50 Shades of Pink

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Sorry for going M.I.A for a couple of days, been extremely busy (and sick :(..) the last few days, thank God for hoarded drafts which means i didn't neglect this blog all that long anyway!

One of the reasons why i've been so occupied lately is the event which outfit i wore is the one this post is dedicated for ^^. It's no longer October but the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is still going strong, and we all know that the campaign's symbolized by the pink ribbon-which means all the dress codes would be pink too! This time round the event/project is a collaboration with Clinique Indonesia at Ciputra World Mall's Atrium.

If you follow my IG (@MGirl83) then you must've seen me updating pictures taken from the preparation up to the d day of the event. I didn't even know there's a dress code (which i happened to dress perfectly for *LOL*), i just dress up with coordinating colors to the outfit that i'm going to change into for the project, and that means all shades of pink is out, hence the title!
This picture and the one below are from my IG and kindly taken by my newest personal photographer haha, the ever so helpful and sweet Nessya :). She takes such nice and flattering pictures of me (and the other girls), we can't help ourselves and keeps on asking her to snap pics of us. Now that i think about it, i feel bad because that means she's often out of the pics, sorry!!!
My outfit totally matches the whole decor hahaha. Nessya tried to make me climb to the stage to take pics, to which i refused vehemently-of course -___-. I will not stand in that stage any longer than absolutely necessary!
As usual, i'll show your my #FOTD too :
Do you think my face looked a bit bare? LOL. Well of course, i was only wearing some foundation (Estee Lauder), concealers (DHC and Clinique), powder (Collection), lip balm (Oriflame) and fuschia lippies because we're supposed to put on our makeup at the venue using the sponsors' products. I got an idea a few days before the d day that i would wear one of my glass-less glasses to hide my super sleepy eyes and add a bit of color on my face hahaha. I'd say i was quite successful in steering people from noticing my pale and sleepy face, everybody focused on my quirky glasses instead ^^.
Showing off my #NOTD, painted my nails for the event with pinkish red glitter nail polish (Crystal Nail from Me-Nail, of course)
More pics of the outfit taken by my barely awake hunny before we went to pick O up :
Leopard Hello Kitty Fake Glasses : can't remember (one of those accessories store)
Pink Chiffon Cardigan : Online
Grey and Pink High Low Dress : Gaudi
Hot Pink Studded Crossbody : Sogo 
Pink Socks : Daiso
Hot Pink Jelly Shoes : IG Store

The accessories :
Pink Bangle : Forever 21
Hello Kitty Bow Wrap Bracelet : Warna (Jakarta)
Earrings  and ring : New Look
Flower Necklace : Online

I know i was going to have to change in and out of the outfit that day, that's why i chose an outfit which i feel very comfortable (and confident) in
I was too lazy to bring another pair of shoes so i wore one that suits both outfits, has a bit of height (5 cm, i don't want anything which i might risk falling from) and comfortable!
I brought another (huge) bag (it was Hello Kitty hahaha) to bring my other stuffs, but i chose this bag (which has never been worn before, like everything else in this coordi except for the footwears) because not only it matches the whole look, but i also love the practicality of a crossbody to keep my essentials on me at all times
The bag was a big hit, i kept on getting compliments on them (and envy messages on my social medias *LOL*)-it was actually bought at Sogo on a... 80% off? It was dirt cheap. But... It's dirt cheap for a reason, it kinda fell apart as soon as i wore it *LOL*. I overstuffed it like usual and a bit of the inner top kinda ripped immediately -___-, and one of the studs fell off as soon as we reached CW. I was too stubborn to keep it coz i thought it would look ugly, and sure enough-i lost it within minutes FML.

Thankfully i am good at repairing/modifying stuffs, as soon as i reached home i rummaged through my drawers and found one brass button with the similar size of the studs, and it slid right in the little hole where the missing stud is supposed to be, and it looked even cooler now haha (i should've taken a pic -___-).

Anyway, what is the special project that we took part in for this event anyway? I gave the answer away in both my IG and FB already, but some of you who aren't following me in either socmeds might not know the answer, it's pretty easy to guess though!

Here's a little sneak peak (and a look on my second outfit) for the event report that #Undecided and i are working on, hopefully we'd be able to post it within two days!
With my pal, O
Talk to you soon!


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  1. Pink is by all means my favorite color so I could not enjoy this post more. You look really fabulous in pink and the whole outfit rocks!

    1. Aww, thank you! You can tell how much i love pink as well just from my blog's name and moniker ^^

  2. Aku punya sebutan baru loh. Newest profesional photography . hahhaha Makasih loh cece

  3. So pretty :)
    I loved the accesories too :)
    it's nice to show ur support...

  4. Your outfit is sooo cute! :) I love those shoes. It's great as well for the rainy season. Hey, I have just followed you now on IG!