Unboxing of Kracie Hamper from Kawaii Beauty Japan

10:42:00 PM

Hallooowww :D!

Sometime around last month i joined one of Kawaii Beauty Japan's campaigns to receive and review Kracie's products, and i was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers that were given the chance to try out Kracies's products. Last week my hamper arrived and i was more than a little excited!
So excited that i decided to show you the unboxing first before reviewing them properly ^^. 

But first, have you ever heard of Kracie before? I honestly have not (but i'm definitely a bit biased towards Japan, so anything that's originated from Japan-i trust immediately *LOL*), but after i had a look of their lines and products, i recognized them right away! Apparently Kracie is the brand's name (if i haven't made it clear enough, it's a Japanese brand!)  and they have quite a bit of different lines, included in this hamper are Naive (which has cleansing oil and facial cleansing foams in their line) and Hadabisei (which focuses on sheet masks) and i saw them in local drugstores all the time!

Now let's get on with the unboxing process!
I saw Shasha posted her hamper's picture in her IG so i was very eagerly waiting for mine! Luckily i didn't have to wait for a long time because my own package arrived on the next day ^^!
They placed all of the products inside this pretty, golden-yellow makeup pouch with black ribbon
When i opened it i got even more excited to see the generous amount of products inside :D!
You've seen what the products are in the very first picture up there, now let's take a closer look on each items :

Kracie Naive Oil Naive Cleansing Oil. Am a HUGE fan of cleansing oil (which is now my preferred cleanser/makeup remover other than the lotion-turn-water type) so i couldn't be happier to get this! I've been using this non-stop to remove my makeup ever since i receive this and it'll be the first product that i'm going to review, stay tuned!
Kracie Naive Green Tea Facial Cleansing Foam-which i (and hunny) also been using nonstop ever since i got them! Naive also have three other variants of this facial cleansing foam : Aloe, Peach and Rose Extract.
The last but not least, three packages of Hadabisei Facial Masks :
Eslasticity, Brightening and Extra Moist
Other than these three facial mask, they also have an eye zone mask as well!
Thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan and Kracie for giving me this precious chance to try out these products! Without revealing too much (so you'll look forward to my reviews haha), i just gotta say so far i really love all of their products! 


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