Event Report : Lift Your Face and Be Fabulous with Miracle Aesthetic Clinic

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Haiiii *waving to the virtual crowd happily*!!!

How's everybody doing? I've been having an awesome weekend, but now i am extremely tired *mostly for being severely self-deprived* and got a very bad backache :(. Hope everybody's having a better Monday than me (but then again my Monday's not that bad anyway, i spent majority of the day sleeping and continuing with my latest reality obsession, Supersize VS Superskinny. Anyone's watching this show? It's really addicting!).

Before i go on rambling, better get on with the post hehe. I have to warn you, i'm going to bombard you with Miracle Aesthetic Clinic-related posts in this whole week!

Starting with the Lift Your Face and Be Fabulous event last Saturday:
Photo borrowed from Miracle's Facebook
I am borrowing three pictures from their FB, hope it's okay :D! The first picture up there especially because i have no pic of the entire event's attendants ^^.

As usual, Jennie was the one who invited us to the event :
The event was held in Sheraton Hotel, Sabrina was there already waiting for me to meet her up in the lobby and together we found our way to the venue.
Sabsab registering and we were welcomed warmly by Jennie ^^
Sheraton 3 (Ballroom)
Mas, why so serious? Hehe
The stage
Note and pen were prepared for us to jot down important informations
Hai hai Sab!
The warm coffee and tea were beckoning us
With a cup of coffee on my side, i am ready for the event!
Started with the welcome speech by Shangrila's rep
And Dr. Nunin Sukmanata Susanto started introducing and giving detailed explanation on Miracle Slimming Lifting treatment (photo also from Miracle's Facebook)
Because for some reasons all the pictures i took of the glowing pregnant doctor were blurry T.T
The latest trend (well, it's been around for the past few years, i believe) in the beauty community (especially in Asia) is the V-shape line
All women strive for a slimmer face with visible V-line and they would do anything to achieve this look, even through surgery. Notice the dramatic changes on this Korean lady's face (we all know that plastic surgeries are dime a dozen in Korea ^^)
The benefits of having a slim face with a V-line
Slimmer looking face doesn't always have to be achieved through such an extreme way like surgery, you can also play with your hairstyle
Other options including doing a special face exercise and facial massage. The face exercise however, is not yet medically proven to be able to make any changes on your face. There is also the option to use botox to relax your chewing muscle on your jaw to make your face less square/rounded
Or you can achieve it in the easier way with Miracle Slimming Lifting treatment, those were some of the reasons why you should opt for this treatment
It's using the RF technology
The advantages of the treatment, i really like the added benefit of improving skin texture even though the main aim is to get a slimmer face, who doesn't want better skins-right?
Yes, you can actually do this treatment before going to a party so you'd look even more flawless, it has no down (recovery) time since it is non invasive
Errrr. I can relate to the chubby part haha
The ones that should avoid the treatment. This treatment is definitely not allergic-inducing, but those with very very sensitive skins should always take extra precautions as with all kinds of skin treatments
Now let's get on with the live demo
First, both the beautician and the model's hand's being sprayed with anti bacterial spray-which reflects that they always do at Miracle's Clinic to avoid transferring any bacteria from our hand to our face if during treatment we unconsciously touch our faces, and then the model's face's being cleansed thoroughly
The black wand with white tip Dr. Nunin's holding is the RF tools that is used on the lifting process
Dr. Nunin busy at work
The treatment takes about an hour and can be done as often as every two weeks because it's considered a simple treatment and only touches the first layer of the skin. They used a very cooling, clear gel on the model's face before starting the lifting process. The RF lifting itself gives you a warming sensation
After half her face's being worked on
You can see clearly that the right part (your right) is a LOT more lifted than the left part which was not being worked on yet. The laugh line on the left side's a lot deeper and more visible than the right part. Pretty amazing!
Then Dr. Nunin went to work on the other side of the model's face and multi-tasking by answering the questions from the audience. The questions were pretty general, such as whether or not the effect's permanent (the answer is not, that's why you can get the treatment as often as every two weeks!), or the color of the cooling gel (it's colorless).
This is totally random, but i got very attracted to Kathy's rings! I want!
Next we were led to Louis Vuitton's store (that's also located on Sheraton Hotel) for a store tour and textile animation.
Louis Vuitton is definitely one of my favorite luxury brands, so i was pretty excited about the tour
Welcome to LV!
Lush trunks! Apparently Louis Vuitton started by producing trunks! I didn't know that ^^
The beautiful and timeless collection
I've been to the store for quite a few times (including the time when we went to buy a bag for my mum's birthday), but this visit is definitely more special. I mean... When else can you nonchalantly take pictures of the entire place?
Sooo cool!
LV's rep welcoming us, gave a brief explanation of their history and ushered us to split into two groups for the textile animation
Errrr... Why the lady's glaring at me :D?
We went to the right side where a very friendly male staff (who kept on being teased by Kathy *LOL*, sorry ko!) showed us that textiles can be used for accessorizing as well. He's using one of LV's wide scarf as a prop :
With with some simple steps (that only requires folding and making knots) he turned the scarf
Into a cardigan
Some final touched
So awesome!!!
Looks so glamorous and luxurious (but it's probably got to do with the gorgeous model haha)
The second style he whipped out!
Then he showed us more ways to maximize the use of a big scarf. More folding ensued!
And you can actually turn it into an obi!
So gorgeous and versatile!
He then showed us five different ways to wear the scarf
I am impressed! And inspired. Should put what i've learned that day into practice!
Third picture from Miracle's FB, coz i obviously cannot take a candid picture of myself hehee
In case you're wondering why i looked so serious in the previous picture, i was drooling over the bracelets! I am now coveting the monogrammed leather bracelet and am pretty sure i'll get it because i can't stop thinking about it >.<!
More gorgeousness...
What was Kathy doing??? We were taking turn to snap pictures with the trunks, and then the lady in red striped stepped up so Kathy hid herself from the picture *LOL*
A more normal looking Kathy hahaha
Then we tried to take group pics, but it was so crowded and we couldn't find an open space so we opted to have a mirror selca instead hahaha
Miracle's staff asked us to pose with their collections that matches our personalities, and well... since i am #Pink, i gotta go with something pink, right? Thank you Nessya for helping taking our pic (why is it so blurry, Nessya??? *stare*)
Then we went back to the Ballroom for break time.
People were attacking the burgers with vigor,  i am not one to join in  and i don't eat raw food, so i settled for these bite sized sweet desserts ^^
Sabsab looking very gluttonious and happy hahaha
Miracle also very kindly gave us a goodie bag, not only that-they actually prepared two types and even bothered to ask our skin types (acne prone or not), how thoughtful!
Vouchers, anyone interested in them? As usual, i'd happily pass them to you ^^ just drop me a message or Line me!
Anddd a sample sized set
Since my skin is not acne prone, i got the one that's aiming for reducing Hyper-pigmentation (not that i have any of those either though haha) and anti aging (now that i need haha)
My day with Miracle was not over yet because Nessya and i went to their second event of the day (which i will blog about on a separate post) right afterward, and the next day #Undecided and i got to try out their treatments! It was so very nice and i cannot wait to share more with y'all!

Thank you Miracle for the very educational and fun event, it's very luxurious and different from any other events i've been to before! And of course, thank you for Jennie who invited us and always made us feel very welcomed!

Please look forward to more Miracle Aesthetic Clinic-related posts soon!


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  1. Wow, this seems like a glamorous event indeed. Judging by the photos it was a fancy gathering and I love lift face products. I would love to be there, too!