Me-Nail Exclusive 06 : Crystal Nail H1 (SPONSORED)

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Yellowwww :D!

It seems like my life's been quite green lately *LOL*, as in i've been bombarded with everything green and forced to wear green all the time *you know, dress codes!*. Dunno why green is such a hot color these last couple of months! As someone who's not naturally attracted to the color, i have love-hate relationship with that fact!

And today imma review Crystal Nail number six, which is a glittery bottle green color.
I don't quite remember if it's one of the colors that i picked for myself or L did... But i think the latter is more possible since honestly the color in the bottle scares me a bit!
It's just so... green. LOL
I do love glitters and that helps!
Like all of the other glitter Crystal Nail, one coat of H1 is quite sheer (but nowhere near as sheer as the yellow gold one!) and the glitters that got picked up were mostly the fine ones.
It was quite patchy and uneven too, so a second coat is crucial! Drying time was speedy, as expected.
With the second coat, it became opaque and the glitter were packed enough to satisfy this glitter-lover. So sorry, i know that my swatch is not the neatest, i can see how i painted some nails thicker than the others in the photos >.<. That's purely human error, not Crystal Nail's fault! It's so much better in real life and doesn't look so uneven, i promise!

I was honestly very pleasantly surprised about how pretty the color on my nails was, so emerald looking! Especially with the glitters, it made the tone seems very jewel-looking! I was absolutely enchanted by my mermaid-worthy nails!

So... From now on i know, if you should never judge book by its cover, you should also not judge a nail polish by its bottled color ha ha ha #cricketsounds. I actually thought the color was kinda tacky and even a bit dangdut-ish... But once applied, it's far from the word tacky! I keep on changing my mind about calling this my mermaid nails or... errr... Nyi Roro Kidul's nails (it's so emerald looking, i totally think she would approve) :P.

I don't think i need to say anything of the drying speed again huh, it's safe to say that Crystal Nail's glitter colors dries super speedily!
Not only the drying speed is the signature of Crystal Nail, but also the staying power. It stayed perfect for 7 whole days and even after the 7th day, it only started chipping minimally. I now deem Crystal Nail's glitter colors as my traveling nails if i am too lazy to go get gel manicures hahaha.

H1 definitely *very unexpectedly* one of my fave Crystal Nail colors, it's just so bold, striking but remains classy and non-tacky-looking!

As usual, you can get Crystal Nail colors exclusively in Me-Nail for IDR 60.000 (originial price IDR 75.000 with 20% off).

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I have a good news! Me-Nail has kindly offered a discount for my readers! Just quote "Pink and Undecided" (for both online and offline purchases) and you'll get 10% off! Yay!

Guess what? i'm just halfway done with my Crystal Nail reviews *LOL*, and i got another one from Bangkok Beauty's goodie bag! So i still have at least 7 more Crystal Nail reviews to write, i hope you're not bored yet!!!

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  1. The Nail polish looks pretty cool! Especially with 2+ coats.. Nice review.. Following you on gfc and google+.. Do check out my blog!!

  2. This nail polish is so stylish and exclusive, indeed. It looks perfect for winter and Christmas celebration parties.

    1. Ohhh, silly me-that didn't even cross my mind! You're right!

  3. I love having glitters on my nails as they make me feel more girly like a princess haha. Emerald is a great color on you. It matches your skin tone. But isn't hard to remove as compared to the regular nail polish?

    1. I love glitters too :D. Aw, thank you! Yes, it's about 10x harder to remove hahaha