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Hellowwww everybodyyy :D!

Last Tuesday i was lucky enough to be able to experience a hair massage treatment by Texture Experience Makarizo along with a few of my fellow beauty bloggers.
With Kathy, Sabrina, Jean and Oline (minus Yennyca-who went home already (?) and Tia who finally got her turn for the treatment)
On Monday i received an e-mail from Tia (who's a beauty blogger and IBB's staff) inviting me to these two events :
Even though it was a very short notice, i immediately RSVP-ed because it's Makarizo, a very well known hair care/styling brand-when else can i get the opportunity to get pampered with their products and watch their epic hair show? Thankfully i am a stay at home mother slash full time blogger so i can always say yes to any event that caught my fancy even with a short notice like this :D! (can't say the same for the rest :(... A few other bloggers that were also invited couldn't make it to the events since they were held on weekdays during working hours)

The first day's schedule is an introduction and treatment with Texture Experience by Makarizo at a pretty well-known hair salon in Surabaya, Kirei Salon.

I'm very familiar (in a way) with this salon because of its very strategic location-on the street just opposite Galaxy Mall so i passed it a few times every week whenever i go to Galaxy Mall/the neighbourhood. I also went to the same workout place as the auntie owner and her daughter before, but i never actually went in! Now thanks to Makarizo, i also got the chance to take a look inside the huge hair salon!

I will show you the main location of the salon (first floor) later on because when i arrived (15 minutes late, i was panicking already but thankfully the bloggers from Jakarta-Tia and Jean along with Makarizo team hadn't arrived yet *huge sigh of relief, i hate being late to events!) i was directed immediately to the third floor-where the event went down.
The third floor is used for treatment only and i assume it was reserved for the event that day so there were only staffs, some photographers and the other bloggers that have arrived before me (Sabrina, Kathy and Yennyca). There's a 5 sided mirrors with seats that became our station of the day
View of Kirei's lobby from the third floor
A peek into the second floor
My current favorite line is "Bloggers gotta do what bloggers do"!
With Yennyca. Do you notice how tanned i look, i went for a sun-kissed look that day. Okay, not really. My Collection foundie is apparently one shade too dark for my complexion and i just realized it *LOL*, i don't mind though!
A little while later, Makarizo team and the two bloggers from Jakarta (who came as a representation of IBB, flown to Surabaya especially for the event!) arrived and the event immediately started.
Representative from Makarizo (i think her name is Ms. Ferina, i already checked with Tia but i am not very sure >.< please forgive me if i wrote incorrectly, i'm really bad with names!) giving us the introduction to Texture Experience. The lady in black next to her is Ms. Puput, also from Makarizo who's taking care of us for the whole two days-giving us the best experience yet. Thank you Ms. Ferina and Ms. Puput!
Looks more like a dessert menu, right??? Drool! Texture Experience is a unique hair treatment that aim not only to pamper your physical being, but also your soul! That's why they say it's a uniquely total experience, coz you will feel the impact both on your body and soul!
The drool worthy menu consisting choices of Black Chocolate, Vanilla Milk, Strawberry Yogurt, Green Tea Butter, Cinnamon Coffee and Mint Sorbet. We were told to choose whichever variant we wanted  according to our moods and how we WANT to feel during (and after) the treatment. You know i'm crazy about yummy scents so the obvious choice would be Strawberry Yogurt or Black Chocolate, but i was very sleepy (didn't have enough sleep. Who says only mothers of very young kids never have enough sleep? My son's 7 and i'm still very sleep deprived! LOL) so maybe i should go with Cinnamon Coffee (but i really hate cinnamon *___*), i was very confused and torn at that time!
Texture Experience products
When you choose Texture Experience treatment, they will not only use the specific hair treatment but complete with the shampoo and conditioner as well!

Kathy and i got the first dibs!
I love going to this kind of events with friends so i can take their pics instead of being forced to take selcas, my face while laying down-fugly beyond belief. And the photog kept on snapping pictures of us. If i heard correctly the pictures might be used on a magazine OMG, i hope they'd throw away all of my super unflattering pics (which is like... All of the treatment pics coz i look horrible with my hair pulled up as well T.T)
I guess i'm not the only one feeling that way, look at these two! Battle of the bloggers, each refusing to get their unflattering pics taken hahaha. By this time we heard someone else came and it was Oline, seems like she's replacing Kathy to always be the last person to arrive now? LOL
Me, looking like some auntie who sells traditional cakes on their heads :p
I chose Mint Sorbet in the end because it was an unbelievably HOT day (today's equally as hot, really) and the air conditioner in the 3rd floor didn't seem to be working fully as well so when i saw the variant that promises a cooling sensation-i immediately jumped at it! Look at the uber cute baby blue color with blue flecks on it, really looks like ice cream-don't you think??? Since they'd use a particular shampoo for each variant you chose, i already felt the cooling sensation from the shampoo when they were washing my hair, but with the treatment the intensity was tenfold! It was a real bliss in the mid of Surabaya heat!
2nd batch : Yennyca and Sabrina
While Kathy opted for Strawberry Yogurt that smells divine!
Pale pink with red flecks, Kathy pointed out that it looked less pink because of the yogurt content (everything from this line is derived from natural ingredients!)
This is the therapist/hair stylist that cared for me that day. I personally really HATE massages of any kind (i'm both ticklish and easily pained with strong kneading!) but i find her massages to be tolerable and kinda nice haha
Kathy looking kinda glum because she's in my team-we're not massage fans!
While Sabrina is the total opposite and really love massages, she kept on repeating how nice the massage was and i kept on reminding her not to fall asleep or risk appearing on multiple blogs with drool on her face LOLOLOL. Sorry for cutting you in half in this pic, Jean!
After massage (that went all the way to my lower spine to a point where i was in bending position *a few times* that Oline actually thought i was picking up something on the floor LOL) and while waiting for the treatment to penetrate into our scalp (normally they'd steam the hair, but since they only have one steamer we'd have to wait for quite a bit to get our turn *LOL*, Sabrina did but Kathy and i both opted to skip it-my therapist also said that  it's better for me to skip the steam since i suffer from some hair fall and she thinks steaming process might worsen it), we were offered to have out arms scrubbed-who'd say no to extra treatments.. right? There were three different variants with slightly different effects, from left to right Black Rice, Seaweed and Deep Sea Mineral. More to the left, the stronger the moisturization effect is. Deep Sea Mineral especially is good for aging skin.
I opted for Black Rice because 1) my skin is normal and not that dry anyway, 2) i love the scent! (and 3) i'm seriously not that old yet!)
The scrub is not too harsh that it hurts your skin but yet it still works very effectively
Kathy getting her dead skin scrubbed off. We had a mountain of them when we're done *LOL*, asked if i should take pictures but they wouldn't let me coz it was too gross >.<
Scrub scrub scrub...
Ta dahhh... Super soft and supple skin immediately!
Wiping the residue off. LOVE the scrub!
After rinsing my hair, the therapist/stylist dried off my hair
In the midst of drying off our hairs, the electricity on the third floor suddenly went off! I freaked out a bit because i thought i kicked the hair dryer's cable or something :p, you know how clumsy i am.... Fortunately it wasn't my fault and we were then directed to the main salon area on the first floor to finish up our hair.
The same therapist/stylist told me that i should rest my hair after treatment and not abuse it with extra styling hehe. I was fine with that but i was not very fine with the middle parting she accidentally gave me *LOL*
The first floor was really cozy (and a lot cooler as well!), Kathy was on my right
Sabrina on my left
Me after my hair's fully dried. My hair immediately felt super light, bouncy and unbelievably soft!
Looks much healthier as well, right? It smells so good too!
The scent lingers for two (or should i say three? I washed it on the third day) whole days until my hair became way too limp and greasy that i had to wash it! I usually wash my hair every day, but after this treatment i didn't have the heart to wash it off since it's still super soft, bouncy and my scalp (that usually would smell yucky from the oil it secretes during the night) still smells heavenly well into the next day so i just spray some dry shampoo to get rid of the oil and went out! The next day the scent was unbelievably still there, but like i said... I couldn't take it anymore so i had to wash them after yoga class!
The spacious washing station
Oline finally get her turn (yes, after some of us were 100% done already), wonder if she'd kill me for posting this pic? Look at how her lips matches the towel perfectly (my nails matches my towel too! LOL)
Cam-whoring is a must
Kathy was offered to get her hair styled and she asked for a curl (if i'm not mistaken, he is a senior hair stylist in Kirei and his name is Denys)
Jeng jeng jeng...
Kathy claims that it was one of the most long-lasting curl she'd ever had (and without any hairspray!), it was still quite perfect the next day while usually her curls would be straightening up within a few hours! She was quite amazed that she's thinking of getting her hair styled in Kirei next time she's got a party to attend :D
Oline got two therapists/stylists working on her at the same time to save time!
She opted for the Black Chocolate-my God did it smell heavenly! The scent was so strong that we could smell it a few metres away! You shouldn't get this if you're a chocoholic, you might end up chewing your own hair up coz it smells just sooo good!
Since i was done long before the others, i took the liberty to walk around the salon and snap pictures of the place.

The entrance and waiting area
The chic staircase
Cashier next to the staircase
Very spacious, sparkling clean and comfortable!
When we're all done... Tia finally got called for her turn! Yennyca already disappeared so... It was minus those two when we went and snapped pictures! Event pulled a "model pose", lining up on the stairs LOLOLOL (hey! The photographer's idea!), but i don't have the picture of that one!
Makarizo's team's so thoughtful, they even gave us a sweet cupcake when we said goodbye. A real total experience!
I had a wonderful time, the best treatment ever (and the best sensation ever too!), best companies and definitely a great experience as a whole! I want to thank Makarizo (and Kirei Salon) for having me, Puput to take such good care of us, and Tia for inviting me!

I still have another report for another Makarizo's event the next day, and trust me when i say it's totally awesome, and it was the most epic event i've ever attended yet-you don't want to miss it for sure!



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  1. ahhh seruuu..pingin nyoba treatment di kirei juga <3

  2. T^T This post makes me so envy ce..
    If only the event wasn't held in office hours, I will join it for sure! T____T
    The hair massage cream looks so yummy and the salon is so spacey and their service is really tempting *Q* very nice and detail post ce *as always XD

    ☆ ☆

    1. Iyah, sayang jd pd ga bisa ikut :(... Yummy beneran deh hehehe, bikin addicted! Thank you :D!

  3. Kayaknya seru yaaa huhuhu u.u
    Tempatnya juga keliatannya bagus :D
    Nice post ^_^)b Thanks for sharing :D

    1. Iya seru nih, sayang km ga bisa dtg ya kmrn? Thank you :)

  4. You can't buy happiness but you can buy treatments and services with the royal treatment perfect for a relaxing day. So it's kind of the same thing. :)

    That hair salon is huge! It's definitely where I would want to have my hair done.

    1. LOL i know, and i'm even happier that i got to try it for free, kiasu max?