYS!

Here we go again with another restaurant review. Yes, it's still backdated (from last October hahaha) and that's precisely why i try to write these food-related posts faster, coz i have lots of them to do so i better clear up the old ones!

Back then this place was very new (of course, it's more than half a year old now, so definitely no longer new hahaha).
Photo taken from Edo Kaiten Sushi's Facebook Page
I couldn't snap the front of the place's picture myself because when we went there, it was raining! We drove to the parking lot at the back straight away and went in through the back door so i didn't even went in through this front door!

The only thing i managed to snap outside was this spot at the back haha.
I'm pretty sure i get the "it" pic for my restaurant reviews now, hunny looking through menu books!
The place's actually not too small, but it's slightly cramped IMO. The good thing about it is that you'd most probably would still get a seat even though they've lots of guests!
Combination of cool looking bar and conveyor sushi. I am not one for Japanese but i LOVE sushi (probably the only reason i didn't balk when hunny suggested us to try out this place, it's called Edo Kaiten SUSHI so it gotta serve sushi!!!) so getting a seat next to conveyor is a must! Thankfully there was an empty spot  ^^
Hmmm, there's Samurai 1 and 2, i'm guessing those are their VIP sections?
Ambience wise, it was pretty nice. The place felt hip and cool, but still friendly and inviting (i do feel uncomfortable in some restaurant that exude this snobbish, "too exclusive" feeling).
They have bento menus
Teppanyakis and curry rice
Also various kinds of dons
One more thing that turns out to be one of their staple and prided menu, sushi boat :
Photo source
 This photo of Edo Kaiten Sushi is courtesy of TripAdvisor
As you can see from the menu that i've snapped, their price's range's not too bad-i'd say it ranked somewhere in the middle compared to most Japanese restaurants. Not too cheap, but won't break the bank either-still quite reasonable. The sushi boat's quite pricey, but look at the amount of sushi they have in it! I'm sure it's worth the price haha. There were just the two of us that night and hunny's not even a big fan of sushi (he only likes inari sushi!) so of course we didn't order the boat. I did have quite a bit of their sushi from the conveyor and they're quite nice!

Totally forgot to snap all of the sushis >.<, but here's a pic of the fresh and addicting seaweed salad!
They also have a ready-to-eat takoyaki on the conveyor, it's actually quite nice but it would've been 10x nicer if they were warm!

Hunny ordered this... Okay, i can't remember anymore, but i'm pretty sure it's Tanin Don

The tanin don was not bad, but it's definitely nothing special either. We're honestly a bit underwhelmed when we  saw how similar their menu to the local generic Japanese restaurant chain, Bentoya (which i am not a fan of, i dunno why my mum's quite fond of the place) and even the tanin don tasted pretty much the same as Bentoya's dons.

Maybe i had too high of an expectation, but it was a bit disappointing for us that their food's just like Bentoya's-the only good thing is : they have sushi (and real sushi too, not all some weird fusion ones which i don't like) and the sushi's pretty good!

In conclusion, i would say Edo Kaiten Sushi is a decent Japanese restaurant with affordable prices and very familar menu (LOL). I would still prefer to go to Edo Kaiten Sushi than Bentoya, at least i can have nice sushi here! But if you're expecting something more, then you might be up for a disappointment unless you're there for the Sushi Boat.

I personally have never been back yet, but i don't mind to-i would love to try out the sushi boat, who knows it might be able to change my feeling about the place?
Extra gratuitous selfie hihi

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