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Heyy looww!!!

So... A couple of months (>.<!!) ago we went to Batu because i've been wanting to visit the (then) newly opened Museum Angkut ever since i've heard about how nice it is from my friends. This post is not about the museum though, we unexpectedly went to Batu Night Spectacular (unexpected because we didn't plan to go there again since we've been there a few times and it gets boring) and stumbled into the (again, back then) new Trick Art Gallery.
Family show-down! Who had the best pose? Certainly not the daddy hahaha
It was still on... was it soft opening? I think so... And there's a special price, if i remember correctly it was IDR 15.000 per person (normal price would be IDR 25.000?) and it was not bad at all for what we got to see inside.
Baby Boy welcomed by many papparazzi hahaha
The first section was sports related
Yep, this is going to be a collection of us doing silly poses ^^.
For some reasons i feel like the camera should be on the other side to that the person "holding" it would be peeking into the gymnast's panties *teehee*. Excuse my pervertic mind *ahem*
Whoopsie! And my Baby Boy sure doesn't mind looking silly for pics, does he?
Why did hunny looked like he's in so much pain
When Baby Boy made it look like it was so easy to do haha
Time to do some lifting, baybeh!
I look cooler doing it-Baby Boy, July 2014 *LOL*
Gotta hurry!
Second section's for those who are feeling hungry or thirsty!
I dare everybody to drink this and not getting drunk!
The willing VS unwilling
Errrr, i do feel a little peckish... I'll just have a bite...
Hmph, looking preggie in this pic
Let's move to the animal kingdom!
Awww... But... Isn't that zebra's a little too big for a bottle???
Braving the danger with the elephants
Oh well, he's done this pose many times (with real birds)
You get to be a super hero in the next section!
Becoming a ninja!
I have to admit i don't really understand what this one's supposed to me. Did we interpret the pose wrongly or what @__@
Himeko did WHAT???? *gossiping time*
I'll get that for ya!!!
Didn't you laid on a real bed of nails before, hunny? You didn't seem to be in so much pain then hahaha
Stepping on a mummy's hand, coz i'm cool liddat
But... there are more??? NUUUUUUUU
Moving on to a less adrenaline inducing section :
I look so sleepy... I only wore some BB cream+powder+blush on some 8 hours before this picture was taken -___- i had known we'd take so much pictures i'd have touch up a bit T.T
Cutie dolphie
Piranha victims
Did i say less adrenaline inducing??? Should take that back now!!!
Darth Vader??? So random...
Hehehe to Baby Boy's expression again
It's raining money...!!!
Hallelujah... It's raining money...
That was close...
One of my favorite spot :
Guardian Angel
Emo Angel (this spot would've been such a perfect OOTD spot if only i wore something more appropriate...)
And uber cheeky angel, take you pick!
Love this, with the right effect and outfit we could've pretend that this is our errr... post-wed pic hahaha
Well, that's all! We're such cam-whores that we practically snap pics in almost every spot hahaha (and did it again in Suroboyo Carnival, which i will blog about... i dunno when) so i think it totally justified the not-so-expensive-anyway entrance fee! It's a pretty fun time to spend some time while you're in BNS.

We also went to the ghost house (not scary at all but i still prefer to hide behind people's backs anyway), tried the zero gravity ride (was it just me or the ride seems to be emitting laughter gas??? It couldn't be just me because almost everybody in the ride couldn't stop giggling! It did make me quite nauseous for a while afterwards, but not too badly!) amongst all.

Here are some extra pics from BNS :
Disembodied head
Gluttony disembodied head
My ultra cute (and ultra annoying, can you please please please stop losing your stationaries, Baby Boy???) son
Hope you enjoyed this post and our silly poses! Have you ever been to a trick art museum too? Did you enjoy it?
#Blue. I mean, #Pink

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  1. hehehe seru banget ya poto2nya...
    bagus trick art nya :D

    1. Iya nih, emg cocok bgt buat org2 narsis yakkk

  2. Malang banyak tempat "touristy"nya ya ternyata, dulu cuma tau Jatim Park hehe. Museum trick art nya ini cuma seasonal apa ada terus?

    1. Iya makin lama makin byk nih.. Ada terus koq d dlm nya BNS ^^

  3. baby boy ekspresinya jempolaaaaan hahahahaa XD