Pink X Me-Nail Giveaway Winner Announcement

10:27:00 PM


Just dropping in real quick to announce our giveaway's winner!

To Gresia Meriana Purwanto!

I have e-mailed you and you have 2x24 hours to respond with the datas needed or we'd have to pick another winner!

Thank you so so sooo much for everybody who has entered (some of you even tweet about the giveaway everyday, i'm so touched T.T thank you guys!!! Love you all!), i wish i could've picked you all! Please keep on supporting this blog and hopefully we'd be able to host another giveaway soon!

Thank you so much for Me-Nail for sponsoring this giveaway, you're the best!!!
Thank you once again!


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  1. congrats buat lucky winner ^_~ *dansayanangisdipojokan* lol XD

  2. Wow... Thank you for my 1st giveaway..
    I Just sent you my data you needed..
    Please check ur email..
    I will waiting for my prize excitedly..

    once again thank you so much for picked me to be a winner at this giveaway.. :-D :-D

    1. Dear Gresia, your e-mail never came through, we've been trying to contact you all day, please respond to our e-mail immediately :(