Let's Go For a Swim!

10:45:00 PM

For those who are actually expecting an article about going swimming of some sort... I'm sorry to disappoint you! It's actually just one of my boring outfit posts!
Why the title? Well, it was inspired by my cray cray big bro, KC, whose first line when i emerged from my room was "Are you going swimming?"
Does it look like a swim wear to you???
On the other hand, i can see how the tulle outwear can be worn outside a swimming suit/bikini and it'll look great! Now, how did my clueless-about-fashion big bro even knew that? Hm... (i know that this pic is almost identical to the previous one, but i actually SMILED in this pic! Since people seem to stress about how little i smile in my pictures, i decided to post any smiling pic i can find! LOL)
Outfit Deets :
Two piece floral and tulle top : J K N K
Printed skirt : Magnolia
Grey tights : Online
Wedges Slip On Sneakers : Tracce
Bag : Store in Danshui, Taiwan

I wore this outfit to attend the Hair Massage Treatment event by Makarizo, and Oline actually said stuffs like "Ballerina madame"
Now i'm confused, do i look like someone who's going to swim or a ballet class???
(Btw, the tulle outer top is so versatile, i paired it with a dress today-made the dress looked like something else entirely! Definitely just found my newest fave outer top! Gonna wear it with tons of different outfits now! So in love with tulle/lace outer top now, need to hunt more of them! Will show you other combos with it in another outfit post!)
Anyway, now that Marshmallow (my baby pink Samsung NX 200) is officially mine, i gotta practice doing some mirror selcas with it (coz my hunny's not always around to take my outfit pics)
Hmmmm color kinda washed out and not as nice as Pinko T.T *problem of a technically challenged person, i have no idea how to adjust the tone or whatever, i can only point and shoot no matter how sophisticated the camera is :p*
And cannot forget FOTD of course :
My FOTD's always so boring (coz i pretty much do the same thing every time *LOL*), and i basically use the same products as my Modern Forrest Fairy FOTD except that i used my (a tone too dark) Collection foundation and Naked 2 Palette.
Again, practicing for a mirror selca #excuses
The lip color turned out so different in the selcas, wonder why??? It was the same MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Lady at Play which is a very bright pinkish coral.
This pic is from my IG, i love camera 360! LOL Instant air brushing and luminous effect!
That lipstick will now forever stand out from my massive collection, not only because it's my first (and only) MAC lipstick (i didn't buy it, it's another hand-me-down from CL. I think she only swatched it once and gave it to me *LOL*), but also because it's a lip color that CW pointed out to be "UGLY" LOL. Am i bothered with that? Not really, coz i rarely give a thought such weird criticism (i mean... everybody's entitled to their own opinion, right? She's free to think that it's ugly, and i am free to think that it's totally FABBO)...

It won't stop me from wearing it, in fact i'm considering wearing it every time i see her so she'd be more and more riled *ROFL*, i just think that it's quite hilarious. And amazing, who pays attention to other people's lip colors, right? Oh, maybe some people do, i don't. Except if the lip color's so pretty that i want to buy one for myself, then i'd pay attention. LOL. There's a bit of a problem though, i wrote about the incident on a pic i uploaded on IG (coz i think it's funny), then i uploaded it on FB as well (by accident, i automatically hit the FB and Twitter share as well when i uploaded a pic in IG!) and it's official-she's stalking me on FB! LOL. I might upset her coz i called her the biggest (unreasonable) critic. OOPS!

Gotta go now, have tons of other (pressing) blog posts to attend to, i just stalled by writing this outfit post so i can post something (coz the other posts needs more time and care to do *sigh*)! Expect more outfit posts because they're essentially a filler post in between harder-to-write posts (i.e : event reports)!

What do you think of my lipstick color? Are you #TeamCW or #TeamPink?


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  1. It didn't look like a swim wear to me as it's perfect for a casual attire in a hot summer day. The outfit is cute and I'd totally want to wear the same for a flair of creativity.

    1. Awww, thank you! So glad that you think i was quite creative! Haha