Hair-O-Logy 05 : Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Intense Repair Serum

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Hey guys...

I'm finally back with another product review, i have more than a year worth of backlogs on products *very heavy sigh*, i'm such a bad beauty blogger *LOL*. No wonder i'm more of those event-attending bloggers than review-back-to-back kind of blogger, i really do enjoy going to events and write about them more than writing reviews *LOL*. But of course, i love reviewing products too, it's just a bit more brain-cell consuming that lazy me like to shove them at the back of my mind.

But i just forced myself to sit in the past few hours and shift through last year's photo folders, prep product pictures (and even re-take some pictures that were super blurry i cannot possibly post it here as much as i want to, slightly blurry-i'd post it, but extremely blurry until you can't really see anything... I think my blog's worth more than that *LOL*) and upload them-continued with forcing myself to start reviewing again hahaha.

So, last hair related post was on July, which is not bad at all compared to other reviews like masks >.<, and now it's time to review Rudy Hadisuwarno's Hair Intense Repair Serum.
I didn't purchase these serum myself but i got two boxes from now defunct beauty boxes, and after using them for months and months, i am more than qualified to review them haha! Actually finished both boxes long time ago and continued on trying out other serums for my hair (but i now cannot do without applying some serums after washing my hair, something that i never even touch less than two years ago :D).

Let's talk packaging first. Each Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Intense Repair Serum comes in a set like box with six small plastic bottles inside.
The box is a normal carton box with domination of different shades of gold. Not very eye catching for me, looks "old" and "boring". I'm a visual person and love everything kawaii, so this probably isn't something i would personally reach for when i'm looking for a hair serum (yes, there are cute hair serum packaging too, in case you don't know!)
Part of Martha Tilaar beauty, immediately increase the credibility but the name Rudy Hadisuwarno should be enough to convince you in the first place! (He is a very famous Indonesian hair stylist, btw)
Each bottle contains 9ml worth of serum
The serum's bottle's small, the height is exactly the same as my thumb and it's 1.5x fatter than my *fat* thumb. I notice that a lot of hair serums comes in small packaging (especially the famous capsules) but i have no idea why? Is it better than the others that comes in a normal, bigger bottles (which probably contains the same amount of product as these bottles combined)? I cannot answer that (if you know the reasons why, please enlighten me!!!) and sometimes i wonder if it's got to do with quality control? Or just so it's easier to travel with? Hm...
It comes in with a twist off cap and pointy dropper. You just need to gently squeeze the body of the bottle to release the serum inside, the pointy opening makes it easy to control the amount of serum that got out of it.
I have very long hair (but they're very fine) so i always use a pretty generous amount of serum every time
The serum itself has a clear runny gel consistency which is more watery than Makarizo Advizor Hair Recovery (which i reviewed here). You don't need a lot of amount to apply and there is no exact rule on when to apply them (i like to apply hair serum on a damp, towel-dried hair but you can also apply it on dry hair to help make it look shinier and to tame flyaway hair).

It's super easy to use (like every other hair serum out there), just pour a suitable amount (according to your hair length and thickness), rub them on you palm and apply them on your hair shaft. I prefer to apply it on the lower half of my hair and avoid my scalp as far as possible because i have very oily scalp and limp hair as it is. No need to rinse. They got absorbed into my (damp) hair super fast and leave no greasy trail on my hands at all. It doesn't make my hair greasy but more shiny and healthy instead.

Rudy Hadisuwarno's serum has a very nice, perfumy-floral, sophisticated (smells very luxurious and not cheap for me) scent that i really like. I am picky when it comes to scents, Makarizo's serum makes me feel nauseated sometimes-Rudy's definitely smells a LOT better for me and it's one of the best smelling hair serums that i've ever tried so far (this is purely my taste, of course).
Contains Argan Oil (which is like, the holy grail ingredients in hair serums) and pomegranate extract
Claims to deliver vitamin and nutrition to hair shaft, protects hair against chemical process and heat, helps repair damaged hair , smoothen hair so it becomes more manageable and maintain healthy shiny hair (OMG i just realized that the English parts of the explanation's super bad zzzz).

Did they deliver what they promised? In my experience : It certainly makes my hair (which is quite damaged from constant dyeing and regular blow dry) a lot healthier than before. It totally really helps protecting my hair against the harmful hair dryer! I once found a split hair (much to my horror because i never had one before) before i started to take better care of my hair, but ever since i start using conditioners+hair serums (and this serum is the one that i've used the longest), i face no such problems anymore. No more dry hair ends for me! 

And the help smoothen hair part was true for me too, even though my hair's super straight and silky, sometimes they got tangled after towel drying, as soon as i apply this serum on my hair i can immediately comb it through with no tangle whatsoever. So yeah, it definitely delivered all of their claims for me! I am a very satisfied customer!
I love to support local brands!
Price wise, according to the beauty boxes it should be IDR 73.000 (which is quite expensive for a local hair serum compared to their competitors), but a simple browse on the internet proves that beauty boxes love to jack up products' prices to make their boxes seems more value-for-money than they really are -___-. It's actually only IDR 47.000-51.000, which placed them in a normal price range. I get more than a week's worth of usage for each bottle (closer to 2 weeks, actually!) so each box last me for more than two months! Very affordable indeed!

You can easily find them in most major local supermarket and drugstores, of if you're too lazy to step out of your house you can buy them online as well (for example here).

Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Intense Repair Serum is definitely a great product, one of my firm all-time-favorite hair serums! It keeps my hair healthy, shiny, manageable, it's affordable and it smells wonderful!

I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a great performing hair serum to add to their hair routines. Would not recommend this for... Nobody, really. But my hair is not severely damaged nor it is very very dry so i have no idea how it's perform on those types of hair, still-there's no harm in giving a try! In my experience, i found no negative effects but every individual is different and what works for me doesn't always work on others ^^.

Personally love this a lot and would definitely repurchase it!

Do you currently use hair serums too? What brand are you using and how do you like it?


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