#Pink's Review : Miracle Pearl Shine Facial (SPONSORED)

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Hey everybody :D!

I've mentioned a few times in the recent Miracle's event reports that i got the chance to try out their new treatment, Miracle Pearl Shine Facial-which also happens to be Miracle's very first premium facial. How awesome is that?
Rough translation : Miracle Pearl Shine Facial is a premium facial with pearl extract as the main ingredient that gives solutions for some skin problems like dull skin and light wrinkles, it would lessen expression lines as well as taking care of aging skin. This facial can also be done after getting Miracle Dermal Filler to prolong the filler's effect.

#Undecided and i are among the group of lucky bloggers that were included in Miracle's Blogger Experience program, thank you Miracle :D (and of course, thank you Jennie!).

Our appointment was last Sunday at Miracle Kertajaya (since it's very close to our homes!)

Miracle Kertajaya
Jl. Raya Kertajaya Indah No. 81 Blok O - 123
Surabaya 60116
623 1599 9872

Before we begin, let me show you my pale, tired face (btw, i was extra puffy that day because i watched too much Supersize VS Superskinny the night before and kept on crying, yes i am a crybaby-i know!)
Nessya asked me why i looked very sad in my pictures that day hahahaha
My default accessory to hide my bareface now, faux glasses!
My skin has been going crazy the past few weeks, i have no idea why-but i do notice that whenever the weather's changing, especially when it's really hot and humid, my skin goes ga ga. My therapist that day said that there should be no connection between weather and skin condition, but that's the way i feel hahaha. 

By the time i went for this treatment, i have countless whiteheads (that's invisible to the naked eyes because it's kinda deep within my skin but i can feel them whenever i wash my face and it's super annoying!) and blackheads, and my skin was very dull because i tried to quick fix a zit that i had the weeks before by using very drying pimple lotion (don't copy me, but it really works though *LOL*) plus you can see that i have a LOT of redness especially around my nose area *the most problematic area lately*. I've been dying to go for a facial and Jennie's invitation couldn't come at a better timing (as usual) hehe.

We arrived at 10 and after filling in some informations, Miracle's staff suggested that we went in the treatment room (we wanted to wait until Jennie arrived at first) because she was worried that if we waited too long then the therapists would be occupied with other clients.
The corridor of the first floor
The aesthetic room, as always #Undecided insisted to be in the picture -___-
The (very comfortable) bed (no idea if bed is the right term for it though) and you can see the next room (which was mine) through the open sliding door. If you come solo then the door would be closed so don't worry, you'll get full privacy!
Therapists' essentials
There's a cute little cupboard for you to store your belongings and hang your clothes (coz you'd be asked to change into a very thin a sheer disposable tube top for facials haha)
They were getting ready to start the treatment right away, but since i remember from the Salesation event that Pearl Shine Facial should not be done on skin where there's any active pimples and #Undecided had a few active pimples on the d day, we asked if we can consult a doctor first.
The doctor kindly came to our rooms to take a look of our skins
Unfortunately, as i suspected, the doctor said that #Undecided's skin's not suitable for Pearl Shine Facial and suggested her to get an Acne Cure one instead. Never mind, that means we'd have two reviews instead of one! #Undecided will write her review of the facial on a separate post.
My turn
I asked #Undecided to snap a pic while i was getting examined, i meant a pic focusing on the doctor like the one i snapped of her-but she got a close up of me instead. WHAT'S THE POINT OF THIS PICTURE, #Undecided?????

Well, anyway, fortunately the doctor thinks my skin's suitable for Miracle Pearl Shine Facial because i only got comedos and no active pimples or any other problems, yay!

A story about how pearls are believed to be beneficial for beauty since thousands of years ago, even Cleopatra was known to pamper herself with milk baths mixed with pearl powder and even with her drinks to preserve her beauty. Pearl really does have very beneficial contents for skin. Amino acid and natural mineral can prevent premature aging like light wrinkles or lines on face, regenerate skin cells, stimulate collagen, reducing pigmentation problems and protecting skin from UVA/UVB rays.
I have explained the details in my event report, you can take a look if you want to read the English version ^^
Miracle's branches' phone numbers, you can also check their addresses here 
Jennie arrived by this time and she accompanied us through the treatments (i was very worried about her getting super bored hahaha) and helped us take pictures. Thank you again, Jennie :D!
My therapist went in bringing all the products that's going to be used for the treatment
Say hello to my therapist of the day, Mbak Ratna!
The first step that Mbak Ratna did was spraying my hands with anti bacterial spray (i can hear her spraying her own hands multiple times before and during the treatment to make sure her hands are bacteria free!) so that even if i accidentally touched my face during treatment (which i did *__*), i would not transfer the bacterias on my hands to my face!
Then she started a brief aromatherapy massage on my face and of course, she thoroughly cleansed my face followed by toner
I really hate my face lying down, i look like the moon *___*, but what i wouldn't do for a good review T.T. Anyway, that's pumpkin peeling on my face
Mbak Ratna spreading it evenly
The pumpkin peeling reduces oil/sebum and even comedos, distribute vitamins, help regenerate and lift dead skin cells. It was left for 10 minutes and the therapist warned me that it would feel hot and even stings, but for me (who's been through worse, FAR worse) it was just mildly stinging, nothing unbearable or extreme. Btw, it strangely smelled like tamarind to my nose @__@!
LOL WORST angle ever #sigh. While waiting for the peeling to work, mbak Ratna massaged my shoulder. You should already know by now that i'm really scared of massages and usually would not enjoy any type of massages, instead i would be praying for it to be over soon (that's why if you're thinking of asking me to review spa services... Please just ask #Undecided!) but i can genuinely say that i enjoyed the massage this time round. Either mbak Ratna was really really good or i was super tired (i got bad backache lately and was having a headache during treatment), but either way : it was a bliss.
Green tea neutralizer was applied next to reduce redness caused by the pumpkin peeling earlier
Another worst angle ever *LOL*. The green tea neutralizer smells really good, that's something coming from someone who really dislike green tea! It didn't smell too green tea-ish, which would annoy me hehe. Mbak Ratna also gave me a very soothing and relaxing facial massage which again, i really enjoyed-and it actually really helped with my headache! I was very surprised after the treatment was finished because i no longer had headache!
Andddd.... I had to pee *LOL*. I would normally have to pee once or twice (if the room's really cold) during facials, i am always embarassed to tell my therapist that i had to go to the toilet, but when you gotta go you GOTTA go, you know?
They provided very comfy kimono (to cover my modestly *ROFL*) to wear if you need to leave the privacy of your aesthetic room
I am very happy when i came back and the therapist told me i can continue wearing the kimono if i was cold (I WAS!) because the shoulder and back massage's already been done :D.
The dreaded part : comedo extraction!
The therapist first showed me that the tools that she's using are new, sealed and sterile, which is cruicial-of course!
Let the extraction begins 
Mbak Ratna was wearing a special goggle to magnify my skin, wonder how gross my comedo looks magnified like that!!!
I'm not gonna lie and say that the extraction was pain-free, of course it hurts! Extractions always hurts for me, and if it doesn't-i'd usually go home finding untouched comedos (lots of them *___*) and really, what's the point of having a facial if you don't go home with a very clean, comedo free face??? That's why i'm always prepared for pains on facials *LOL*. 

I'd personally say that the pain level is normal (#Undecided disagree but she'll tell you herself on her review), i've definitely had more painful extractions on previous facials. I am, however, extremely satisfied with the result : my face's completely comedo free! I also like how the therapist kept on running her fingers on my face to make sure that there's no comedo left! I'd say it's definitely worth the pain although that doesn't mean i'd wish to go through that more than once a month max haha.

Oh yeah, mbak Ratna also asked me if i used night creams at home? When i said i do, she said that's why it was quite easy to extract my comedos and why it was not like, unbearably painful. People who don't use night cream's comedos would be harder to extract, therefore making the process very painful!
Ozon application
The machine
Ozone's benefits : kills bacteria and to prevent inflammation after extraction. It produced electric sounds and you can feel it zinging on your skin (that's why they places a flat piece of metal on you back beforehands, to prevent you from getting electrocuted???). I have a bit of fear of electrocution so i'm always quite worried whenever this kind of step is in progress *LOL* (don't worry, of course you won't get electrocuted! I'm just a paranoid who has many fears >.<), i also could smell metallic/iron scent coming off
Ozone would also help reduce the reddness from extracion dramatically. This is the side that had not been treated yet
The the side that had been treated, significantly less red!
Of course my face still looked very red (and swollen)-a very normal reaction that i always have after every facial-but it's a LOT better than before Ozone step!
Next up is the red light
It's some sort of HF to kill bacterias, if you're wondering about how this step felt-it didn't feel like anything! LOL. 
Then mbak Ratna rolled in another machine for the next step (yes, Jennie told me that Miracle Pearl Shine Facial has a LOT of steps. #Undecided was done around 30 minutes before i was finished!)
Peptide Complex Serum was applied (according to the phamplet, this serum is aimed to reduce wrinkles and lines)
Then it was massaged (or should i say, rolled hehe) in with galvanic to help the serum to penetrate the skin better
Filler serum
It was massaged thoroughly-it's usually massaged and applied concentrating around area with lines and wrinkles, but since i don't have any yet (ahem. This is the therapist words okay, not me!) she just massaged it evenly all over my face
Then it's finally time for the luxurious pearl extract mask!
The glittery mask powder with pearl extract
The cream (or was it lotion?) to mix in with the powder
Look at the pretty glitters!
Mix mix mix
And it turned into a white paste
It's a peel off mask and mbak Ratna said it'd be best to cover my eyes and mouth as well, since i am used to this kind of mask (which is not an option for claustrophobic people, like my mum) so i told her to go ahead
Completely covered. I've never used such a white mask before, it made me look like a statue!!! A statue with thick eyebrows, that is. The therapist also gave me hand massage during this stage-#Undecided was done with her treatment and saw this, she proceeded on informing Jennie and mbak Ratna that i hate massages and i was probably grimacing in pain underneath the mask *LOL*. It was actually okay though, i really didn't find mbak Ratna's massages to be painful or ticklish like most massages, honest to God!
The mask is very cool and felt really nice, but it was a LOT more watery than the usual peel off mask that i've used in previous facials (which was a lot thicker and dried quicker). If you're interested on trying out this facial, please take my advise : be as relaxed as possible! I think i am the kind of person that finds it very hard to relax (except when i'm sleeping) so my eyes unconsciously still fluttered around while the mask was still wet.

I didn't realize anything until i guess the therapist noticed my eyes moving around and told me to keep my eyes closed relaxedly because there's a possibility of the mask getting into my eyes! As soon as she said that, i felt a horribly stinging sensation on my eyes and i panicked *LOL*. The therapist kept on telling me to relax, but when your eyes felt like it was on fire, there's just no way you can relax your eyelids! I forced myself to relax and after leaking a few tears *LOL*, the stinging sensation subsided. This is purely my mistake for not being relaxed enough, so let this serves as a warning to all of you : be relaxed! It'd be even better if you can doze off hehe. 

After the stinging sensation subsided, i began to really relax but... then i felt like peeing again *LOL*. See what i mean by me not being a relaxed kind of person? Since i was not able to speak, i ended up playing guess my gestures with #Undecided and Jennie *LOLOLOL*. I tried telling them that i had to pee, but it took them a LONG time to get what i meant so... I was holding back my laughter (and pee) the whole time when i was supposed to be relaxing *LOL*.

And finally, it's time to remove the mask!
#Undecided said it was like Spiderman when he's removing his mask *___*
No idea why she snapped this pic, but... oh well!
After the mask was completely removed, it was followed with toner (it was sprayed on, this time), DHEA cream (which is an anti-aging cream), Bact.combi and lastly : sunblock. Then, it's a wrap!
I only remembered to snap pics of the after treatment in the car later
Yes, looked really red and raw, but not to worry, it subsided pretty fast!
After we're done with the treatments, Jennie took us around for a clinic tour (since we only toured the Thamrin branch before), since this post has been very long already (and #Undecided's treatment's shorter than my treatment), we decided that she should cover the clinic tour on her post instead. 

We had to wait for hunny to pick me up after the tour, so we waited at the table and i snapped some more pics (:D) at the lobby area.
There were coffee and tea provided
We're coffeeholics so of course we opted for some coffees hehe
#Undecided enjoying her coffee
This caught my attention (it's on the cashier area)
As a cosmetic junkie, any beauty products would excite me! It's actually not just some regular lipgloss, it's an anti aging lipgloss! I didn't even know such stuffs exists! Hi #Undecided's and my reflections!
The colors looks very nice as well!
I was picked up soon after so we bid our audieu, but of course i am not done yet hehe need to tell you how the Miracle Pearl Shine resulted, right?. I snapped a pic later that night (around 7-8 hours after treatment) :
Can you see how clean my pores are? My nose's soooo clean!
Yes, it still looked red and blotchy, but when i washed my face i can feel how silky soft, smooth and supple (definitely more volumized) my skin was! It was super bouncy and felt super healthy so i was extremely satisfied with it.

This is the picture taken the next day, most redness' completely gone! My skin feels super hydrated! It was mega oily for a few days afterwards (especially the second and third day), i already have very oily skin but it felt double as oily! I can understand why they would avoid doing this treatment on people with acne prone skin, especially the ones with active pimples since it might be too rich and induce more acne! 
The yellow thing on my mole is an acne patch to stop myself from picking off the scab that formed after i pluck the other mole off @__@)
I was also very pleasantly surprised that Miracle Pearl Shine Facial didn't leave my skin with rough spots where the bigger comedos were forced to come out! Normally after facials, i would be left with tiny red marks (of healing wounds where they sometimes prick your skin to release the comedos) that felt rough to the touch (because they're essentially tiny little wounds) and they would fall of in the next 3-4 days. I also always had horrible peeling on my skin in the next few days, i experienced none of them after Miracle Pearl Shine Facial (just very very mild peeling around my nose area, around 10% off the usual effect!)!

I had no dried red marks, no dry spots and almost no skin peeling like snakes! The redness also disappeared in less than 24 hours and i was left with smooth, spot free skin immediately, where i would usually have to rest my skin for almost a week after facial because it peeled so badly! Super happy with the result! 

Miracle Pearl Shine Facial costs IDR 900.000, it is quite pricey as it is a premium facial, but i would definitely say that the result reflects the price of the treatment! I would definitely suggest this treatment for some special treat for your skin, especially for more mature skin-but young people can also benefit from this treatment! If you're looking for a luxurious treatment that resulted in super soft, smooth, supple, bouncy and volumized skin, look no more! This is exactly the right choice for you!

I really enjoyed Miracle Pearl Shine Facial and the result totally astounded me! So thank you again Miracle for having us and letting me try this very special treatment!
Us with Jennie after treatment, excuse the scary faces! (except the always-pretty Jennie, of course!)

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