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Hey hey hey!

According to a mini survey i did on my latest giveaway (i'm starting to regret giving that question though LOLOLOL) one of the posts you'd like to see more in this blog is my haul (FML, you guys really love watching me going nutz, eh? Is it amusing to you all? *Glare*) and *gasp* nail stufs+makeup tutorial. While nail stuffs might be tough because i don't do nail arts (most i can do is painting my nails >.<) and make up tutorial is... well, tough coz i'm not even that good with makeups (but i will try!), hauls is unfortunately something i can easily obliged to *sigh*.

So without further ado, here's another haul post for your entertainment *another unsatisfied glare* *LOL*.
It's not bad at all right (i know i keep on saying this in every haul post, whatever!!! But i do have two more waiting behind it *sigh*)
Of course, must cover the beauty stuffs first
If Kathy and Shasha are reading this, they'd know how long i postpone writing about this blog post (2 months?) coz i bought some of the products from them >.<
First up : ROC Soft Smoothing Scrub (i've been feeling like my facial skin really needs a good scrubbing every once in a while because it can look kinda dull and bumpy sometimes) and Perfecting Toner. Got them from Guardian when they were on 50% sale (clearance sale). Sadly ROC is no longer available in Indonesia now :(, lucky i got to stock up before they really disappeared for good
Acnes Powder Lotion (which i always use before putting on makeup to help keeping sebum at bay) because i always stock up on essentials whenever they're on sale and Viva's newish Body Creme in Cocoa Butter & Milk Extract. Can't resist anything new as usual, and Viva's newest line is kinda tempting. I'm very interested in the lip balms too but since i have 189760 other unused lip balms, i can wait until they have a promo (how sad is waiting for a promo when the product's price is IDR 14.000? LOL). Got them from Carrefour
Sogen's Body Mists in Lost in Love and My Love. Been eyeing the super colorful and kawaii packaging ever since they made an appearance in Guardian and i happened to love their scents too. So when they went on a +1000 get 2 promo, i immediately grabbed them. They actually lasts much longer than i expected and now i want the Eau de Toilette version >.< (yes, i have a cupboard full of perfumes, but we all know that's never gonna stop me...)
Jolie Chat Eau de Parfum with the funniest looking bottle and an elegant ring CW and BB got me from Aussie
I didn't buy these *defensive*, won this from Maybelline's FB contest. I only bought one Color Show's lipstick myself, won these two and got another two for free because i was given a voucher by my aunt, so in the end i have five >.<.
These Kathy helped me buy >.< my first Aritaum products coz it was on sale i think... Pudding Tint (HOW CUTE IS THE NAME???) and Honey Melting Tint that i craved ever since i read Rini's review on them zzz
Random Sari Ayu lipsticks coz the Sentrajava one was on sale and i was curious to try the mini version after reading yet another review (beauty blogs would be the death of me >.< thank God at least i'm not following any Beauty Gurus, don't kill me but i actually got super bored after 1 minute of trying to watch Pony's video >.<) and the Pigeon Face Powder because lots of bloggers said it's a pretty good loose powder!
These ones Shasha helped me buy when she opened a hand-carry PO while she was holidaying in Korea. Shara Shara Fairy Perfume Nail Polish and Triple Shine Color Eyeshadow that i got purely for their packaging (my first Shara Shara products too) and Peripera Magic Glam Tint just because i love Elsa
A complete collection of Etude House's Bunny Nail Sets i bought from A's OS coz i can't resist their cutenes T.T
Cathy Doll Body Mist i got from an IG seller (i also bought an uber cute cat pants there but you know i don't share outfit hauls :p), Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks that i've been coveting for the longest time and a hand-me-down Majolika Majorca from CL that's currently my new holy grail mascara :D!
Samples @___@
Stocking up on New Look Wonder contact lenses (i've reviewed the brown one here) because they're one of the best *comfort-wise* subtly enlarging contacts i've tried in a long time and they were on promo (50% off on the second box)
Moving on to non-beauty products.. I am obsessed with both unicorns and My Little Pony lately, hunny saw a set of figurines in Tulip and got them for me (coz he is sweet like that ^^ awwww, am i annoying you enough?)
A friend who used to own an accessories store was closing down her store, sold all her stocks in low prices so i went mad!
Payless was also having a 50% off their accessories...
Also from Payless, it's easy to see that i am madly obsessed with floral crowns/hairbands, yes? Wore the mint one already
Free bow hair clip from going crazy over one of FB OS (on clothes *sigh*)
Uber cute bows headband, skeleton hand hair clip (that i love so much so i bought another one to wear on both sides of my head, plus another pair in other color >.<) and my long coveted floral sunnies
Speaking of floral sunnies, the ones that i REALLY want actually look more like these two :
Image from Google
or this :
Also from Google
But those are from Dolce & Gabbana and while i would buy designer bags and accessories once in a while, sunnies is not really something i splurge on. I basically just want a pastel colored floral sunnies, do you know any store that sells an inspired by products? Coz for over USD 1.100 i'd rather spend them on bags. Or trips.

If you've been following this blog for a while then you should probably know that i like quirky accessories, so when i saw this Indian head necklace i just gotta have it (It was IDR 15.000 or something at a stall at the Pasar Terapung outside Museum Angkut, Batu :p)
I thought it was really cute, even though hunny and Baby Boy both insisted that it was creepy instead haha
More accessories from Av's online store. Yeap. Can't stop
And more from Diva, most of them are really cheap though! Huge sale!
Statement necklace also from Av's OS
Kawaii cheap accessories from Stroberi. I am also currently obsessed with colorful highlight clips and began collecting them like mad >.<
Cute bunny glasses bought in Carrefour, i can spot cute things anywhere...
Puffy kawaii pouch and thick socks (the latter one i'm stocking up for my up-and-coming winter trip) from Daiso
You know i collect crazy head bands, right? At least now i actually use them... to take pictures :p. This bunny ear was a cheapo one that can light up, wore it here
Bought them in a store in Grand City when i went there with Kathy, the store closed down already :(!
Super cute multi ribbons headband from Naughty, i was not happy when they force me to choose a hairband because they did not have any change. WTF. New strategy to get rid of old stocks???
My love affair with crazy headband continues, spotted this yellow crown inside our car when we were in Batu, yelled "I WANTTT I WANTTT I WANTTTTT" and my hunny immediately went down to hunt one for me. Yes, i guess i'm writing this in purpose to annoy those who got jealous because i have a great husband. Kidding...
It flashes up too hahaha
Uber cheap bags from Henny's OS, the lip clutch looked like it had too much filler though...
Always wanted the Lolita Baby Biscuit bag but they're kinda hard to find locally (and usually with an outrageous prices), spotted this in Classroom of all places, it was quite pricey (almost IDR 300.000?) for a novelty bag, but i couldn't let it go so...
I am MAD about jelly shoes.
High Heeled red and hot pink jelly shoes from some OS in IG
Then there were some stuffs that supposed to featured in my Jakarta/Bandung Haul but i forgot to :
Yes, i own three pairs of the exact same jelly shoes. Four actually, i bought another one in bright pink for twice the price of these three because i love the color and i couldn't find any OS that sells them any cheaper T.T. Good news is i already wore all three multiple times (especially the glitter ones!) so i think i can justify the purchases?
Crazy cute bunny bag (it's huge) from this store in MKG called Pure Milk (even the name is super kawaii already!) i always gravitated to because they sell the cutest t-shirts, but they're too pricey for my liking! So when i saw this bag at a sort of affordable price (compared to the clothes), i just grabbed it. It's super eye catching though so i'd probably only going to wear it when i'm having a themed look. A head to toe bunny outfit maybe, Kathy?
That's all for today >.<. It's always so mentally draining to do haul posts zzz. Earlier today i was contemplating getting this Revlon's Spider Man 2's package containing 8 products that's on a special offer (48% off)
Only IDR 325.000 fot all of these
But after seeing my crazy amount of brand new makeup i have in my stash, i change my mind. I guess it's a good thing i chose to do a haul post today.



PS : Don't forget to join my giveaway, okay!

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    2. ........... *buang dua duanya ke tong sampah*

  2. u.u haulnya banyak bener.. bikin ngiler >.< apalagi yg etude bunny nail set nya..

    1. Huhuhu ini termasuk yg ga sbrp byk hehe

  3. Aduh banyak bener dear haulnyaa. Btw itu yang elsa beli di mana ? Bisa minta contact nya ya ?


    1. Elsa nya nitip tmn yg lg liburan k Korea dear, jd ga bisa psn di dia lg :)

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    1. Wkwkwkwk, lah ketok lucu2 ya ta beli Sha

  6. These are really great finds and so kawaii!
    I bet you had fun shopping!

    1. Thank you, and yes shopping is so much fun!