Pink X Me-Nail Birth Month Giveaway

4:51:00 PM

Haiiiii everybody!

It's been a while since they last time i held a giveaway, a full year actually! I've been wanting to hold another one for sometime now but errrr, always got postponed because of my laziness many reasons. Anyway! When my nail sponsor, Me-Nail (which you should be familiar of by now since i currently have an exclusive series on their Crystal Nail polishes which is still running), offered me a collaboration giveaway, i immediately jumped on the chance!

Thanks to Me-Nail, all of you (Indonesian residence only, sorry >.<!) can stand a chance to win all of these :
I wrote that the acrylic paint wasn't included earlier, but apparently it is! Sorry for the confusion haha
Yup, last time i had a beauty and fashion giveaway, now it's time to share my other love : nail products :D courtesy of Me-Nail!

So, what items exactly can you win in this giveaway? Let's take a closer look!
2 bottles of O.P.I nail polishes, a set of dotting tools, a nail file and a buffer
5 sets of water decals
5 sets of rhinestones, 5 sets of acrylic accessories, 3 sets of nail jewels and a set of nail art brush (violet)
Oumaxi Acrylic paint (for nail art)

Pretty awesome, huh? The prizes are actually worth more than IDR 500.000! And entering is easy peasy too, i finally mastered rafflecopter (i couldn't figure it out the first two times i had a giveaway, i know i'm horrible no need to mention it!) so you just need to fill in the form below! This giveaway is open for everybody (who has Indonesian address), so not only for bloggers!
a Rafflecopter giveaway  
I hope everybody would join this giveaway and celebrate my birthmonth (my birthday was on the 3rd :D but i like to celebrate my birthday for the entire month hahaha) with me!

This giveaway will run from today (17th October) to 10th November at 12 AM. 

I will choose the winner randomly (via rafflecopter, obviously) and announce the winner on 10th November, winner will have to e-mail me with their data within 2x24 hours or i will have to choose another winner. This giveaway will run as fairly as possible and the choice of winner is final :).

This Giveaway is sponsored by :

Me-Nail Nail Salon Supplies and Training Centre
Ruko Klampis Jaya 33D Surabaya
Phone : 031-2882 333
BB Pin : 22D7C1DF
Website :

Good luck, everyone!

#Pink and L (Me-Nail's generous Lady Boss)

PS : Special thanks to Kiki who snap the pictures, sorry for being a nag >.<!

PPS : No cheaters please! If you win, i'm gonna have to ask you for proofs regarding your submissions (screen captures), so make sure you've submit before hitting enter on the rafflecopter! And no unfollowers, if caught you will be banned from our future giveaway :)

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  1. umm tutorial about make up or nail art ✿ event report are nice too . I participated in this giveaway , keep success jieejieee XD

  2. more nail stuff hehehe, sama mau more make up haul jugaa

    makasiiih ci mindy dan me nail for this generous, super generous giveaway!!

  3. NAIL stuuufff ^^d ikutan ya ceceeehh...

  4. i love nails,so i will participated in this giveaway..

  5. Hello ce Mindy. Aku ikutan ya giveawaynya. Sukses ya ce buat blognya. Aku auka blog ini terutama dari postingan haulnya yang cetar membahana banget bikin ngiler. Wkwkwk. Terus aku suka banget klo liat postingan cc tentang traveling. Seru bgt ♥ yg aku pgn lebih lihat lg di blog cc adalah make up tutorial ce.. >■< wish me luck yaa

  6. more make up tutorial :D aku masih newbie disini, tutorial pasti bantu biar cepat bisa :D aku juga baca post tentang travel dan haul2 nya >,< *envy*

  7. hallo cc, thankyou for giveaway ya ^^ . i like all of ur post, about haul, tips, review, tutorial ,nail, pkokny semua nya . i'm new beauty blogger, i want learn about make up from another beauty blogger, like cc :) .

  8. Hai :) thanks banget ya buat giveawaynya ^^ and happy birthday to you..
    Post yang aku pengen liat dari kamu? aku pengen kakak sering membuat make up tutorial dan more nail post..
    haul juga.. karena aku seneng ngeliat haul orang lain,meskipun bukan punyaku tapi seneng aja hehe ^^

  9. hi ce,,, salam kenal ya... dulu aku anak sby juga,, tp sekarang uda pindah ke batam...
    post tentang nail stuff ya,, cz, jarang ada blogger ya bbuat post itu..
    join giveaway nya ya... TQ

  10. Oh bellissimi premi, buona fortuna!!!

  11. Request more makeuplook sama mix n match outfit juga , review soal skincare juga huahuaaa banyak banget ya requestkuuu . Nb :kl bikin video juga oke kayanya terutama buat post fashion.thank you buat giveawaynya♡

  12. ikutan yaaa ci :D
    mungkin banyakin post haul sm travelling soalnya slalu ngiler liat post2 haul cc ;3

  13. tambahin tentang mix n match tentang fashion nya ci :3
    thanks for the giveaway

  14. paling suka sama travelling post,terutama kalo udah ada makanannya. sering-sering ya ce > 3<

  15. join ya ce :D
    pengen lihat postingan tutorial makeup nya ce ..
    sama post kuliner juga sih, kan asik jadi bisa langsung cuss ke TKP kulineran Surabaya, secara yg ada dipikiran seringnya makanan *down
    thanks for GA and wish me luck :*

  16. More about travelling, culinary n tutorial for make up, naliart n fashion mix..

  17. Cece Aku Join . Request Fairy Kei Makeup Tutorial and outfit of the day nya.

  18. thank you buat giveaway nyaa,,,wish me luck :)

  19. Haul donk ahahahaa biar aku sedikit merasa tidak berdosa karena ada temen shopaholic lol >_<

  20. Please post more about nail art hihi

  21. Paling suka liat soal haul, ahahaha, belanjaanmu selalu menggiurkan untuk diadopsi juga >.< sama review :)

  22. Thank for the giveaway. Makeup tutorial dong ce.. ^^

  23. happy brithday :)
    pingin lihat postingan haul nyaaaaa, buat rekomen belanja :D