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Sorry for being MIA for a couple of days (actually it hasn't been too long, but i'm too used to blog very regularly now i feel guilty for not touching this blog even only for a couple of days!).. Anybody missed me yet? LOL. 

How's your weekend? I feel like i had a head start this weekend (well, you might argue that for someone who doesn't really have a job, everyday must be like weekend for me anyway. Which is true, but weekend's still special because i get to hang out all day long with hunny who doesn't have to go to work and with my friends who are very busy working on weekdays. I am still very patiently waiting for that day when #Undecided quits her job and join the tai tai club *consisting of me and LL for now WTF* and i can have a friend on weekdays...).

On Friday i went to yet another event continued with some (minor, don't worry) shopping time with Katherine. Yesterday we went and celebrate #Undecided's birthday (her birthday's on the 11th, have you guys wished her a happy bday yet?) that was supposed to be only a dinner but ended up with some serious karaoke/pool time until 1 A.M, and today we went to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2! So yeah, i had a pretty awesome weekend!

Anyway... I haven't posted any haul for a while, very out of character... I'm just too lazy to prep the pics (yes, i have no better explanation for anything but being too lazy!!!) and probably a little bit in denial as well LOLOLOL (can't face the fact that i am not getting any better, despite my own claims that i am...) but here it is now!

It's not bad, right? (right???) No, seriously, i think it concluded almost everything that i bought in May! So it's really not bad!!! Errr, okay.. so i didn't include any of my clothing haul (i told ya, i don't like featuring my clothing haul because i'd definitely get judged *LOL*) and it's been quite bad lately *__* i just really really like the designs of the latest season!!! It's as bad as... receiving 3 packages (with 7 pieces of clothing) in one day, or visiting Magnolia more than once a week and buy about 4 clothes everytime? And i just joined instagram (IKR!!! Finally! LOL. I used Blackberry so i couldn't have IG before, now i have a mini Ipad so i've been loving IG the last couple of days. You can follow me at Mgirl83 if you're interested).

Let's start with the beauty stuffs
First is some online shopping, got this from an OS i'm following in Twitter called Toko Palugada (most hilarious name for a beauty OS ever, or for any store except hardware store probably. Palu means hammer in Indonesian and gada is errrr.. some sort of mace. No idea why the owner named the store like that!) which mostly sells replica make ups. While i will not be buying any replica make ups, i really couldn't careless when it comes to brushes. It's an open secret that i hardly own any brushes so any new addition to the (sad) collection is always a good thing, i certainly fell in love with this mini set's baby pink coloring and the fact that they named it Hello Kitty brushes. I didn't know that this is a mini set (with the price-under IDR 50.000-i shouldn't be expecting anything else anyway) but since it is, i think it's going to be so perfect for my travels!
Daiso Eyelash Glue with the pretty packaging imitating Dolly Wink's *LOL*. I stumbled into it when we went to Papaya (a local Japanese supermarket) which has a little section of Daiso products and was unable to let this go. I have thrown away my previous Daiso eye lash glue (read my review here), the squeezy tube type is evil! I don't often throw away products when it's not COMPLETELY finished, that Daiso glue probably got some more use out of it but it's just too messy and take too much effort (would have to pierce the opening with a needle every time)! I sure hope this type would work better!
Another cheapo Japanese beauty product i saw in Carrefour one day, the cute packaging and the dainty size (i have no delusional hopes that this powder would work wonders, but since it's so small i could bring it on my make up pouch and use it for touch ups-which for me, doesn't need a great performing powder to work) trapped me >.<. It was IDR 26.500 and looks suspiciously like a Daiso product (i hope it's not, i hate paying more than i should :p)
Still from supermarket shopping, a gigantic Viva Hand & Body Lotion. Why did they put the word sexy in the name? LOLOLOLOL too hilarious! I got this because it's dirt cheap (and on promo some more!) and i heard that it's actually pretty good!
Also got this Sasha Hair Vitamin, i like these capsule style (they call it "pearl" though) hair vitamins coz i do not have to guess the amount of product to be used :p. I've never tried this brand before (i usually stick with Ellips), let's see how i like it..
Beauty Mask is another mask line from Mentholatum that i always reach for whenever they're having a promotion other than my favorite Acnes Oil Control Mask! I just love Mentholatum products, they simply WORK on my skin! (thank you skin, for not being high maintenance...)
Then some Guardian shopping. I finally purchase not one but two (medium sized, there's a bigger size still) Cottage shower gels! I always wanted to, but since they're pretty pricey i decided to go all aunty and wait for them to be on promo. True enough, it's on a +1000 get 2 promo FTL! Paid around IDR 87.000 (don't take my words for it, i can't remember. It might be more) for two, not bad! The regular variant's cheaper but i've always been particularly attracted to the cocktail variants (no, i am not an alcoholic) so i got the Pina Colada ones (can't get two different variants-which would be ideal :(..). Cottage shower gel is currently on sale in Guardian! But i would wait until their next +1000 get 2 to stock up :p
Also got this ROC Cleansing Water (i think it's a micellar water, judging from the French name) as well. ROC is closing in Indonesia (WHYYYY???) and they're clearing their stocks by having a 50% off (but everytime i check out Guardian there'd be more and more products displayed in the racks. So weird. I wanted to purchase the facial scrub and toner today but totally forgot zzz). I got this for about IDR 120.000, since ROC is such a prestigious brand (highly recommended by dermatologists) i'm sure this would be pretty great. Compared to Bioderma's price, ROC's micellar water on promo seems like a great alternative (it's more expensive than Bioderma normally)! If you're interested, you should hurry and visit the nearest Guardian to clear up their stocks while you still can! I'm planning to get more stuffs!
And i never, ever missed a chance to stock up on oil blotter (i have no preference on the brands. This Clean & Clear ones works just fine and the most often to go on promo), another +1000 get 2  promo
I also got some free beauty stuffs :p...

My aunt came from Banjarmasin and went on a shopping spree (she has difficulties walking and moving in general, we had to actually dress her when she wanted to try out clothes @__@) at Centro, they kept on giving her vouchers (LOL, that's why Centro's my fave local dept store) and i ended up with an IDR 60.000 worth of vouchers, which i waste no time to use to get these Maybelline Color Show lipsticks *LOL*. I'm too lazy to check the shades (kept them in my compartment of shame already :p) but i'll be sure to review them :D
Centro's vouchers' terms are the easiest among all, you just need to spend any amount above the voucher's worth so i got this headband that i paid IDR 4000 (less than 40 cents) to be eligible to use the vouchers *LOL*
CL also passed me more stuffs, 7 bottles of nail polishes!
Moving on to non-beauty haul now....
You know i already bought the clear version of this (fake) Chanel perfume bottle bag, and now i also have the black one :D! While buying Chanel bags is definitely on my agenda, i would definitely favor the classic styles rather than this funky ones for the real thing!
We also found a newly opened Office 1 store in GC one day and while this cats-printed canvas bag is a lot more expensive than what i would normally pay for canvas bags, since the print is too cute (i am definitely a cat person. I can't help but start purring and touching a cute cat whenever i see one, especially kittens >.<) i decided to heck with it and just get it :p (i'm experiencing a lot of regrets lately for not getting something i wanted right away and then they go out of stock so, i become crazier now -___-). This was more than IDR 200.000 (it's on a 10 or 20% off), but since the print is of a good quality, i think it's worth it.
More online shopping, from an OS called Lolita something. The packaging is pretty cute because the owner made an effort to stick a ribbon and all LOL so i thought i should feat it here
I got some lolita-style tights
The price's pretty high (IDR 110.000-130.000) but most lolita style stuffs are expensive, and the prints are so pretty and all (hopefully the price would reflect on the quality too). The online shop sells hand made lolita clothes too, but i'm way too old to wear them *LOL*, i would if i live in Japan though! This was the first time i shopped there and the experience was okay, i was just a bit upset coz the owner charged me for JNE shipping fee (which is a lot more expensive) and changed the shipping to Wahana without letting me know. I didn't receive the package until more than a week later (usually it'd would take 4 day MAX for a package to arrive from Jakarta to Surabaya. On normal days it'd be 1-2 days) and she only told me about the courier change when i asked her why my package's not arrived yet. 

I think it's not fair that she didn't let me know of the change of shipping courier if i didn't go and asked her for the tracking numbers :(. It's just a few thousand rupiahs difference, but in the past when such problem arose, OS owner would promptly let me know (right after they've sent the package, not if and when i asked them) and even slipped the difference in the package. I just think that their services can be better, and i speak the same for a lot of OS now (which often are bitchy, snotty, and downright rude. LOL. Apparently customers are no longer kings and queens like how it was back when i still had an OS myself).
Look at the romatic, beautiful angel print! I want to collect lolita tights nowwww *squeal*
And the candy tights, which is cute too but i love the angel one!
A few weeks ago (or was it a month ago) i went for a shopping day out with Katherine (a different one than the one i mentioned earlier) to TP :
I don't think i shopped a lot.. Went cray at Daiso and Stroberi, and i also bought some stuffs from Magnolia (they increased their prices a lot a while back and the stores became graveyard-quiet LOL, now they have repriced their stuffs with their original super affordable prices and i went gaga -___-. Must grab whatever you like in their stores as soon as you see them coz they're so cheap now everything sold out at the speed of light)
Lots of cute socks in Daiso! I'm planning for a winter trip later this year, and when i saw these super pretty and fluffy (very warm too coz it's so thick and made especially for winter) pastel socks, i grabbed them right away
Also this navy and cream striped socks coz of the pretty bows at the back >.<
And a pink leopard bows socks that's actually for kids but it fits my feet measurements (barely), at Daiso's price i don't see any problem for getting them :p
My weakness : cute animal shaped stuffs. This fluffy pouch just beckoned to me...

I also got a pretty card holder for my new name cards :D
Stoberi haul up next... These plastic "chain" bracelets are so cute with their pretty pastel colors, they're also very affordable (can't...remember...the...price...) so i just got them in three of my fave colors!
I featured these rabbit earred rubber bracelets (in pink shades) in my older haul post, i've been waiting for them to go back in stock coz i really like them, and i finally got (more of) them :p
There are also these ribbon ones >.<... These are just IDR 2.500 each so i bought 10 of them (5 each) in the end :p
More accessories (all statement pieces though) that i PO-ed from Av as usual :p
Last but not least :
This pretty purple ombre sunnies >.<. Got it from Melawai on Buy 1 Get 1 Promo (i gave the other one away as part of bday parcel), IDR 265.000 or so for two, not bad at all! I am collecting quite a few of sunnies now *sigh*
And that's all for this time's haul! Hope you enjoy going through them :p. Leaving you with another (very similar, what can i say, we always snap multiple pics even though we hardly pose differently LOL) pic of me and Katherine :).

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  1. Great haul sharing! I like the Pina Colada variant because it smells too good! The socks looks so cute and comfortable to wear. :)

    1. You used that Cottage shower gel as well? I hope it'd work nicely on my skin! It's rather annoyingly sensitive lately! And yup, i love cute socks, especially ones that's as cheap as Daiso's ones haha

  2. Loove your haul post! :D I love Cottage body shower. You should give the caramel one a sniff. It smells really nice and sugary, like apenliebe candy lol

    1. Thank you! Well... is it scary to admit that i've sniffed their every variant like a crazy person? LOL. I aim to try every single variant *LOL*, but i'd wait for them go on promo before stocking up!

    2. I did that exact same thing lol I just stood there in front of the cottage shelf for a good 15 minutes (maybe more) just to sniff all the scents and ended up not getting them because they're quite pricy :p Also waiting for them to go on sale #cheapskate